Month: March 2013

Reflection: Why wear makeup?

By Raspberry_Blush In the last few days I was busy promoting our makeup studio, REN Ladies Center, in an annual event dedicated to everything bridal; Harusi Trade Fair (Tanzania’s First & Premiere Wedding Fair). What struck me during the fair was that most of the women who visited our stall said that they didn’t like wearing makeup- for a makeup artist such a statement was a challenge that needed to be addressed immediately. So for every person who said that they didn’t like makeup, we offered a free demo; then we heard statements like, I didn’t know I could look this pretty with makeup on, I didn’t know I could use eyeliner like this and many more. The general understanding in regards to makeup was: vibrant eyeshadow, dramatic lashes and colored lips; some compared it to looking like a peacock or drag queen :-O I’m not surprised since poorly applied makeup is all over town, on local television and even in weddings. It is without doubt that we are the epitome of perfection and keeping …

Getting Fit the Fun way in Nigeria – Fuzion Fitness where Zumba meets Booiaka & Afro Dance

I’m sure there’s alot of people out there who like me have dreams of becoming super fit. Sexy toned arms and legs to die for.. but well.. it’s still kind of in the dream stage. The reality of actually going out to the gym seems to always some how not quite fit into my daily life. Something always comes up which means I can’t go.. or don’t want to go.  I then decided to build a gym at home.. which was a fantastic idea.  I now have machines to hang my clothes on while waiting to be ironed.  And don’t let me start on all those dvds I bought.. waiting for those moments when the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, CSI, Law & Order or even the 10pm news aren’t on.   I mean.. with all my best intentions. It just never happens! So thank God my sister and her husband (or should I say my brother and his wife .. sorry bro.. you know I love you but she’s my gurl!).. where was I.. ok …

Hair & Beauty Job in Lagos: Social Networking & Marketing Officer Required

Are you passionate about  writing?  Have an interest in the Hair & Beauty industry?  If you answered yes are plugged into the online world then this could be the perfect job for you. Our Client is a rapidly expanding hair and beauty company in Nigeria who are seeking a Social Media & Marketing Officer to manage the blog, help develop the website, and generally expand its online presence. This is a serious job offer and will require a fully dedicated individual who is self motivated and highly articulate. Tasks will include, but are not limited to: – Handling the social media: A big part of the business is the Facebook page which currently has over 5,000 followers, and through which we are able to reach a relatively wide audience. The most popular aspect of the page are the pictures posted and general discussions generated daily. The candidate would be responsible for sourcing images to be posted daily.