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Beauty Police: – BET Awards 2014: Best (and Worst) of The Red Carpet Looks

Hey Guys There’s nothing more exciting than a good old fashioned Red Carpet Event, Hollywood Style.  The eyes of the world are focused on who’s wearing what and who came together.  But our eyes are focused solely on how they did what and in which colour! Lol The BET Awards help place yesterday and there were definately alot of hits (and misses).  Some beauty traps such as the scorching sun made quite a few of our regular favourites struggle to maintain their glow and melted faces unforgiving! White was a big trend on the red carpet this year, and while we don’t really focus on fashion and what they wore, you have to take your outfit into consideration when planning your entire look.  If you’re entire ensemble is monotone then you’re going to need a little something extra to make sure you don’t look drained.  White is such a fresh clean colour, you’ve got to make sure you’re makeup is on point! Blonde hair was another big trend. However, again, depending on your skin tone, …

Sacred Beauty Police – Ladies in Venice

When an event is held in one of the fashion power house of the world, I expect every one to dress up for the occasion. Here is a pick of my favorite looks at the Venice International Film Festival. The trends were classic smokey eyes in shimmery earth tones, bronze, copper, pinks; perfect long voluminous lashes; just blushed contoured cheeks and nude, pink and red lips. If I had to choose a phrase for the trending makeup looks I would call it – sophisticated socialite. Even though most celebrities had their game right through out the festive, particularly impressive were  Vanessa Hudgens’ flawless just tanned face, Freida Pinto’s shimmery brown classic smokey eyes, Maika Monroe’s long separated lashes, Keira Knightley’s just pinch of blush cheeks and the tangy-red lips of Miranda Kerr.

Beauty Police: Olympics 2012 Edition – Gaby Douglas

By Raspberry Blush There has been a buzz around Gaby’s hair, some have commented that she’s letting “the side” down because it’s not perfectly groomed at all times, but to be honest, I don’t care how her hair looks, she is a double A star and is an inspiration to all the girls who dare to dream and work hard to achieve those dreams. Being the first African-American to take home the gold, she is heading in the right direction. Saying that, i’m probably a bit biased and defensive exactly for all the above reasons.  Especially in her field, grooming will always be noted and commented upon, no matter which country she’s representing or what her ethnic background is. However the backlash and bitching about her hair has been very disheartening that people are more concerned about how her hair appears as opposed to the amazing feat that she has accomplished at such a young age.  We at Sacred commend her for choosing to wear her own hair during such intensive work outs. Heat and …

Red Carpet Beauty Police – 65th Cannes Film Festival

By Tolu Orekoya With the trend towards colour when it came to dresses on the 65th Cannes Film festival, the make up swung towards a much softer look. Neutral lips and softly smudged eyes, which supermodel extraordinaire Naomi Campbell pulled off with grace. Naomi also went with the current trend for eyebrows, which was definitely fuller and while neat are not necessarily sharply defined.