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Beauty Insider: Busy Girl’s Guide to Skincare

I know the feeling when you hangout with friends and everyone is saying a thing or two about their skincare routine but you have none cause you are too busy to care. I used to work in a crazy environment where you get to work before the day dawns and you leave work at odd hours of the night and all I could think of was sleeping, skin? nah just sleep, sleep and sleep….But the truth is if you don’t take good care of that skin, you lose it and don’t you just want a flawless skin that radiates with so much glow and gets you the million dollar job…Yes we do!!! A quick help on how to get that flawless skin even with your busy schedule…. ALL OVER THE PLACE The first thing is to clean out your skincare closet and get organised. Too many skincare products can be overwhelming, you just kept on buying and you have ended up using none of them. Rather let me advise that you put all skincare products …

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2015!!!

The Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conferences is the continent’s largest event dedicated to beauty, medical aesthetics and wellness. With a mix of business networking and trade opportunities, along with high quality workshops to showcase the latest techniques in the field of makeup, hair and skin, the show provides a strategic platform to build on your industry knowledge and establish successful partnerships within Nigeria and beyond. This year’s edition will be holding at the Eko Convention Centre, Lagos, Nigeria from the 7th – 9th of October, 2015. The speakers are experts from The Makeup Industry, Skincare and Hair. I t will also include trainings on Social Media Marketing. Can you believe that you get to listen to these amazing people for free!!! hurry now to and register….