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Trend Alert : Defined Brows – Love it or Loathe it [Readers Poll]

Hello my lovelies, I’m so excited! I’m Owumi and this is my first post here at Sacred and hopefully every week I’ll bring you a new trend I come across in my adventures on the worldwide web (big smile). So to start with i’m serving up a trend that seems to be getting more and more popular among women, not only in Nigeria but all around the beauty world. It’s on runways, red carpets, magazine covers and yes, even on the busy streets of Lagos. I’m talking about the sharp..defined, full brows (aka the Naija Brow). The first time I noticed this major trend was on the beautiful actress Lily Collins. I fell in love instantly, and being the eager bunny that I am, I went around looking for videos to learn how to get the look.   Alot of people have been inspired to re-create these brows as all the big celebrities seem to be embracing them along with the extreme Highlight and Contour look as seen on Kim K, Beyonce, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus …

Love it Or Loath it: Product Review – Dove Silky Nourishment Body Lotion, Shimmer Effect

I love soft skin and anything that promises silky softness will capture my interest. I had been seeing a Dove advert about their beauty bar which asks the women to ‘Dare to bare’ which means go without makeup. It promises skin that is moisturized from deep within to reveal that natural glow while leaving your skin soft as silk (Ok…Ok… I added the ‘soft as silk part’ I think they just said softer skin). Usually I’m skeptic about such promises from a soap, a lotion- I can buy but a soap?! When my sister went on to buy half a dozen of the Dove Beauty Soap with a radiant glow promise and decided that she didn’t like it, I ended up with the lot. I thought, no harm done; I needed soap anyways. The first thing that struck me when I used it for the first time is the sweet floral scent that stays on several hours after you’ve had a bath; I would wake up in the middle of the night mesmerized by my …

Love it or Loath it: Product Review – Gillette Venus vs Venus Breeze

By Odun Ogunbiyi Hellooooooo my lovelies. It’s me again.. and yes.. I’m still off on sunny shores enjoying my extended break (I prefer to call it a beauty fact finding mission although it could technically be classed as a Holiday). I’ve diligently been keeping my eyes peeled on behalf of our Sacred Angels and yet again, I’m taking one for the team and reporting on some new products on the market.  

Love it or Loath it: Trend Review – Reverse French Manicure

By Odun Ogunbiyi Ok my lovelies, I’m so excited.. I’ve been set free out of HQ and let loose upon foreign shores! But as promised to the girls back home, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled on behalf of our Sacred Angels and reporting on any trends that may crop up. While scrolling through the August 2012 edition of my InStyle Magazine I kept bumping into articles about the reverse French Manicure. Being a huge fan of expressing myself through my fingertips I was very keen to try this look out.

Beauty Buyers Guide – Love it or Loath it: Bomb Cosmetics Review

Every day around the world.. millions of women are buying products and either squealing in delight or screaming in frustration at yet another item condemned to the back of the draw or better yet.. the bottom of the bin! We at Sacred would love to help you out where we can with those niggling questions.. such as “Should I spend my money on this” ?? We’d love your own personal reviews on products you either Love or Loathe!  Video reviews or written form, send them in and we’ll load them up. It’s all about real people giving us their own real opinions. So without further ado.. let’s start the reviews!