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The Hair Whisperer – How to choose the Right Conditioner

Hey guys.  My name’s Aislynn but you can call me “The Hair Whisperer”

First things first, I have to start off by saying:

Conditioning your hair is Important

Your choice of conditioner depends on your hair type unlike your choice of shampoo which depends on your scalp type.  Choosing the right conditioner can help avoid greasy, limp locks or a dry frizzy head of hair.

Oh how we neglect our hair!!  Alot of us act as though our hair magically takes care of itself. And, instead of taking care of your natural hair we stick on “band-aids” to mask our problems (weaves, braids and etc).  We forget once we remove the “cover” we’re back to square one or even worse.

Huge amounts of money is spent on taking care of our body and face but not our natural hair.  It’s very important that we use proper conditioners to create that beautiful head of healthy hair.  Conditioning the hair helps to add shine to your hair along with clipping the dead ends.

There are a number of conditioners in the market that can be freely used but we must find the one that suits our hair texture.  People with natural hair without relaxer should condition and treat the hair often to keep it soft and supple.  I prefer to use more natural products on this type of hair ( shea butter, honey, olive oil etc.)  People with natural relaxed hair should invest in alot more moisturizers and protein treatments (Protein Treatments I advise should be used once a month as Protein can have an adverse reaction if used too much and instead, of making your hair strong your hair can become dry, brittle and break).

I also explain to many of my clients that we should shampoo and condition our natural hair at least once a week or every two weeks.

The best way to choose  a hair conditioner:

  • Choose a rich moisturising conditioner if your hair tends to get dry and frizzy.
  • If your hair is limp and fine use a volumising conditioner.
  • Also change the brand of conditioner often because the hair can become immune to specific formulas and sometime build -up can occur.
  • If your hair is healthy and shiny you should use a conditioner for normal hair
  • And, sometimes if you run out of conditioner try natural ingredients like mayonnaise or olive oil.

So ladies again as we all know the more attention you put into your hair the more the hair will give back to you.

If you have any questions or need some helpful hints to make the hair healthy.

Please feel free and contact the “HairWhisperer”

Sacred Recommends:

We Love Tahlia Waajid Products. They’ve been specially created for natural hair and they also have a children’s specialist range.  You can buy the products easily in the US and UK. And now luckily you can also get them in Nigeria through The Kinky Apothecary.

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  1. Monique says

    thank you for the info, very useful, I use a good hair conditioner and has worked very good for my hair, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Conditioner and it protects against heat and chemical damage, it’s safe for color-treated hair and conditions hair back to its natural health. I luv it 😀


  2. Yasmin B says

    I love Moroccan Oil. You can also use it daily as a body oil. I used it while I was pregnant and I’m 99% sure it helped as I didn’t get any stretch marks at all. Thanks for the article, I’m also a huge fan of Tahila Wajeed. Good to know I don’t have to wait till I go back to London to buy it.


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