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Hellooooo my beautiful gods and goddesses…..:) It’s Wednesday and it’s a day for DIY *grin* I loooooove me some DIY. So the fun thing about makeup is that when you do not have a particular color you need for something say a lip color or an eye shadow color, you can always improvise *grin*. Don’t you just love it? The fact that you cant be stuck or limited to what you want to do just because a color is not available. You can improvise with anything as long as it's NON TOXIC. Eye shadows, crayons, lipgloss, anything at all depending on what you are trying to achieve. Of course most of us if not everyone knows about the presence of lead in some of these products, you want to be careful what you put on your lip. If you’re not sure what products to buy, you can simply do some research on it or better still stick to DIY hehehehehe! So today, I am sharing with you a DIY video by MS TOI on how …

Makeup Tutorial Video – Disney: Snow White vs. The Evil Queen

Hey everyone? How was your weekend? So I finally sorted out my internet issues *phew* and I AM BACK yaaaaaaay!!!!! No more delays and set backs lol…I know you’ve missed me! Anyway, I’ve been thinking……why don’t I post some makeup tutorial videos for you my beautiful friends, so we can learn together as one big happy family? It could be a natural makeup tutorial, smokey eyes, creative makeup… Until we decide on that, let’s do something fun today *grin*. My post for today is for all you creative makeup lovers out there *whoop whoop*…those who love to do thingzzzzz with colorzzzzzz……… 🙂