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In Tribute to Talia: My Favourite Tutorial Videos!!!

Hello everyone, In continuation on my tribute to the little angel known as Talia, I decided to share some of my favourite videos from her….. I should have done all this last week but there were some issues with my wifi and haven’t been able to have access to the internet for almost two weeks now…….:) But as they say, better late than never……. So here we go my favorite videos of “Covergirl” Talia

A Tribute to Talia Castellano – An Inspiration to Makeup Artists of All Ages

Hey Guys! As most of you know, Talia Castellano popularly known as “Covergirl” finally lost her battle to cancer last week Wednesday *sad face*. To tell the truth I was heart broken. I cried and could barely go to bed that night. She was such an inspiring young girl even on her hospital bed she was always smiling. I remember the first time I came across her videos on YouTube I was still training as a makeup artist and I was having trouble meeting up with the standard of my boss looool. It was harder work than I expected, but then again I guess it’s because I started off with the mindset that’s it’s just makeup.. right? But I sure got more than I bargained for looool. (I love n appreciate you Lola.. thanks for the training.. cough cough).