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Event: The Holistic Beautyprenure Ibadan -Review

Hello Gods & Goddesses! It’s one more day to TGIF! Yay! I hope the week has been productive for you! Yesterday, I got the chance to listen to Lola share her 22 years worth of experience and knowledge with very passionate makeup and beauty lovers, at the Holistic Beautyprenuer Event which took place in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State. Now, something pretty interesting happened on our way there, perhaps you heard about it already, but I’m itching to share it with you, lol! I received quite a number of calls informing me and of a BBM broadcast message which had gone viral. Supposedly, boko haram was attacking on Lagos-Ibadan express road. It was a hoax! In fact, we experienced the most hitch-free road trip to Ibadan and (wait for it…) coming into Lagos! Yes! No traffic coming into Lagos! It was awesome. Thank God *gratitude*! I digress! Back to my post! At the Holistic event, we arrived as Love Olaleye (winner of the Makeup Show Chicago 2013) was teaching and demonstrating on how to achieve …

Beauty Advice: 3 Skin Care Tips For Hot Lagos Weather!

Hi Gods & Goddesses! This Lagos weather- Hot, Hazy and Humid- makes your skin feel sticky and blah! The sweat just hangs around on your skin, instead of evaporating into the air! Not to add insult to injury, this sweat then mixes with your body’s natural oils and bacteria, forming a layer of slippery biofilm! Urgh!  According to experts, all that extra moisture on the surface can act like a magnifying glass, attracting the harsh sun and amplifying the damaging effects it has on your skin. Not pretty at all! My Sacred Beauty to the rescue! With tips that will guide you to take care of your skin, to avoid all that blah! 1. Exfoliate Look for formulas with fruit enzymes and smooth microbeads for a dual-action exfoliation. The hot season can bring on increased breakouts and can leave the skin with some residual dead skin cell build-up. There is increased oil flow as the temperature heats up more, which can get trapped underneath cellular build-up, resulting in clogged pores. The solution is to increase your exfoliation.


Hey everyone, A continuation on our skin care series: We discussed oily, dry and combination skin already. Today, we’ll be talking about “sensitive skin.” Sensitive skin is quite a common skin type, as it’s also known as a problematic skin. Sensitive skin is typically a thin or a fine-textured skin. It usually reacts quickly to temperature changes from heat, cold or wind, the sun or pollution. Sometimes aging increases the skins sensitivity. However, most people who think hey have sensitive skin are probably allergic to the ingredients in their skin care products. Only a dermatologist or a qualified therapist can determine if you have a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin usually gets easily irritated, red, rashy, blotchy or prone to allergic reactions. It requires extra gentle care. It’s important to use mild products formulated to help calm and soothe the skin.

Sacred Skin Care Series: Dry Skin

Hey everyone, A continuation on the series I started 2 weeks ago on different skin types and how to care for the skin… Last week we talked about oily skin, how to identify and care for it. (click on the link if you missed it: Today, we’ll be talking about “dry skin”! How do you recognize a dry skin? What are the features of a dry skin and how do you care for it?

Sacred Skin Care Series: Which Skin Type Are You?

Hi everyone, First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for sending in their inputs and encouragement, and also for taking out time to read my posts. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, but right now I have to say I am enjoying it…..:) So today I decided to start a new series on care of the skin. It’s a topic practically everyone tries to tackle every once in a while. Having a beautiful skin is every woman’s dream…. actually not just women, men as well. So it is actually everyone’s wish to have a beautiful flawless skin. The first step to having a flawless skin is knowing your skin type. When you do know and understand your skin type, then the next step is knowing what you should and shouldn’t do, what products to be used and should be avoided. I am going to give a detailed explanation on the different skin types and how to care for them… I would be focusing more on the face …