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Haircare: My Natural Hair Routine by Lola Maja for We Love Style Network

Shout out to all the Naturals in the House!! Whether it’s a fashion trend or a life choice for you, the natural hair community in Nigeria is growing rapidly and thankfully, it’s become alot easier to maintain your hair using the right products thanks to dedicated vendors like The Kinky Apothecary who not only sell products but also arrange shows. Bringing top stylists and hair experts from around the world to our little part of paradise to help us understand and really love our hair. I don’t know about you but when I was young I HATED my hair. I had a total disrespect for it, I treated it with contempt and didn’t care if it all fell out because who cared, i’d just wear a wig on top if it did… *fast forward to a few years ago* I then realized that my hair wasn’t the problem. It was my lack of knowledge of how to properly take care of it. And as you get older the more you realize how hard it is …

Video: Ask an Expert – Beauty Q&A with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

Hey Guys So we’re starting a monthly segment as part of our Jumia Beauty tutorials called .. yup.. you guessed it.. “Ask an Expert” !! So feel free to drop us a line either in the comments section below, via our instagram page @mysacredbeauty or by email to with any questions you’d like to ask.  It can be about literally anything at all, from skincare to makeup tips and tricks. You ask and we’ll try to answer! So get those questions lined up and post them in! You can shop for all the recommended products in the Beauty Chat and have them delivered straight to your door and if there are any products you’re thinking of buying but not quite sure, why not just.. Ask an Expert. Product List: Khuraira Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics House of Tara  Nyke Cosmetics So what are you waiting for.. but remember..

Video: How to Get That Perfect Pout by Lola Maja on We Love Style

These Instagram Makeup Artist are really starting to get on my nerves.. everywhere I look all i see are perfectly pouting lips. Whenever I see those beautiful pics, I head to the nearest makeup store and get that same colour but unfortunately.. it doesn’t quite turn out like theirs!!  Sigh.. i’m pretty upset now with all my Lip colours considering my application knowledge is zero. Instead of getting all frustrated about it, our Creative Director Lola Maja decided to help us out on the “We Love Style” network with a really simple to follow tutorial.  Check it out!! Products used are: NSFW (Not Safe For Work) OCC Liptar M.U.A Red Lip Liner EOS Lip Balm Sacred Pro Concealers All products are available at The Sacred Beauty Store located at No 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland or call 014539193 or 08076767676

Video: “Liner on Point” – Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Cat Eye Flick with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

Hey Guys So we recently partnered with Jumia Fashion’s “We Love Style’” to bring you weekly tips and tips for their Beauty Haven segment!!  Woo Hooooooo.. The weekly videos will be available to watch either on their blog site or on their youtube channel.  (Click the links to take you directly there). We’d love to get some feedback, so please do join in on the conversation, let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions or requests  for certain makeup / beauty tutorials or reviews just drop Lola a comment either on the video or by email You can of course shop all the products or those very similar to the ones featured either directly on Jumia or by popping into our store 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland or by calling +234 (0) 1 453 9193 But to celebrate we’re giving away Five Sacred Jet Black Pen Liquid Liners as featured in our video.  (You know we like a good giveaway lol).   To be entered into the draw all you have to …

Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – Carnival Queen

Hello Gods & Goddess.. are you ready.. this is it!!  It’s our first competition of the year and we have amazing Goodies to give away whoop whoop!!! Ok so the Lagos Carnival took place last week and as always carnivals are full of creativity, outrageous costumes and just pure art.  So let’s bring the creativity on!  Yippee!!! aren’t you excited already… Theme As usual, the rules are very simple. All you have to do is interpret the theme however you like. It’s a creative competition so have fun with it! You can use adornments and costumes (if you’re brave).. hehehe.. and of course.. Lashes!  The theme is ”The Carnival Queen”. Now it’s up to you. The makeup should be glamorous, sassy and very creative. Please only submit one image of your work and also a short narrative on your inspiration.   Rules The makeup can either be done on yourself or on a model. We don’t mind. But they should be photographs you’ve taken yourself. We don’t allow any professionally photoshopped or airbrushed images. The competition is open to …

Diary of a Makeup Artist – Tiwa Savage New Video “My Darlin” : Behind the Scenes

There are times in your career which truly define you.  Times where you feel so proud to have been part of a project and you can’t wait for the world to share your joy.  I’ve been bursting at the seams waiting for this new video to drop and it’s finally here!!!!! If you haven’t seen it yet.. where have you been?! Most probably living under a rock somewhere lol.. but just in case you haven’t, let me recap for you.  Tiwa Savage released a beautiful song entitled #mydarlin’ a few weeks ago and we’ve been eagerly anticipating and holding our breath for the awesomeness that is Kemi Adetiba to finish editing our masterpiece. I was so excited to be part of such a fantastic team. My girl Kemi and I go waaay back.. Omawumi “Today na Today”, WizKid “Holla at your Boy” &  “Tease Me” along with Banky W “Lagos Party” and “Follow You Go” for example meant that I knew we were going to have a blast! Ola was on the hair, Dave Sucre …

Event: October 1 Movie Premiere : Red Carpet Photos & Review

It’s finally here, the widely anticipated movie of the year will finally hit the screens on.. yes you guessed it.. October 1st! Many expected the film to be released last year but Kunle Afolayan’s work of art wasn’t going to be rushed and it’s well worth the wait.  A poignant story set against the backdrop of colonial Nigeria makes a beautiful masterpiece.  You don’t realize how long the film is, it takes you along a roller coaster of emotions. Laugher, Love, Anger and finally a sense of Victory and Pride. Kunle’s first triumph was in selecting an amazing line up of fresh new young actors and coupling them with some of the most respected veteran in the industry.   His second was working with Uncle Pat Nebo.  This man is a legend.  He was the Art Director on Araromire (The Figurine) as well as on Half of a Yellow Sun to name a few.  If you have a project that needs the best, then you have to hire the best!   The details that went …

New Campaign – #Destination L’Espace – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Hey hey my lovelies! If you don’t know by now then you’d better get to know pretty quickly that L’espace is THE DESTINATION in Lagos.   If you don’t know what we’re talking about well let me break it down to you.. lol.. So.. two lovely hard working young ladies came up with the idea of starting up a monthly pop up shop 5 years ago.  It was called LPM (Le Petite Marche) and it grew from strength to strength.   But they weren’t content with that, they worked really hard and opened up their boutique store “L’Espace”.   It’s a Mecca for fashion, food and beauty lovers.   Not only do they stock a wide variety of Nigerian Designers aka #DestinationFashion – Homewares and the delectable Cam Cam Sweets, but they’ve also now opened a Cafe called Tash Bistro which serves the best salad i’ve eaten in Lagos and delicious healthy food through the day.  There’s also Elles Ice Box serving the most amazing frozen cocktails as well.  We call it #DestinationDecadence –  Now …

Video: Sacred Beauty TV – Introduction to the Foreo Luna Mini

It’s the weekend Oh Yeah! Hope you’re all geared up and ready to have a blast.  We surely are.  The weekends are our busiest time around here dolling up clients and pampering them in our beauty rooms. Everyone else’s days off are our working hours! Lol We’re super excited to also announce that we’re going to be posting regularly on our Beauty Channel Hosted on YouTube but we’ll be launching the full site soon on in the meantime sign up and follow us on So so sorry to everyone who’s been bugging us about the “Ask an Expert” programme.  It’s now here!  So please do send in all your questions and requests to us here at Our first video was recently launched on Bella Naija discussing Foreo launching in Africa.  Yaay! Let us know what you think of our first video and we look forward to all your makeup and beauty questions!! Have a great weekend Goddesses! xx  

Video: Ndani TV Stripped ft Lola Maja-Okojevoh

Hey Gods & Goddesses We can’t believe we forgot to load this up sooner! Our Creative Director Lola Maja-Okojevoh .. or more commonly known round here as “SHE”.. the one who must be obeyed..  (sorry if you’ve never watched the film lol).. Anyway, Her Royal Highness was featured on Ndani TV’s Stripped.  It’s a very quick tutorial on her very basic skincare regime. CLEANSE TONE MOISTURISE.  It’s as simple as that. Good Skin Dosen’t need to be expensive, but repairing the damage can be! Check out the video and let us know what you think! Enjoy xxx  

News: Join The Team: Internship Programme & Job Openings

So who wants to join us? We’re really excited to announce the launch of our Internship Programme.   After the Makeup In Nigeria Conference we’ve been inundated with requests to join our team. For help and mentoring. It’s something that has been a long time coming, we’ve always planned on it but it seems now is the time.  We’re also expanding our team and we have several job openings which need hard working, dedicated passionate people to fill. So here’s how it works.

Event- My Makeup in Nigeria Conference Adventure

The morning of MINC began for me as an adventure. This was the first ever unique Pro-Makeup artist Conference in Nigeria -250 Years of Combined Experience & Expertise! 11 International Renowned Makeup Experts! 500 Fast Rising makeup artists! 1 Event! I couldn’t wait to experience it! Makeup artistry is certainly a field that has blossomed in Nigeria over the years, and on the 30th of April 2014, over 700 makeup entrepreneurs and beauty influencers were present under one roof at the Oriental Hotel to be part of the Makeup in Nigeria Conference. I got to the venue a little over 9am and I walked into a hall bubbling with activity. It was going to be a good day, and I could feel it already. I snagged myself a ticket and hurried through the attractive exhibition stands and into the hall which was already filled to capacity, wow. Apparently, some people woke up that morning feeling the need to be present at the event and came to make late registrations. (Well done! Lol!) Thankfully, the hall was large enough to accommodate squatters (lol), and what you couldn’t see …

Event: The Holistic Beautyprenure Ibadan -Review

Hello Gods & Goddesses! It’s one more day to TGIF! Yay! I hope the week has been productive for you! Yesterday, I got the chance to listen to Lola share her 22 years worth of experience and knowledge with very passionate makeup and beauty lovers, at the Holistic Beautyprenuer Event which took place in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State. Now, something pretty interesting happened on our way there, perhaps you heard about it already, but I’m itching to share it with you, lol! I received quite a number of calls informing me and of a BBM broadcast message which had gone viral. Supposedly, boko haram was attacking on Lagos-Ibadan express road. It was a hoax! In fact, we experienced the most hitch-free road trip to Ibadan and (wait for it…) coming into Lagos! Yes! No traffic coming into Lagos! It was awesome. Thank God *gratitude*! I digress! Back to my post! At the Holistic event, we arrived as Love Olaleye (winner of the Makeup Show Chicago 2013) was teaching and demonstrating on how to achieve …

EVENT: Come and redefine your brand at THE HOLISTIC BEAUTYPRENEUR 2!!

Hi Gods and Goddess! Another event round the corner and I am one of the facilitators! The Holistic Beautypreneur 2! This is its second edition organised by two beautypreneurs, Olubunmi Fajuyigbe of Bee’s Signatures Academy and Temitayo Aderibigbe of Nsoleke.  The event will host a series of training workshops for beauty entrepreneurs. The workshops will feature: Skincare and Eyelash Training Class Social Media Networking and e-Business Class The Business Side of Beauty Basic Photography Skills for Beautypreneur As a beauty entrepreneur, you are not just a makeup artist, but also a health advocate, a photographer, a business manager and most importantly, a brand. Come and join us and transform your brand from “that makeup artist down the road” to “THE MAKEUP ARTIST”, a complete, holistic brand! It’s taking place in Ibadan! So, Ibadan Gods and Goddess, I will be seeing you soon!

Event: Let the countdown begin! The Makeup in Nigeria Conference 30th April 2014

Hello Gods & Goddess! The countdown has started! The first ever gathering of titans in Nigeria- MINC! MINC is Makeup In Nigeria conference; the first event in NIGERIA exclusively dedicated to the Makeup Industry. It is designed for MUAs, beauty companies and makeup brands, venture capitalists, financial service providers and investors, makeup school tutors and beauty students. This is going to be the biggest gathering of titans in the beauty industry, makeup artists and beauty lovers.  There will be FREE masterclasses, inspiring key-note speakers, freebies, loads of beauty products available to buy and networking opportunities.


Hey everyone, It’s DIY Wednesday again, whoo hoo……… “Lipstick pallete a space saver”. Who relates with me on this? Many a time I get tired of carrying so many different lipsticks or lip gloss in one purse. It gets so tiring, apart from the fact that most times the purse gets heavy due to the different products meant for different purposes in the purse. That’s one, two Imagine (makeup artists would relate more with this) having a bag full of high end lipsticks or that favorite lip color you love and then you loose the bag or some of your products…..It is really painful trust. Makeup artists suffer this a lot especially when they have to work in a crowded place it gets all crazy and if you are not careful or observant, your products get missing. Palletes come in very handy anyday, anytime. Sometimes your favorite lipgloss falls and breaks obviously it’s already useless but don’t toss the content with the bottle just yet, you can empty it into a storage can. There are …


Hello everyone, Today it’s all about the fabulous one, our very own celebrity makeup artist LOLA MAJA-OKOJEVOH yaaaaay. (clears throat) Ok, she has absolutely no idea I’m doing this which is good, I can get my lashings later looool. Of course most of us if not everyone knows about lola…. But for benefit of those who don’t know her, or know so much about her, she is the creative director of SACRED CREATIVE ARTISTRY, she’s been in the beauty world for OVER 20YEARS *phew* she is a qualified makeup artist and holistic therapist, amongst OTHERS……. Apart from makeup and beauty which specializes in, she’s also qualified in hair dressing, nail art, photography, LASHES (she loooooves lashes) and the list goes on (the woman does almost everything *sigh*). Anyone who doubts me, try visiting the office at maryland, and take a look at the wall, you would notice some certificates just read through all of them lmao….. (lola you know I have nothing but love for you loooool) Back to my gist peeps lol, On the …

Featured Makeup Artist – Talking About The “Queen Of Blending”

Hello everyone? How are y’all doing? I’ve chosen to talk about a really interesting personality today, it’s all about “THE QUEEN OF BLENDING” “GRIN” Well..She’s very very interesting to me lol……. Some of us might know about her, but for those who don’t know or have never heard of her, she’s a cult classic, who found fame just like the Pixie Woo sisters on you tube and facebook. She’s most known for her beautiful use of colours, and of course blending technique.

Makeup Tutorial Video – Disney: Snow White vs. The Evil Queen

Hey everyone? How was your weekend? So I finally sorted out my internet issues *phew* and I AM BACK yaaaaaaay!!!!! No more delays and set backs lol…I know you’ve missed me! Anyway, I’ve been thinking……why don’t I post some makeup tutorial videos for you my beautiful friends, so we can learn together as one big happy family? It could be a natural makeup tutorial, smokey eyes, creative makeup… Until we decide on that, let’s do something fun today *grin*. My post for today is for all you creative makeup lovers out there *whoop whoop*…those who love to do thingzzzzz with colorzzzzzz……… 🙂

Beyonce All Glittered Up on the Cover of Flaunt Magazine

HELLOOOOOOOO I’m super excited writing this post today, because its all about “BEYONCE” Yaaaaay!!!! I  Beyonce so much…I’m actually obsessed with her, I can’t help it lol *covering face*… Anyway, back to the matter at hand looooooool she did a cover for FLAUNT magazine, and the pictures are AMAaaaaaaaaZING. “AS THEY SAY, IF YOU’VE GOT IT, FLAUNT IT.” The singer reportedly had the photo shoot done in 2011 by TONY DURAN for her album 4 campaign but it has now emerged as the cover of flaunt magazine. More images from the shoot below.. I personally think they’re totally awesome..