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New Campaign – #Destination L’Espace – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Hey hey my lovelies! If you don’t know by now then you’d better get to know pretty quickly that L’espace is THE DESTINATION in Lagos.   If you don’t know what we’re talking about well let me break it down to you.. lol.. So.. two lovely hard working young ladies came up with the idea of starting up a monthly pop up shop 5 years ago.  It was called LPM (Le Petite Marche) and it grew from strength to strength.   But they weren’t content with that, they worked really hard and opened up their boutique store “L’Espace”.   It’s a Mecca for fashion, food and beauty lovers.   Not only do they stock a wide variety of Nigerian Designers aka #DestinationFashion – Homewares and the delectable Cam Cam Sweets, but they’ve also now opened a Cafe called Tash Bistro which serves the best salad i’ve eaten in Lagos and delicious healthy food through the day.  There’s also Elles Ice Box serving the most amazing frozen cocktails as well.  We call it #DestinationDecadence –  Now …

Monday Mood Lift – Blush Beauty Giveaway & WOW Nails Offer

We all know that Monday’s can be a bit of a drag but here in the Wonderful World of Sacred, every day is beautiful! So that’s why we’ve decided to launch the “Monday Moodlift”. We’re so excited!! So everyone jump and shout with us.. Yippee.. yaaay.. woo hooo.. 😀 We have some really lovely goodies lined up over the next few weeks (and if they keep on coming in then hopefully forever more! heheh) We just lurrve to spread the Love.