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Beauty Insider: Busy Girl’s Guide to Skincare

I know the feeling when you hangout with friends and everyone is saying a thing or two about their skincare routine but you have none cause you are too busy to care. I used to work in a crazy environment where you get to work before the day dawns and you leave work at odd hours of the night and all I could think of was sleeping, skin? nah just sleep, sleep and sleep….But the truth is if you don’t take good care of that skin, you lose it and don’t you just want a flawless skin that radiates with so much glow and gets you the million dollar job…Yes we do!!! A quick help on how to get that flawless skin even with your busy schedule….



The first thing is to clean out your skincare closet and get organised. Too many skincare products can be overwhelming, you just kept on buying and you have ended up using none of them. Rather let me advise that you put all skincare products aside and get to know which one you really need, this takes us to the next tip….


skin type

Most of us just buy skincare product with zero knowledge on what they do and why. Skin analysis are usually done for free in most Beauty Boutiques (Sacred Beauty Boutique gives out free skin analysis call 014539193 for more details). If your skin is dry, oily, combination/normal, or sensitive, buy or pick products based on this knowledge.



To get your skincare routine down to one step, try a cleansing cream or cleansing milk. These cleansers, which pack tons of moisture while cleansing the skin, replace the need for a separate moisturizer. An added treat of an overnight mask/serum/night cream/facial oil will help you fake 8 hours of sleep when you’ve had just 5!


If you want to spend less time fussing over your skin, your goal should be to have the healthiest skin possible. The easiest way to keep your skin healthy if you’re on-the-go is to eat right and stay hydrated. That means drinking at least eight ounces of water a day and “eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and contain lots of anti-oxidants.



It is highly recommended that you do a deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin once in every 3 weeks. You could just visit a Beauty Boutique to get this done rather than a DIY at home which might end up stressing you.

For your skincare products, skin analysis and facials call Sacred Beauty Boutique on 014539193, 08076767676 or visit 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland.

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