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Hey everyone, Our today’s featured artist is PAT McGRATH. She is one of the most famous and well paid makeup artist in the world. I got to know about her when I was doing some research on the most famous artists in the world….. (Did a post on top 5 famous MUA in the world last week click here if u missed it) Now there were 4 other artists but I took special interest in her because, in according to the article she “NEVER” had any formal training in fashion nor in make up. She got her training listening to her mother’s comments while watching classic movies. WOW!!!!! Little wonder Vogue Magazine named her as the “MOST INFLUENTIAL MAKEUP ARTIST” in the world today. McGrath is also credited for setting up the cosmetic line of Armani. She has also been the Beauty Director of Max Factor and Cover Girl cosmetic. she has said, “I really love being a makeup artist. It never gets mundane or predictable and every shoot and show is different.” According …


HELLO EVERYONE, It’s Sunday again…… that’s one day I look forward to for so many reasons including posting a makeup tutorial for you our beautiful gods and goddesses……:) Training as a makeup artist like I said, was a little challenging for me. Because I had the mind set of a typical Nigerian saying to myself, “oh it’s just the application of foundation and powder and all that needs to be applied and I’m done”. I got more than I bargained for lol. I think I should do a post on my experience while training to become a makeup artist *thinking*. Anyway, back to the topic at hand……..:) most of us find using the liquid liner quite difficult especially as a beginner. I had a lot of issues myself as a beginner, My boss would make me clean off her liner and ask me to put it back on and it has to be exactly the way she wears her liner *phew*. And for every time I do it wrongly, she would make me clean it …


Hey guys, I watched this youtube video a while back by Kandee Johnson, It’s about a temporary eyeliner tattoo. Has anyone heard about it or used this before? Michelle phan also has a video on it……. It’s a fun way of expressing yourself and also for those who have difficulties in getting their liners right, it’s an easy way out for you. Basically all you need to do is cut it out, stick it on and you’re ready to go. And guess what? They’re totally affordable *grin*. You can get pack of 16 stickers for $2 or $3. It lasts up to 16 hours, and they come in different styles and colors. There’s a lip tattoo as well, I would be doing a post on it soon, so watch out for it…….:) But until then, here’s a video on how to use the eyeliner tattoo……. What do you think guys? Would you love it, or loathe it?


Hey everyone, It’s Monday again……:) Today, our featured makeup artiste is michelle phan. Michelle Phan who I'm sure some of you already know, is a Vietnamese-American 25 year old makeup artist whose a notable youtube makeup celebrity. She's a self-styled Internet celebrity, filming herself doing her own makeup, giving beauty and fashion tips. With about 266 videos and 230,000 people subscribed to her YouTube channel including me *grin*. About 40,343,062 people have clicked on a single video where she demonstrates the eye makeup of pop star Lady Gaga. She has a sweet lullaby voice that is so attractive, you watch one video, and you want to click on the next. She does all kinds of tutorial videos from beauty makeup Creative makeup Fashion tips and tutorials In the video below, she teaches how to accessorize with scarfs DIY facials and how to take care of your skin And of course she also tells the best food for both a healthy you and a healthy skin The beauty is also the first video makeup artist for …


Hello my beautiful gods and goddesses, It’s Sunday again, another beautiful day for a makeup tutorial….:) Today’s tutorial by michelle phan is all about doing a grey smokey eye. I’m sure most of us are used to the black smokey eyes which is the most popular color used. But smokey eyes can be done with different colors, it’s fun and sexy to wear. Has anyone ever rocked a red smokey eye? oh my that’s one of my favorites. I would post a tutorial video on that for those who need to learn to do it. The grey smokey eye is also a fun way to rock a smokey eye… it’s beautiful and sexy, you should try it on. Here’s a video on how to do a grey smokey eye try it out and let me know if you would totally rock it……:) TILL MY NEXT POST, STAY BEAUTIFUL…….muah