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Hey everyone, YELZ THAT’S ME!!!! hehehehehe…. It took me a lot of courage to do this (putting up my picture ie. But how long shall I hide for?) *phew* So I had planned to do a video on this one, to show you my everyday natural look. For some reason, my camera decided to act up… 😦 So I am a little upset or should I say disappointed. I’ll just have explanation and show it in pictures rather than a video. I do however have a tutorial video by michelle phan attached below, you may want to also check that out also….:) Lets get started!!!! STEP 1 I start out with a clean skin, making sure every form of dirt is out by either washing my face or using a facial wipes.


HELLO EVERYONE, It’s Sunday again…… that’s one day I look forward to for so many reasons including posting a makeup tutorial for you our beautiful gods and goddesses……:) Training as a makeup artist like I said, was a little challenging for me. Because I had the mind set of a typical Nigerian saying to myself, “oh it’s just the application of foundation and powder and all that needs to be applied and I’m done”. I got more than I bargained for lol. I think I should do a post on my experience while training to become a makeup artist *thinking*. Anyway, back to the topic at hand……..:) most of us find using the liquid liner quite difficult especially as a beginner. I had a lot of issues myself as a beginner, My boss would make me clean off her liner and ask me to put it back on and it has to be exactly the way she wears her liner *phew*. And for every time I do it wrongly, she would make me clean it …


Hello my beautiful gods and goddesses, It’s Sunday again, another beautiful day for a makeup tutorial….:) Today’s tutorial by michelle phan is all about doing a grey smokey eye. I’m sure most of us are used to the black smokey eyes which is the most popular color used. But smokey eyes can be done with different colors, it’s fun and sexy to wear. Has anyone ever rocked a red smokey eye? oh my that’s one of my favorites. I would post a tutorial video on that for those who need to learn to do it. The grey smokey eye is also a fun way to rock a smokey eye… it’s beautiful and sexy, you should try it on. Here’s a video on how to do a grey smokey eye try it out and let me know if you would totally rock it……:) TILL MY NEXT POST, STAY BEAUTIFUL…….muah