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*evil laughter*…. HEY EVERYONE, It’s that time of the year….whoop whoop!!!! Haloween is here again, now I know it’s not a Nigerian culture, but!!! hold on……, last year I did notice it was celebrated in Nigeria. Lagos to be precise… YES!! Which has led me or rather inspired me to post this video *grin* So I searched for some haloween makeup tutorial, this one just seem to be more fun and interesting don’t you think? LOOOOOL Anyway, here are 2 video tutorials by “letzmakeup and pixiwoo” watch it and have fun on haloween. After all haloween is all about having fun right?….:)


Hey everyone, The weekend’s here again… TGIF right? lol… it’s Friday and I try to do some makeup tutorials every friday. (forgive me if some of my posts come in late I’m 8 hours behind CAT. Most times I have to stay up till midnight so I can do an early post in Nigerian time and with pregnancy, it’s just difficult trying to keep the eyes open when it’s been programed to be shut looool.) So today’s tutorial shows how to apply eyeshadows on different eye shapes. Now my question to you today is: “Do you know the different eye shapes?” How many of us know that not all eye shadow application suits all eye shapes? There’s the almond eyes which almost everything goes well with it. Hooded eye shape you want to be careful how and what you apply on it, the deep set eyes, the prominent eyes, the round eyes, close set eyes…..*phew* understanding eye shapes is just a topic on it’s on entirely. But it is very important to know the different …