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Sacred Christmas Extravaganza: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (Day 1)

Hey Gods & Goddesses It’s finally here!! I really wished that we could have started the giveaway yesterday on 11/12/13 to make it an even more memorable event but then that would have been 13 days of Christmas.. which doesn’t quite sound right.. lol.. So, we’ll stick to our 12 Days on the 12th of the 12th.. How’s that for special eh! The concept is pretty simple. Every day for the next 12 days we’ll be giving away an early Christmas present to one lucky reader.  The winners will be chosen daily at random.  We’ll pick a winner every night at 8pm and Bob’s your uncle, someone has won themselves a luscious goodie courtesy of a variety of very kind friends of ours who have willingly donated products for this very merry occasion. *Drumroll* *Singing* On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Sacred Christmas Extravaganza – 12 Days of Christmas Makeup & Beauty Giveaway

I can’t believe there’s only 17 days left till Christmas.  Where did the year go, time has flown by so quickly! But here we are again.  Tis the season to be jolly.. and that can only mean one thing. Yup, that’s right.. Christmas Giveaways!! So this month we’re doing things a little differently.  There won’t be any “Monday Moodlifts”  *sob* but never fear, we’re giving you something bigger and better.  Our amazing 12 Days of Christmas. 12 Lucky readers will have the chance to win amazing goodies courtesy of some of the biggest names in the hair and makeup industry in Nigeria.   Sadly this competition is only open to those within Nigeria during December. So stay tuned, the 1st giveaway starts on the 12th December 2013 and ends with a big finale on Christmas Eve.  The competition is totally free, you’ll just have to answer one simple question to stand a chance of winning. Remember, you have to be “in it to win it”.. Good Luck Goddesses!!

Beauty Haul – Valentines/Birthday Grand Moodlift Giveaway!!

Hellooo my lovlies!! It’s been forever, yes I know.. so sorry to have kept you waiting. We just wanted our first 2013 Moodlift Giveaway to be the most spectacular one ever.  Once you see what we have in store for you, you’ll forgive us.. 😀 Right. So. Let’s see. Where do I start? It was my birthday not too long ago!! Woo Hooo.. yippee for me.  I turned a grand old ripe age of *cough* 35 *cough* and Sacred Lashes turned 3.. (we share the same birthday)..  It was great.. I did absolutely nothing at all.  Just spent time with the family and opened up our new treatment room at Blush Beauty. REWIND.. Oops.. did I say nothing?  I meant to say.. Guess what!!  Sacred Beauty now has two fabulous locations for you to drop into for all your primping and preening needs. Our Head Office in Maryland and also as we mentioned, at Blush Beauty in VI.   Our specialist Lash it, Wax it, Steam it, Treat it.. that’s our motto and we aim …