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Video: Ask an Expert – Beauty Q&A with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

Hey Guys So we’re starting a monthly segment as part of our Jumia Beauty tutorials called .. yup.. you guessed it.. “Ask an Expert” !! So feel free to drop us a line either in the comments section below, via our instagram page @mysacredbeauty or by email to with any questions you’d like to ask.  It can be about literally anything at all, from skincare to makeup tips and tricks. You ask and we’ll try to answer! So get those questions lined up and post them in! You can shop for all the recommended products in the Beauty Chat and have them delivered straight to your door and if there are any products you’re thinking of buying but not quite sure, why not just.. Ask an Expert. Product List: Khuraira Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics House of Tara  Nyke Cosmetics So what are you waiting for.. but remember..

Video: How to Get That Perfect Pout by Lola Maja on We Love Style

These Instagram Makeup Artist are really starting to get on my nerves.. everywhere I look all i see are perfectly pouting lips. Whenever I see those beautiful pics, I head to the nearest makeup store and get that same colour but unfortunately.. it doesn’t quite turn out like theirs!!  Sigh.. i’m pretty upset now with all my Lip colours considering my application knowledge is zero. Instead of getting all frustrated about it, our Creative Director Lola Maja decided to help us out on the “We Love Style” network with a really simple to follow tutorial.  Check it out!! Products used are: NSFW (Not Safe For Work) OCC Liptar M.U.A Red Lip Liner EOS Lip Balm Sacred Pro Concealers All products are available at The Sacred Beauty Store located at No 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland or call 014539193 or 08076767676

Video: “Cheekbones of Life” – Easy Steps to Sculpting your Face with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

The art of Highlighting and Contouring has been a major buzz for a while, its not totally new in Nigeria but most people are still just getting on board. Some say it takes a lot of time, some say it doesn’t…I say I need a TUTOR!!! And if you’re like me needing an expert to really explain what this craze is about and how you can make your cheeks tell stories, don’t worry!!  You’re not alone.  And another fantastic thing is that this art instantly slims down your face in less than 2 minutes! Yippee!!! Our Creative Director; Lola Maja has done another informative video on the ”We Love Style” Network on Youtube for Jumia Fashion, check out the previous videos here For this week’s video on Highlighting and Contouring click here  and let us know what you think!  Tag us on Instagram @mysacredbeauty in your pics so we can see your new cheeks! Don’t forget you can always pick up all the essential items you need to create your perfect looks from our beauty store To browse the …

Video: “Liner on Point” – Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Cat Eye Flick with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

Hey Guys So we recently partnered with Jumia Fashion’s “We Love Style’” to bring you weekly tips and tips for their Beauty Haven segment!!  Woo Hooooooo.. The weekly videos will be available to watch either on their blog site or on their youtube channel.  (Click the links to take you directly there). We’d love to get some feedback, so please do join in on the conversation, let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions or requests  for certain makeup / beauty tutorials or reviews just drop Lola a comment either on the video or by email You can of course shop all the products or those very similar to the ones featured either directly on Jumia or by popping into our store 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland or by calling +234 (0) 1 453 9193 But to celebrate we’re giving away Five Sacred Jet Black Pen Liquid Liners as featured in our video.  (You know we like a good giveaway lol).   To be entered into the draw all you have to …

Video: 4 Tips for Perfect Lips by Heather Deyoo

Hey Guys! We’re super excited to welcome the youngest member of our team to Sacred.  She’s funny, smart and ever so gorgeous. We can’t wait for her to start posting regular videos and reviews for us. So, if you have any questions or suggestions about products/looks you’d love to see, please drop her a line on In the meantime.. we thought we’d post up one of our favourite tutorials for you to enjoy! Mwwah

Video: Sacred Beauty TV – Introduction to the Foreo Luna Mini

It’s the weekend Oh Yeah! Hope you’re all geared up and ready to have a blast.  We surely are.  The weekends are our busiest time around here dolling up clients and pampering them in our beauty rooms. Everyone else’s days off are our working hours! Lol We’re super excited to also announce that we’re going to be posting regularly on our Beauty Channel Hosted on YouTube but we’ll be launching the full site soon on in the meantime sign up and follow us on So so sorry to everyone who’s been bugging us about the “Ask an Expert” programme.  It’s now here!  So please do send in all your questions and requests to us here at Our first video was recently launched on Bella Naija discussing Foreo launching in Africa.  Yaay! Let us know what you think of our first video and we look forward to all your makeup and beauty questions!! Have a great weekend Goddesses! xx  

Video: Ndani TV Stripped ft Lola Maja-Okojevoh

Hey Gods & Goddesses We can’t believe we forgot to load this up sooner! Our Creative Director Lola Maja-Okojevoh .. or more commonly known round here as “SHE”.. the one who must be obeyed..  (sorry if you’ve never watched the film lol).. Anyway, Her Royal Highness was featured on Ndani TV’s Stripped.  It’s a very quick tutorial on her very basic skincare regime. CLEANSE TONE MOISTURISE.  It’s as simple as that. Good Skin Dosen’t need to be expensive, but repairing the damage can be! Check out the video and let us know what you think! Enjoy xxx  

Video Tutorial: The Go-To-Everyday Makeup Look in less than 5 minutes!

Hi gods & goddesses! How’s the day going? Remember-you are STRONG, you are BEAUTIFUL, you are FEARLESS, you are WISE and you are NOT A QUITTER! Believe in yourself and believe that you can. Here’s a quote to encourage you on today- “Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. how can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself?” – Unknown   Anyways! Back to the beauty post of today. I saw this makeup video tutorial for everyday look and I thought I’d share with you. When you have no idea what colour makeup to do or you really haven’t decided what you want to wear or you have makeup block(lol!), this tutorial by Nitraa B, shows you how to do the go-to-makeup look. And guess what? The process is less than 5 minutes! Enjoy it! Please share and tell us how easy it is when you try it out! check out NitraaB’s YouTube Channel for more interesting tutorials.

Trend Alert : Defined Brows – Love it or Loathe it [Readers Poll]

Hello my lovelies, I’m so excited! I’m Owumi and this is my first post here at Sacred and hopefully every week I’ll bring you a new trend I come across in my adventures on the worldwide web (big smile). So to start with i’m serving up a trend that seems to be getting more and more popular among women, not only in Nigeria but all around the beauty world. It’s on runways, red carpets, magazine covers and yes, even on the busy streets of Lagos. I’m talking about the sharp..defined, full brows (aka the Naija Brow). The first time I noticed this major trend was on the beautiful actress Lily Collins. I fell in love instantly, and being the eager bunny that I am, I went around looking for videos to learn how to get the look.   Alot of people have been inspired to re-create these brows as all the big celebrities seem to be embracing them along with the extreme Highlight and Contour look as seen on Kim K, Beyonce, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus …


*evil laughter*…. HEY EVERYONE, It’s that time of the year….whoop whoop!!!! Haloween is here again, now I know it’s not a Nigerian culture, but!!! hold on……, last year I did notice it was celebrated in Nigeria. Lagos to be precise… YES!! Which has led me or rather inspired me to post this video *grin* So I searched for some haloween makeup tutorial, this one just seem to be more fun and interesting don’t you think? LOOOOOL Anyway, here are 2 video tutorials by “letzmakeup and pixiwoo” watch it and have fun on haloween. After all haloween is all about having fun right?….:)


Hey everyone, If there’s anything I love about the famous “queen of blending” is the fact that she’s just fantastic when it comes to getting a smokey eye done. She does it so well, and I just love the fact that she plays with colors and glitters as well. So here’s a makeup tutorial on how to do a glittery purple smokey eye. Errrrrrm OK, I love they whole glitters and purple color going on, but quick edit for me, for me oh….. cos this final look is just too plenty for me lol! I’d do without the colored glittery brow, I’d be just fine with a regular not so emphasized brow, and a more natural lip works just fine for me *phew*!!!!! What’s your opinion on his look? Oh and did anybody noticed her claws nails? loooool


Hey everyone, YELZ THAT’S ME!!!! hehehehehe…. It took me a lot of courage to do this (putting up my picture ie. But how long shall I hide for?) *phew* So I had planned to do a video on this one, to show you my everyday natural look. For some reason, my camera decided to act up… 😦 So I am a little upset or should I say disappointed. I’ll just have explanation and show it in pictures rather than a video. I do however have a tutorial video by michelle phan attached below, you may want to also check that out also….:) Lets get started!!!! STEP 1 I start out with a clean skin, making sure every form of dirt is out by either washing my face or using a facial wipes.


HELLO EVERYONE, It’s Sunday again…… that’s one day I look forward to for so many reasons including posting a makeup tutorial for you our beautiful gods and goddesses……:) Training as a makeup artist like I said, was a little challenging for me. Because I had the mind set of a typical Nigerian saying to myself, “oh it’s just the application of foundation and powder and all that needs to be applied and I’m done”. I got more than I bargained for lol. I think I should do a post on my experience while training to become a makeup artist *thinking*. Anyway, back to the topic at hand……..:) most of us find using the liquid liner quite difficult especially as a beginner. I had a lot of issues myself as a beginner, My boss would make me clean off her liner and ask me to put it back on and it has to be exactly the way she wears her liner *phew*. And for every time I do it wrongly, she would make me clean it …


Hey everyone, The weekend’s here again… TGIF right? lol… it’s Friday and I try to do some makeup tutorials every friday. (forgive me if some of my posts come in late I’m 8 hours behind CAT. Most times I have to stay up till midnight so I can do an early post in Nigerian time and with pregnancy, it’s just difficult trying to keep the eyes open when it’s been programed to be shut looool.) So today’s tutorial shows how to apply eyeshadows on different eye shapes. Now my question to you today is: “Do you know the different eye shapes?” How many of us know that not all eye shadow application suits all eye shapes? There’s the almond eyes which almost everything goes well with it. Hooded eye shape you want to be careful how and what you apply on it, the deep set eyes, the prominent eyes, the round eyes, close set eyes…..*phew* understanding eye shapes is just a topic on it’s on entirely. But it is very important to know the different …

In Tribute to Talia: My Favourite Tutorial Videos!!!

Hello everyone, In continuation on my tribute to the little angel known as Talia, I decided to share some of my favourite videos from her….. I should have done all this last week but there were some issues with my wifi and haven’t been able to have access to the internet for almost two weeks now…….:) But as they say, better late than never……. So here we go my favorite videos of “Covergirl” Talia