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Video: “Cheekbones of Life” – Easy Steps to Sculpting your Face with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

The art of Highlighting and Contouring has been a major buzz for a while, its not totally new in Nigeria but most people are still just getting on board. Some say it takes a lot of time, some say it doesn’t…I say I need a TUTOR!!! And if you’re like me needing an expert to really explain what this craze is about and how you can make your cheeks tell stories, don’t worry!!  You’re not alone.  And another fantastic thing is that this art instantly slims down your face in less than 2 minutes! Yippee!!! Our Creative Director; Lola Maja has done another informative video on the ”We Love Style” Network on Youtube for Jumia Fashion, check out the previous videos here For this week’s video on Highlighting and Contouring click here  and let us know what you think!  Tag us on Instagram @mysacredbeauty in your pics so we can see your new cheeks! Don’t forget you can always pick up all the essential items you need to create your perfect looks from our beauty store To browse the …

Summer Trends: 5 Accessories That Can Glam up Your Summer

This summer is all about pairing fun pieces with dazzling accessories. Some of the biggest trends for this season are all about mixing up your look with bold colors, classic textures, and bold jewelry. Check out 5 of the must-have accessories to heat up your summer. DENIM These accessories can match your jeans and serve as a contrast with dark jeans or light jeans. Or, use these pieces to make a statement against the rest of an outfit! JEWELRY In keeping with this kind of bohemian spirit, try out mixing up some authentic gold and silver pieces like fashion rings or luxury watches with costume jewelry for music festivals and other outdoor events. Finally, delicate layered necklaces are definitely in! Pair necklaces of different lengths with small pendants, jewels, or talismans for a look that is unique and eye-catching. HANDBAGS SUN HATS Pair one from Eugenia Kim’s summer line with your swimsuit, or if you’re feeling thriftier, check out Forever 21 for their offerings on this sensible but stylish choice for the summer. SUNGLASSES In …

Trend Alert: Ombre & Block Coloured Braids!!!

Hey guys, So, it’s been five weeks since I took my braids out and I’m wondering what next to do. Now before I go on you should know that am a braid freak, but I’m always wearing the same colours; black and brown and it’s kind of gotten a bit boring recently. But I’ve recently seen alot of new colours appearing on the radar, it seems like everywhere I turn someone else I know has taken the plunge and jumped on the coloured braids gang.  I personally blame Lola Maja-Okojevoh.  She was always dying her hair one colour or another, pink .. purple.. blue.. red.. blonde. The list never ends. Then she decided to give her hair a rest but noooo she couldn’t be normal like the rest of us, she just had to find a way to be different. There have been quite a few other braid rebels over the last few months including Stephanie Coker, Toyin Lawani and Kristabel Asimonye rocking bright pink, blue and even green braids!   Even on Instagram there …

Trend Alert : Ombre Hair.

Hey Lovelies, Its another Thursday, and as promised I have another hot trend ruling the beauty scene. Yes, its Ombre hair. I’m sure a lot of people don’t know this, but Ombre is actually a french word gotten from the verb Ombrer, to shade (please bear with me, I’m a french language graduate).  Ombre hair refers to hair fading from dark to light or from light to dark, so instead of one color from the roots to the tip, we have a sort of gradation of color from dark to light or from dark to light from the roots to the tip.

Summer 2013 looks for women of color

The designers and their makeup artists have made summer 2013 an artistic, colorful and playful affair featuring vibrant eye shadow colors as well as shimmering washes, bright lip colors, graphic liners, sequins, doll lashes, flawless contoured faces and taken the tweezers off our hands with bold yet groomed brows. Check out the trends at SoFeminine But what does the cosmetic industry envision for women of color during the summer season? They want to see a glowing woman with a perfect balance of warmth and coolness and one who knows how to keep class and drama in perfect balance. Here are campaigns of MAC, Revlon, Bobbi Brown and Iman for 2013.

Trend Alert: Waist bands and belts at the 2012 Emmys

Several dresses took my breath away in yesterday’s Emmy awards but some made me go, OUCH; particularly, Kelly Osbourne’s one shouldered lavender dress; I expected more from a Fashion Police icon! We had solid colored satins, chiffon; metallic dresses; bizarre floral prints and a mix of this and that. With the variety of outfits in various colors, designs and textures  it  takes  keen eyes to spot a trend, we got them; for some reason there were several waist belts and bands.:-) In my opinion: Rancic in her chic high slit black dress; Falco in a metallic gold belt on top of an hour glass illusion dress;  and Paulso in a black on top of a beautifully flower embroidered ballroom dress wore it best. What do you think? Have the designers been inspired by the ancient Greek?

Beauty Police: Olympics Edition 2012: The Williams Sisters

By Raspberry Blush This Olympic season, I’m drawing my makeup inspiration from the gorgeous women who inspire us through their competitive spirit, dedication and courage to achieve their sporting dreams. To start off, here are the William sisters. I have been cheering them on since the 2000 Olympics, they sparked my interest in tennis and my short lived attempt on the sport. They have come a long way together and they still make a powerful team. Even though they share the court in the Olympics women’s double, each makes a  unique fashion statement.