Month: October 2012

Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – Halloween Edition

  We’re back.. whoop whoop and we’re here to have some fun!!  It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeen.. so who’s going to trick or treat us this time around.  Last year we had some amazing entries and our reigning champion Omegie Nsofor blew us away with her “Corpse Bride”. Theme As usual, the rules are very simple. Each month we’ll set a different theme. All you have to do is interpret the theme however you like. It’s a creative competition so have fun with it! You can use adornments and costumes (if you’re brave).. heheh.. and of course.. Lashes! Show us what you’ve got. Bring out the most ghoulish  scariest, craziest or even cutest looks you’ve got. Whether you’re a devilish imp or a fairy princess, make it as fabulous as possible. Our 2011 Halloween winner!