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Sacred Creative Artistry Competition – Seasons of The Year (Results)

Welcome back to the results of this month’s compitition.

We’re pleased to announce that the winner is Nikki Kane who based her entry on “An English Spring”

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their entries and also those who have been following the compeitition and supporting us since we started last year.

Nikki is now the proud owner of a gorgeous set of Red Cherry Lashes as well as a fantastic 10 shade lip palette. We look forward to seeing the “Art” she creates with them.

We chose Nikki’s look as we loved the use of a subtle variety of colour and her interpretation of spring.  The flowers that she used in the foreground helped to tie in the total look and complemented the shades of shadow she worked with. It wasn’t too heavily applied but you got a definite warm feeling.  In our opinion the look needed some lashes to make the eyes stand out more. We like the fact that she’s blended in the eyebrows so they’re not too defined but we would have liked to have seen more of a defined placement of the colours rather than just a total blended in look. Also, perhaps a flower in the hair as well.

We’ve added photographs of our 2nd and 3rd place winners Yemi Adekoya & Olufunke Mate on the next page.

So.. until next month.. stay tuned and stay fabulous!!

2nd Place – Yemi Adekoya

We’re impressed by Olufunke’s artistic interpretation and the fact that she managed to incorporate a male model (compete with eyelashes) into the image.  Her theme was based on the Kenyan Summer (very hot). We would have preferred if the colours used had been more vibrant around the lips or if you’d extended the bronze/gold tone onto your skin to give you more of a feline effect and your lips could have been played upon a bit more. The fact that all the detailing is around the eyes means that they should have stood out even more than they currently have. If you’re going to go for one focal point, make it POP!  The dark lips on the male model could have also perhaps been slightly less matt to give them more depth. But we can see where you were going with this look and we encourage your creativity.  Good use of accessories.

3rd Place – Olufunke Mate

Olufunke based her entry upon “The Summertime aka Sun Rays)

She has translated the feeling of the sun and the rays of the sun very well by using a starburst pattern. The gold reflection sure does shine under lights!  we would have liked to see the starburst have been expanded rather than just on the corner of the eye. We can see that she’s swept the gold tone around the entire eye area but under the light’s it’s a bit lost. The tone on the lips could have been a bronze or gold tone or even a shade of blue to represent the sky.  The sun rays could have also been defined using a slightly darker shade to help create a 3d effect. Also, the lashes/eyes have been a bit lost. They could have been brought out a bit more either using a black inside liner to add a bit of sex appeal or white liner to open the eyes wide.

We’d love to see this look taken that little bit more edgier. We’re hoping you enter again and really unleash your creative side.

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