Month: December 2012

Reflections & Celebrations 2012 – New Online Store Launch

I can’t believe it’s here already.. the end of 2012. It just seems like the other day that it arrived and now it’s ended.  But not that i’m sad to see it go. It’s been an absolutey amazing year for me and for Sacred as a whole.  When I look at the blessings we’ve received this year I just have to say a great big THANK YOU at the top of my voice. Let me sing it from the top of the mountains or well.. on the internet.. that’s as loud as I can possibly get. Lol. For many of you.. you may not have known but 2012 was my 20th year working as a Makeup Artist. Hard to believe but it’s true.  I started when I was 14 and now … well.. you do the maths.. *wink* 2012 saw the launch of my studio in Maryland, the opening of our Makeup & Beauty Academy, the release of our own brand of professional makeup artistry products, the launch of our lash, brow and waxing bar …

Turning Point – New Movie Release 12.12.12

Ok so I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this movie to be released.  I’m really proud to have been the Head of Hair & Makeup on set for this Hollywood meets Nollywood extravaganza! 😀 It was alot of hard work shooting between the US and Nigeria, but we had so much fun! It was amazing working with veteran actors such as Ernie Hudson, Joe Estevez, Todd Bridges, Cynda Williams and new talents like KD Aubert and Juan Carlos, combined with our very own Jackie Appiah, Oge Okoye, Igoni Archibong & Patience Ozokwor.  The official launch is today at the Indigo O2 and the film will be on general nationwide release as of the 20th December.

12.12.12 Mood Lift – Angel Minaro Giveaway

Hello my darlings, We’re back with a special 12.12.12 edition of our Moodlift.  *Leaping.. Dancing.. Singing* The wonderful folks over at Angel Minaro have been very very generous and sent over some of their beautiful products for us to review and of course.. to share with you! *Now is the time for you get excited* If you’ve never heard of Angel Minaro, let me take this time to introduce you to possibly one of your next favourite beauty products.  I know you’ll fall in love with them the same way we did. I can’t even explain how excited I was when I received their package.. it was brimming full of the most luscious products you can imagine. I felt like Christmas had come early! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our reviews in our famous “Love it or Loathe it” section.. and we’ll also give away some more products in our Christmas Bonanza.. but for now.. get ready to be treated!