Month: March 2011

Video: Masquerade Makeup – How to create your own Venetian Mask

If you know me,  you’ll know that I have a thing for masks.  I’ve loved them since I was a child.  The beauty, elegance and above all mystery that surrounds them.  I’m not talking about the cheap ones that have elastic around the back, think more of Venice.. Balls with huge gowns, delicate ladies holding their masks on ornate gold poles.. *sigh*..  I think I was born in the wrong century! Get those creative juices flowing, the next time you’re doing a photoshoot or if you have a themed party to go to, rather than buying a mask, be more unique and create one yourself. Many thanks to Kittierae for her gorgeous mask tutorial which won the Nikkie Tutorials competition. Enjoy!

Arising from the Shadows – A Makeup Artist Backstage by Omobola aka Miss Glam

I was thrilled when I made it as part of the Black Up Makeup Team for the Arise Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW) 2011. I knew it would be an avenue to meet with MUAs, models, hairstylists, designers, models and all the other people that make up a ‘glam squad’ and they’d all be from different parts of the world. The fact that I would be using Blackup  was kind of exciting too as they’ve got a very professional range of makeup products. So, the show kicked off late  on Friday, the 11th of March and everyone was really anxious to see how it would turn out  (well, I was anyway). Designers like Jewel By Lisa(NG), Kiki Kamanu (US), Christie Brown(Ghana), Ituen Basi (NG), showcased their stylish designs and the makeup we did on the models was really toned down, nude makeup with little or no colour on the eyes and the lips….pretty boring, permit me to say from a creatives point of view…. I was really looking out for the bold colours for either the eyes or the …

What Type Are You? – Natural Hair Care by Debola

Hello again folks! So last time we began our lesson on understanding “our” hair and how to take proper care of it. We went a bit into a common misconception about black hair, which is whether or not black hair is different from hair of other ethnicities. We found out that it’s not, and in fact all hair is made up of the same exact components. This week, I’ll be discussing the different hair types and textures we as black women possess. So let’s get started, shall we?! Part of learning how to take better care of your hair is understanding what type of hair you have. All Black/African or mixed race hair is naturally curly. The difference is in the size of the curls. This is where we find that there are different types of black hair. Fact: Curly hair is fragile and needs lots of moisture. When wet, the curls stretch out, but as the hair dries it absorbs the water and contracts to a tight curly state. This is how you distinguish …

Those Pesky Little White Spots – Tackling Milia

Hey guys, when I originally wrote this article in 2011 I didn’t realise how popular it would become!  On average we have 500+ views a day, just on this post alone.  Thanks to those who have shared their experiences. They say that a problem shared is a problem solved.  So please do share any advice or any secrets to how you battled (and hopefully won) your fight with Milia.   The funniest thing is that in 2013 my daughter was born with Milia.  I’d never personally experienced it only treated clients.  I had to fight hard not to panic. It must have been baby brain or something because I forgot everything I knew.  I actually had to come back to the site and re-read what I’d written myself just to calm myself down.  People kept commenting on the “small spots on her face” which became really irritating very quickly. As a new parent you become very defensive over your baby and any criticism.  So I found myself having to educate alot of strangers and all …

Video: Smokey Eyes with Kim Kardasian & Her MUA

Rather than showing you how to recreate a smokey eye “inspired” by Kim, i’ve found a 4 part series where Kim shows you herself!  Kind of cool to see what she looks like without any makeup all the way through to her final look. Enjoy!!   The lashes used in the final part are similar to “Nani”, “Zelda” or “Mandy” lashes available through Sacred Lashes (+234 80 97 97 97 97 or +44 7949 085 956) –  don’t forget to pick up your Duo Lash Adhesive as well.  🙂  Get Gorgeous Gods & Goddesses.. Have fun!! xxxx

Makeup Tutorial: Smoking For Days.. All Day Every Day

by Juliette Okoli The rain had just stopped and I was getting ready to go catch up with an old friend when I found a picture of kim kardashian ( yes I’m obseesed with her) with the most amazing bronze smokey eyes. Now as much as I love playing with colour (being a makeup artist) I’m not exactly bold with colours on my own face, I know, I know,but hey I am a sucker for bold lips, I wear them all day everyday. (Amen for bold lips) Seeing her picture got me thinking, I’ll wear a subtle bronze smokey eyes today and just cause I love you all.. I’ll show you step by step in pictures how I achieved this look.

Tips & Ticks – Smoking Like A Pro by Nancy N

It’s been a crazy weekend, the life of a make-up artist!! Being called in for a job with little or no notice, then …those tiny annoyances at 11pm …just hours before a job…”ooohhh ,I want strip lashes now, no more singles!”….and you have to place a smile on your face when you wish you could wring her neck…but you love it and wouldn’t change the craziness for anything….From the lady who changes the colour of her gele (head-gear) 3 times while you patiently smile and re-tie to the woman who wants a foundation shade as light as Michael Jackson though she’s a beautiful Halle Berry ….You smile because you’ll gladly go through it all again for the love of MAKE-UP AND ITS ART. That said….today we’re looking at the perfect smokey eyes. Yaaaay! Ooook not everyone’s saying yaay too…But with a few quick tips you’ll be shading the Smokey eye like a pro!

Video: Layering Skincare: Night Time

People are always asking us what the real benefits are of using so many products in the evening.  Is it all an advertising gimmick and a waste of money?  No, it’s not. I can’t stress how important not just a good daytime skincare routine is but also having a great night time routine as well. I know that alot of people feel using a combination of  products are really time consuming, they’d probably scream if I suggested using 7 different items before you go to bed!! But I found this really cute video and Asian women are known for being very particular about their skincare…. it shows. 😀

Hammam – Scrubbing Away the Moroccan Way

A Hammam (which in Arabic means “spreader of warmth”) is a traditional cleansing ritual that many Moroccans take part of once a week. Think of a hammam as urrmm….an oversized sauna. First you enter a warm steam room to let your pores open, followed by a coating of olive oil soap. Then (the part that foreigners find freaky)….the “gommage”…..this is where all the dead layers of skin are rubbed off with a glove that feels like it is made of super rough sand paper. You’re then covered in a full body clay mask, which is washed off with ice-cold water to close your pores (eek!!). The ritual ends with a soothing massage.

Video: Arabic Inspired Eyes by the amazing MissChievous

I love Arabic makeup.  The use of colours and techniques always excites and inspires me. After all, alongside  Africans and Indians they don’t shy away from their eyeshadows!! (Although alot of Africans just need to learn how to urm.. “blend” in the shades and apply the shadows a little less liberally.. hehe) For more inspiration you can check out her blog site and follow her on twitter @mizzchievouz The lashes used in this video are similar to Sacred Lashes “Coco” which are full definition lashes but you could also substitute them for “Bobby” which would give you a beautiful side sweep instead. Enjoy!!

Discount to Heaven

Now.. if anyone  knows me, they’ll know that I love nothing more than a bargain.  In fact, I refuse to buy anything at full price until I find out if I can get some sort of discount on it.  If it dosen’t exist cheaper on google or on ebay then, as painful as it is, i’ll cough up my hard earned cash. It’s not that i’m cheap. I’d like to call it “price conscious”. Especially when it comes to makeup.  I live my life working with it so I like a child in a candy store, I could easily bankrupt myself with buying “oooh just one more” of a colour I probably already have but like the way this one feels, looks, is packaged. As a professional makeup artist there are lots of discounts available if you simply just ask.  Many companies offer Membership Programmes. These include: MAC Or pop into any store for an application form.  They also offer a student discount if you’re not fully qualified. NARS Email: or call 00 44 …

Welcome to Another Wonderful Week

Greetings  Gorgeous Sacred Gods & Goddesses.. Firstly i’d just like to say thank you. To all of you who have visited our little blog.  To those who have retweeted, re-posted the links on facebook or shared the articles via email with their friends.  Thank you to those who comment on the posts whether it’s here on our site or whether it’s on the links posted elsewhere.   Your support is always and will continue to always be truly appreciated. We have alot of exciting things planned for our site.  The celebrity interview section will soon be launched and we’ll get to the bottom of all their beauty / grooming secrets. We really do hope you enjoy reading our articles as much as we enjoy posting them.  For us really we’re trying to provide relevant articles based on facts not fiction.  Part of the main aim is to highlight the fact that there are so many myths out there about African Beauty both in the way we treat our skin, our hair and the makeup we …

Hair: Natural Hair Care – Getting to the Root of the Matter by Debola

For the life of me, I just don’t understand why a majority of Nigerian women neglect the health of their hair. As long as the finished hair style looks good, we tend to think that’s the end all be all to hair care. It isn’t until our hair looks like the remnants of a scorched scrub brush or we are, what I call, scoop bald around the edges, do we now begin to consider the steps necessary to look after the health of our hair. Why do we as Nigerian women wait until our backs are against the wall before we decide to take action, where our hair is concerned? We’re so in love with the immediate gratification or solution, which I regret to inform you, like all other things, there are none! We have a tendency to believe that we know it all, even though we have never stepped foot in a single hair care course. We attempt to do a bit of research and think; after all, if it works on “Sade’s” hair, …