Month: October 2011

Video Tutorial – Halloween Zombie Makeup

Hey guys I just love this time of the year, not because I’m occultist or anything silly like that.. lol.. but simply because it’s the one of the only times that you can go really crazy with your makeup and have so much fun! If you’re really ready to do something crazy this year get your teeth into this!!! (Not for the faint of heart.. hehheh..) Have fun!!! xx

Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – Halloween Edition (Now Closed)

Hello all my Gorgeous Artistes out there Welcome to the fifth instalmentĀ of our Monthly Make-up Artistry Competition. Theme As usual, the rules are very simple. Each month we’ll set a different theme. All you have to do is interpret the theme however you like. It’s a creative competition so have fun with it! You can use adornments and costumes (if you’re brave).. heheh.. and of course.. Lashes! If you hadn’t noticed, The spooks are out this month. Halloween is here and our brushes are ready and waiting to create some tricks and delicious treats! Show us what you’ve got. Bring out the most goulish, scariest, craziest or even cutest looks you’ve got. Wether you’re a devilish imp or a fairy princess, make it as fabulous as possible.