Month: May 2012

Doing it the Natural Way – Cucumber to the Rescue

By Tolu Orekoya So.. picture this.. you’re about to have an indulgent night in  pampering yourself with a relaxing beauty treatment. I’m curious. Does that image include a face mask complete with the obligatory cucumber slices covering your eyes?  It’s a classic image that has been used for years in films and adverts. But does it actually work…YES.. it does! And it’s not just for your eyes but for your skin too.

Sacred Creative Artistry Competition – Seasons of The Year (Results)

Welcome back to the results of this month’s compitition. We’re pleased to announce that the winner is Nikki Kane who based her entry on “An English Spring” We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their entries and also those who have been following the compeitition and supporting us since we started last year. Nikki is now the proud owner of a gorgeous set of Red Cherry Lashes as well as a fantastic 10 shade lip palette. We look forward to seeing the “Art” she creates with them. We chose Nikki’s look as we loved the use of a subtle variety of colour and her interpretation of spring.  The flowers that she used in the foreground helped to tie in the total look and complemented the shades of shadow she worked with. It wasn’t too heavily applied but you got a definite warm feeling.  In our opinion the look needed some lashes to make the eyes stand out more. We like the fact that she’s blended in the eyebrows so they’re not too defined but we would have liked to …

Red Carpet Beauty Police – AMAAs 2012

by Tolu Orekoya There’s nothing more glamorous than the red carpet.  From the days of old world hollywood right up to present times, around the world, we all hold our breathes in anticipation waiting to see the biggest names in film, tv and music float down what seems an almost magical carpet.  The fact that you’re even standing on the carpet in the first place announces to us mere mortals that you truly are a celebrity.  Millions of people are glued to their tv screens or pouring through the magazines after the event eager to see who wore what.. who looked amazing and most of all.. who did not! It’s human nature, there’s nothing more satisfying than screaming at the screen “what on earth are you wearing!?”.. But we at Sacred have a higher calling than that.. we’re not interested simply in what they wore.. what we want to know is did their makeup and hair compliment their outfit?  Did she really think that shade of lipstick suited her? OMG who did her hair? (We’re far more civilized don’t …

The Hair Whisperer – How to choose the Right Conditioner

Hey guys.  My name’s Aislynn but you can call me “The Hair Whisperer” First things first, I have to start off by saying: Conditioning your hair is Important Your choice of conditioner depends on your hair type unlike your choice of shampoo which depends on your scalp type.  Choosing the right conditioner can help avoid greasy, limp locks or a dry frizzy head of hair. Oh how we neglect our hair!!  Alot of us act as though our hair magically takes care of itself. And, instead of taking care of your natural hair we stick on “band-aids” to mask our problems (weaves, braids and etc).  We forget once we remove the “cover” we’re back to square one or even worse. Huge amounts of money is spent on taking care of our body and face but not our natural hair.  It’s very important that we use proper conditioners to create that beautiful head of healthy hair.  Conditioning the hair helps to add shine to your hair along with clipping the dead ends.

Side View Magazine’s Spring Edition – “The Colour Issue”

Psssst… Make sure to grab Sideview Magazine’s latest edition featuring their Style-Me Up Guide.  The cover features a collaboration between Lola Maja-Okojevoh and Imelda Ladebo (beauty editor for SMU).  You may recognise it from the “Birds of Paradise” shoot we did in conjunction with Blush Beauty.  If you missed the original post you can catch up here If you don’t have your copy yet.. what are you waiting for?  

While we’ve been away.. Africa Magic Ad Campaign

Gosh so many things to update you all on. So, have you seen the new Africa Magic Campaign to celebrate the launch of their new channels? We’ll in case you’ve missed the television commericals and huge posters around Nigeria (or any where else you may be located).. we’ve added a few images from the amazing shoot we worked on with an immensely talented crew of actors/actresses/singers and personalities. Hair was provided by the amazing Ola for all artists except for Tiwa & Eku who were looked after by the fantastic Deborah Falana Styling can only have been Bolaji Animashaun Photography .. well.. who else by Kelechi Amadi-Obi Make-up.. yeah.. you know this part.. The Sacred Team! (except for Tiwa) Thank you to Monisola & Phunke for assisting on this huge project. You girls were amazing as always.

Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – May 2012 – Seasons of The Year (Now Closed)

Hello all my Gorgeous Artistes out there Yes we’re BACK!  We know it’s been such a long time. We had a little break after our end of year edition, so many things to work on but I promise we have so much in store for you.  We’ll be posting all the juicy gossip, interviews and much more over the next couple of weeks, so without further delay, let’s launch the 1st instalment of our Monthly Make-up Artistry Competition for 2012!!! The theme as you can see is “Seasons of The Year” – Now you may be scratching your head and thinking.. most of us are in Nigeria, it’s either hot sun or rain, but makeup isn’t about boundaries, it’s not restricted to your location.  The theme was inspired by the recent shoot appearing in this month’s TW Magazine. Our 2011 end of year reigning champion (Omegie Nsofor) along with our Creative Director worked together to create some avante garde beauty pages which has never been done before at TW.