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Red Carpet Beauty Police – AMAAs 2012

by Tolu Orekoya

There’s nothing more glamorous than the red carpet.  From the days of old world hollywood right up to present times, around the world, we all hold our breathes in anticipation waiting to see the biggest names in film, tv and music float down what seems an almost magical carpet.  The fact that you’re even standing on the carpet in the first place announces to us mere mortals that you truly are a celebrity.  Millions of people are glued to their tv screens or pouring through the magazines after the event eager to see who wore what.. who looked amazing and most of all.. who did not!

It’s human nature, there’s nothing more satisfying than screaming at the screen “what on earth are you wearing!?”.. But we at Sacred have a higher calling than that.. we’re not interested simply in what they wore.. what we want to know is did their makeup and hair compliment their outfit?  Did she really think that shade of lipstick suited her? OMG who did her hair?

(We’re far more civilized don’t you think?) hehe

One day, Angelina Jolie or Beyonce will look in the mirror and say to themselves “Maybe I should call Tolu before I leave just to make sure I look ok…”

The Africa Movie Academy Awards 2012 have since come and long gone, but it can never be too late to learn from some red carpet hit and misses.

I’m going to be honest, the general red carpet was a D. Most dressed like their local bar was having a 3-for-1 night and they just found out. Note to celebrities:

These are your Academy Awards. They’re meant to be the most prestigious, most glamorous night of the film industry social calendar. Make your outfit the talk of the gossip rags for weeks afterwards—and for all the right reasons. You want these adjectives to be used in conjunction with you: stunning, flawless, unbelievable, perfect, one-of-a-kind, etc. You get my drift.

So without further ado, here are some do’s and don’t’s for next year.

  1. Your makeup should blend and look flawless.
  2. Subtle and fresh, looks good on any woman.
  3. If your dress is dramatic, don’t overdo it with the makeup.
  4. You can match your makeup with your outfit, as long as you have the personality to match.
  5. Visible lip liner was so ‘90’s.
  6. Make sure your eye makeup does justice to your eyes, not make you look sleepy.
  7. Do the dewy look.  But be warned, there’s a fine line between dewy and a hot steaming lump of oily mess. *i’m just saying*

I’ve put below some of our favourite looks from this year’s AMA Awards.  Class please take note for next year.

So till next time.. be warned.. The Sacred Beauty Police have their eyes on you.

Capturing the Old World Hollywood Glamour – Flawless hair and makeup a modern day Audrey Hepburn – 9/10

Sleek, toned, powerful and sexy. Funmi’s skin looks amazing. Her make-up dosen’t overshadow or dominate. It’s nude tones contour and give a polished finish without the weight. There’s nothing more beautiful than well dressed braids. We think she looks stunning. 8/10

Eku compliments her peach toned lips with matching nails. This colour is huge right now and is a beautiful more nude toned alternative. Great on golden and olive toned skins. She shows how “dewy” skin can be pulled off effectively. Her bronze shaded eyes also compliment the whole look without being too heavy. We love the cute updo. The wispy curls add a softer more playful edge to the look which may have been too harsh if everything had been pulled back off her face. The only thing that lets her down is the heat has brought out the slight bags under her eyes. She’s obviously a very busy girl and needs to try and rest a bit more. If not.. Touche Eclat or a good light reflecting concealer would do the trick! 7/10

Now THIS is how a screen goddess should look. Nse look simply breathtaking. Her gorgeous bone structure has been put on show for the world to admire. It takes confidence and true class to pull off such an elegant hairstyle. The entire outfit screams vintage class! Beautiful clean skin work and lovely matt red lips are all you need with such a strong look. It does make her look alot older than we’ve seen her at other events, but the trade age -v-drop dead gorgeousness is totally worth it. We would have loved to see slightly more depth in the red lip and the eyes could have been emphasised a touch more 9/10!


  1. Helen Carter says

    You are so right about our “celebs” not really understanding red carpet chic. I physically cringe sometimes when I see what they’ve worn. Don’t they have mirrors or even friends to tell them HELL NAW.. They need Jesus in their lives.


  2. SugarBabe says

    Love love love Nse’s look. She’s totally hot and Aunty Funmi never ages! Someone needs to tell these people that they shouldn’t disgrace themselves by turning up on the red carpet looking like they’re going to a night club. They should have bouncers on the doors. 😀


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