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Catch up on Bestfriends, HM Travel & Tours and Madam Sarah on Ebonylive…

This year has been amazing for the Sacred Team as we have been on a long list of movies and Tv series working as their official makeup artist. We worked on three main mini series for Ebonylive TV and they are all up and running….. BESTFRIENDS HM TRAVEL & TOURS MADAM SARAH Visit for more details… Photocredit – @ebonylivetv

Catch up on MTV Shuga!!!

Did you guys know that the Sacred Team led by Lola Maja were the official makeup artist on the set of your favourite Tv show MTV SHUGA which started airing on the 13th September, 2015.   We had crazy fun with the cast and other crew members and hope that you enjoy this series as much as we enjoyed dolling up the cast. Visit any of the below channels to catch up; Africa: Pan Africa BET International – Sundays – 10:30pm GMT Wananchi (Zuku Africa) – Sundays (starting Sep 20th) – 10pm EAT   Africa: Ghana GH ONE – Mondays – 8:30pm   Africa: Kenya Buni TV – On Demand KBC – Thursdays – 10pm Wananchi (Zuku Africa) – Sundays (starting Sep 20th) – 10pm   Africa: Malawi Luntha – Fridays – 10pm   Africa: Namibia One Africa TV – Tuesdays – 10:00pm   Africa: Nigeria AIT – Tuesdays (starting Sep 22nd) – 9:30pm EbonyLifeTV – Mondays – 8:30pm iROKO TV – On Demand My TV Africa – Fridays – 11:30pm NTA – Saturdays (starting …

Beauty Insider: Lupita Nyongo on Vogue October Issue…….Awesome!!!

I have seen these images all over social media and I’m like oh! these people are at it again…. but my curious self couldn’t but google all the pictures involved and I was so stunned by how perfect these images of Lupita were. Lupita Killed it again, I can’t even decide which one i prefer the old cover or the new one……uhmmmm I think the new one is absolutely on fire for me. See the below pictures and confirm if you feel the same way, am sure you will….. Photo Credit –  Vogue

Beauty in my Skin!!! World Vitiligo Day

Just a few weeks ago, the world celebrated a set of wonderful people. The vitiligo community celebrated their skin with the world and one of my best representative is the stunning Chantelle ‘Winnie Harlow’ Brown-Young. World Vitiligo Day is an annual event specially dedicated to people with Vitiligo on June 25th. The global event is to create awareness about the skin condition.Vitiligo is a continual skin problem that produces white depigmentation patches that develop and enlarge only in certain sections of the skin.The white patches appear because the person has little or no skin cells. Though, it is impossible to predict how much of the skin can be affected by Vitiligo and it is not life threatening. In Nigeria, OLORI SUPERGAL created an online campaign  to create  awareness on Vitiligo and also to educate people about the skin  condition using Social media.  The model for the campaign – TEMILOLA OMOOBAJESU shared her message to  encourage other people with Vitiligo to come out. In her words, she said  ”Don’t let anybody’s opinion of beauty be your idea of …

Diary of a Makeup Artist: Memories of MTV Shuga Season 3 (& Full Episode Video)

Hey Guys So this post is way over due.  I meant to write about my experiences live and direct while filming but that was easier said than done.  Ever since then, i’ve been trying to find the perfect moment to sit down and put pen to paper.. or well.. fingers to keypad.. Lol. Anyway, the series has now officially been release and so, I guess, now is as good a time as any to relive the experience with you. You can watch the first episode here and read all about our adventures on the next page!

Awards Nominations: City People Fashion & Style Awards

It’s that time of the Year again.. it’s Awards Season!  Woo hooo We’re super excited and very very honoured to find out that Lola Maja-Okojevoh along with fellow Makeup Artists Tara Fela Durotoye and Banke Meshida Lawal, will receive a Special Recognition Award at the 8th Annual City People Fashion & Style Awards taking place on Sunday 1st December. We’d like to Thank them in advance and also encourage everyone to vote for their favourite designers/makeup artists/stylists and other personalities in this year’s Awards.  The full list of catagories and nominations are listed below.  Make sure to vote and support the industry!


Hey everyone, Our today’s featured artist is PAT McGRATH. She is one of the most famous and well paid makeup artist in the world. I got to know about her when I was doing some research on the most famous artists in the world….. (Did a post on top 5 famous MUA in the world last week click here if u missed it) Now there were 4 other artists but I took special interest in her because, in according to the article she “NEVER” had any formal training in fashion nor in make up. She got her training listening to her mother’s comments while watching classic movies. WOW!!!!! Little wonder Vogue Magazine named her as the “MOST INFLUENTIAL MAKEUP ARTIST” in the world today. McGrath is also credited for setting up the cosmetic line of Armani. She has also been the Beauty Director of Max Factor and Cover Girl cosmetic. she has said, “I really love being a makeup artist. It never gets mundane or predictable and every shoot and show is different.” According …


When we think of the world of fashion, the first two things that come to mind are the models and the designers. Kate Upton, Bar Rafaeli, Brooklyn Decker, Giselle Bundchen and Adriana Lima all go hand in hand with the likes of Giorgio Armani, Prada, Coco Chanel and Versace. They are all household names with looks that men long for, and creations that women aspire for. Behind these people however are the make up artists. Make up artists play an important role as they enhance the model’s beauty and complement the designer’s creations. These people are the most sought after in the business. They have the hands that wield the brushes to make the models look even better than perfect. Here is a list of the top five most famous make up artists in the world of fashion today. 1. Sam Fine This African American is one of the highest paid make up artists in the world today. Commanding a salary of more than $3,500 per day, which does not include overtime and travel allowances, …


Hey everyone, Monday is here again!!!! Special shout out to all Lagosians. I know most of you do not look forward to Mondays, with the traffic and the hustles, but look on the bright side, take a deep breathe, put your hand on your chest, a gentle smile on your face, and and say to yourself…. “ALLIZ WELL”……:) Now on a lighter note, lol y’all remember “CUTEPOLISH”? I posted a DIY video on how to a marble nail some weeks back. Well today I decided to feature her as our artist of the week. Cutepolish as her name is on youtube, has about 1,371,953 subscribers and 168 videos on youtube. she obviously is a nail specialist and does incredible things with her nails. She also does a lot of tutorials on DIY nail art. This particular one I love so much, because I am a huge fan of candy crush. My husband and I would compete on who opens up and finishes a new level first *covering face* lol What makes her videos fun to …


Hello everyone, Today it’s all about the fabulous one, our very own celebrity makeup artist LOLA MAJA-OKOJEVOH yaaaaay. (clears throat) Ok, she has absolutely no idea I’m doing this which is good, I can get my lashings later looool. Of course most of us if not everyone knows about lola…. But for benefit of those who don’t know her, or know so much about her, she is the creative director of SACRED CREATIVE ARTISTRY, she’s been in the beauty world for OVER 20YEARS *phew* she is a qualified makeup artist and holistic therapist, amongst OTHERS……. Apart from makeup and beauty which specializes in, she’s also qualified in hair dressing, nail art, photography, LASHES (she loooooves lashes) and the list goes on (the woman does almost everything *sigh*). Anyone who doubts me, try visiting the office at maryland, and take a look at the wall, you would notice some certificates just read through all of them lmao….. (lola you know I have nothing but love for you loooool) Back to my gist peeps lol, On the …

Beyonce All Glittered Up on the Cover of Flaunt Magazine

HELLOOOOOOOO I’m super excited writing this post today, because its all about “BEYONCE” Yaaaaay!!!! I  Beyonce so much…I’m actually obsessed with her, I can’t help it lol *covering face*… Anyway, back to the matter at hand looooooool she did a cover for FLAUNT magazine, and the pictures are AMAaaaaaaaaZING. “AS THEY SAY, IF YOU’VE GOT IT, FLAUNT IT.” The singer reportedly had the photo shoot done in 2011 by TONY DURAN for her album 4 campaign but it has now emerged as the cover of flaunt magazine. More images from the shoot below.. I personally think they’re totally awesome..

A Tribute to Talia Castellano – An Inspiration to Makeup Artists of All Ages

Hey Guys! As most of you know, Talia Castellano popularly known as “Covergirl” finally lost her battle to cancer last week Wednesday *sad face*. To tell the truth I was heart broken. I cried and could barely go to bed that night. She was such an inspiring young girl even on her hospital bed she was always smiling. I remember the first time I came across her videos on YouTube I was still training as a makeup artist and I was having trouble meeting up with the standard of my boss looool. It was harder work than I expected, but then again I guess it’s because I started off with the mindset that’s it’s just makeup.. right? But I sure got more than I bargained for looool. (I love n appreciate you Lola.. thanks for the training.. cough cough).

What is beauty…Who is she anyway? – A Modern View on an Age Old Debate

In my own opinion, beauty is a reflection of your inner self.  However, being beautiful on the inside and neglecting your exterior is not a total definition of the word beauty. Just as you groom and value the inside, the exterior needs to be taken care of as well. According to Nancy Etcoff “Beauty draws us in. We can’t stop looking or listening or touching. It takes us outside ourselves and it motivates us. It’s essential to life and to happiness.”

It’s Been A Bit Quiet Around Here.. (Well on the website that is.. NOT at my

Hey Guys First of all.. I’m soo soo sorrrrrrrry!!!  I know we’ve neglected you for ages.. but it’s for a good reason.. i’m sure alot of you know but for those who don’t, where have you been?!  I had a baby.. hehehe.. WE had a baby.. yes all of you had a baby with me.  Our newest Sacred Goddess is lil miss Tallulah. It’s been crazy. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been mailing me and showing so much love and support on my FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest accounts.  I mean, seriously, you’ve been so amazing. Really appreciate it.

Hair & Beauty Job in Lagos: Social Networking & Marketing Officer Required

Are you passionate about  writing?  Have an interest in the Hair & Beauty industry?  If you answered yes are plugged into the online world then this could be the perfect job for you. Our Client is a rapidly expanding hair and beauty company in Nigeria who are seeking a Social Media & Marketing Officer to manage the blog, help develop the website, and generally expand its online presence. This is a serious job offer and will require a fully dedicated individual who is self motivated and highly articulate. Tasks will include, but are not limited to: – Handling the social media: A big part of the business is the Facebook page which currently has over 5,000 followers, and through which we are able to reach a relatively wide audience. The most popular aspect of the page are the pictures posted and general discussions generated daily. The candidate would be responsible for sourcing images to be posted daily.

Reflections & Celebrations 2012 – New Online Store Launch

I can’t believe it’s here already.. the end of 2012. It just seems like the other day that it arrived and now it’s ended.  But not that i’m sad to see it go. It’s been an absolutey amazing year for me and for Sacred as a whole.  When I look at the blessings we’ve received this year I just have to say a great big THANK YOU at the top of my voice. Let me sing it from the top of the mountains or well.. on the internet.. that’s as loud as I can possibly get. Lol. For many of you.. you may not have known but 2012 was my 20th year working as a Makeup Artist. Hard to believe but it’s true.  I started when I was 14 and now … well.. you do the maths.. *wink* 2012 saw the launch of my studio in Maryland, the opening of our Makeup & Beauty Academy, the release of our own brand of professional makeup artistry products, the launch of our lash, brow and waxing bar …

Turning Point – New Movie Release 12.12.12

Ok so I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this movie to be released.  I’m really proud to have been the Head of Hair & Makeup on set for this Hollywood meets Nollywood extravaganza! 😀 It was alot of hard work shooting between the US and Nigeria, but we had so much fun! It was amazing working with veteran actors such as Ernie Hudson, Joe Estevez, Todd Bridges, Cynda Williams and new talents like KD Aubert and Juan Carlos, combined with our very own Jackie Appiah, Oge Okoye, Igoni Archibong & Patience Ozokwor.  The official launch is today at the Indigo O2 and the film will be on general nationwide release as of the 20th December.

Trend Alert: Waist bands and belts at the 2012 Emmys

Several dresses took my breath away in yesterday’s Emmy awards but some made me go, OUCH; particularly, Kelly Osbourne’s one shouldered lavender dress; I expected more from a Fashion Police icon! We had solid colored satins, chiffon; metallic dresses; bizarre floral prints and a mix of this and that. With the variety of outfits in various colors, designs and textures  it  takes  keen eyes to spot a trend, we got them; for some reason there were several waist belts and bands.:-) In my opinion: Rancic in her chic high slit black dress; Falco in a metallic gold belt on top of an hour glass illusion dress;  and Paulso in a black on top of a beautifully flower embroidered ballroom dress wore it best. What do you think? Have the designers been inspired by the ancient Greek?

Side View Magazine’s Spring Edition – “The Colour Issue”

Psssst… Make sure to grab Sideview Magazine’s latest edition featuring their Style-Me Up Guide.  The cover features a collaboration between Lola Maja-Okojevoh and Imelda Ladebo (beauty editor for SMU).  You may recognise it from the “Birds of Paradise” shoot we did in conjunction with Blush Beauty.  If you missed the original post you can catch up here If you don’t have your copy yet.. what are you waiting for?