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Video: Ask an Expert – Beauty Q&A with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

Hey Guys So we’re starting a monthly segment as part of our Jumia Beauty tutorials called .. yup.. you guessed it.. “Ask an Expert” !! So feel free to drop us a line either in the comments section below, via our instagram page @mysacredbeauty or by email to with any questions you’d like to ask.  It can be about literally anything at all, from skincare to makeup tips and tricks. You ask and we’ll try to answer! So get those questions lined up and post them in! You can shop for all the recommended products in the Beauty Chat and have them delivered straight to your door and if there are any products you’re thinking of buying but not quite sure, why not just.. Ask an Expert. Product List: Khuraira Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics House of Tara  Nyke Cosmetics So what are you waiting for.. but remember..

Chronicles of a Nigerian Beauty Addict : The Truth about Micro Needling & My Dermaroller Experience in Lagos

My sister once told me that she has no intention of getting old gracefully, she has every intention of going down kicking and screaming. This ethos I must admit has rubbed off on me and when it comes to using all the arsenal one can afford I am all for it.  I don’t judge. Whatever a girl needs to do, as long as it is not going to endanger your health (benefits must always ALWAYS out weight the risks) I encourage whole heartedly. When it comes to beauty treatments, I do all my daily home treatments as I should but some clogged pores and pollution fighting needs the help of a good spa in your life….some treatments my darlings need a health professional in your life. Dr Akhere Aire graduated as a Dentist from the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) in Pretoria, South Africa.  He had a practise in South Africa and spent several years practising in England.  Over the years he found his interests moving towards cosmetic dentistry, Skin Aesthetics and injectables (training …