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Hello everyone, Today it’s all about the fabulous one, our very own celebrity makeup artist LOLA MAJA-OKOJEVOH yaaaaay. (clears throat) Ok, she has absolutely no idea I’m doing this which is good, I can get my lashings later looool. Of course most of us if not everyone knows about lola…. But for benefit of those who don’t know her, or know so much about her, she is the creative director of SACRED CREATIVE ARTISTRY, she’s been in the beauty world for OVER 20YEARS *phew* she is a qualified makeup artist and holistic therapist, amongst OTHERS……. Apart from makeup and beauty which specializes in, she’s also qualified in hair dressing, nail art, photography, LASHES (she loooooves lashes) and the list goes on (the woman does almost everything *sigh*). Anyone who doubts me, try visiting the office at maryland, and take a look at the wall, you would notice some certificates just read through all of them lmao….. (lola you know I have nothing but love for you loooool) Back to my gist peeps lol, On the …

Here comes the Bride – The many faces of Beauty around the world

Someone asked me the funniest question the other day… “Do you do weddings?” Urm..well.. let me see.. YES!!  Of course I do?!?  As much as I love all things creative I also love all things beauty.  I believe in being a balanced all rounder. So even though one day i’m on set playing with blood effects the next I could be pampering and preening a beautiful bride. That’s one of the things that makes this job and this life I lead so interesting. Every day’s different. I can never get tired of “the same old same old” because no two days are actually the same.