Month: June 2012

Beauty Buyers Guide – Love it or Loath it: Bomb Cosmetics Review

Every day around the world.. millions of women are buying products and either squealing in delight or screaming in frustration at yet another item condemned to the back of the draw or better yet.. the bottom of the bin! We at Sacred would love to help you out where we can with those niggling questions.. such as “Should I spend my money on this” ?? We’d love your own personal reviews on products you either Love or Loathe!  Video reviews or written form, send them in and we’ll load them up. It’s all about real people giving us their own real opinions. So without further ado.. let’s start the reviews!

Video: “Ask an Expert” launches on the FAB Magazine Blog

Hey guys, we’re super excited to announce that we’re partnering up with FAB Magazine to create a section especially for all our readers entitled “Ask an Expert”. We’re always getting emails and responding to people individually and we get quite alot of the same concerns and queries so we figured that hey, if one person’s asking perhaps there were alot of others out there that could benefit from the same answer but were just too shy to ask or didn’t know where to look for help.  So we’re here to do just that.

Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – June 2012 – Rainbows after the Storm

Hello all my Gorgeous Artistes out there It’s that time of the month again!  It’s the 2nd instalment of our Monthly Make-up Artistry Competition for 2012!!! The last few days.. or weeks.. have been filled with rain rain and more rain. But here in the wonderful world of Sacred we like to make the most beautiful things out of all that is around us.  Just like nature, who give us a Rainbow after a Storm.  

Red Carpet Beauty Police – 65th Cannes Film Festival

By Tolu Orekoya With the trend towards colour when it came to dresses on the 65th Cannes Film festival, the make up swung towards a much softer look. Neutral lips and softly smudged eyes, which supermodel extraordinaire Naomi Campbell pulled off with grace. Naomi also went with the current trend for eyebrows, which was definitely fuller and while neat are not necessarily sharply defined.

Monday Mood Lift – Blush Beauty Giveaway & WOW Nails Offer

We all know that Monday’s can be a bit of a drag but here in the Wonderful World of Sacred, every day is beautiful! So that’s why we’ve decided to launch the “Monday Moodlift”. We’re so excited!! So everyone jump and shout with us.. Yippee.. yaaay.. woo hooo.. 😀 We have some really lovely goodies lined up over the next few weeks (and if they keep on coming in then hopefully forever more! heheh) We just lurrve to spread the Love.