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Celebrity Style Spotlight: Why We Love Temi Dollface – Beauty Style Crush

I remember the night I first heard the name “Temi Dollface”.. I was at home in London just after giving birth.. up late with nothing to do, my husband mentioned “I just saw a video by a new artist, I think you’d like her, she has the kind of style you like.”  He also went on to proclaim that she had the best video he’d seen in a long time from a Nigerian artist.   Now this really intrigued me. My husband, bless his VERY critical.  He can dissect a video from beginning to end. So coming from him this was high praise indeed. Anyway, after the conversation I figured I’d just browse through youtube to see what i’d find.  I mean, as I said, I’d heard of her but i’d never seen any of her videos or heard any of her songs that I could recall.  Let’s just say, I didn’t go to bed till about 5 am..  I fell in Love with her!