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Hello everyone? Whoever said you get the best and most beautiful products from “high end brands” huh? Well today I’m here to say to you, that there are lots of drugstore products that is as good and some times even better than the high end products. I mean no one wants to spend tons of money when there are cheaper options out there. There are so many products, and so many options to choose from its all about knowing to buy. Now I do realize some people might have some difficulties in watching the video so I got pictures of some if not all of the products talked about in the video. And what are we here for if not to help? It’s all about “YOU” our beautiful gods and goddesses……:) (I do apologize for the mix up on Friday. This post is actually meant to be posted on Friday, and the Friday post (makeup tutorial) was meant for today.) So here goes…. best drugstore products of all time by MAKEUPGEEK For face For eyes …


Hey everyone, It’s my first official product review today*drum roll……..* lol So today, I am doing a review on the “MODEL IN THE BOTTLE EYEBROW SEALER” I was watching a youtube video about 2 weeks ago……. I can’t even remember who’s video it was or what it was about *sigh* pardon me ….I do a lot of youtube looool. Anyway, the person whom I was watching lol, used this product and talked about the product. Knowing how scanty my brows are, coupled with the fact that I touch my face a lot, (even though I know I’m not supposed to, I’m just addicted to it. But I always have my hand sanitizer with me *GRIN*) basically, in less than 2 hours my brows are messed up. Even the use of mascara does not really help ME. So while in the process of watching her, (still can’t remember her name….. lol) she mentioned it and immediately I went on to find out more about the product (yea I am like that…..:) ) I decided to order …

Product Of The Week: L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick

Hey guys! So I saw this new l’oreal lipstick ad, and YES!!!!!! Beyonce’ (my obsession *fluttering eyelashes*) is the face of the product hehehehehehe (Lemme be honest, that was the real reason I was watching the advert in the first place lol). Anyway, L’Oreal’s Infallible Lip Color is my first foray into longwear lipsticK. I was going to get a MAC Prolongwear when it first came out but it was out of stock at the time and my interest kind of died at that point.

Product Review: New Maybelline “The Falsies – Big Eyes Mascara”!

Hey everyone, it’s me again Kristabel how y’all doing? I would like to share some reviews on the new maybelline mascara. It’s called “MAYBELLINE FALSIES BIG EYES MASCARA” it comes in black and they have it in waterproof and washable. I’m currently in America and the advert is all over the television.. to say the truth, I’m tempted to buy….. But then I love to do my research first before I spend my money on any product..just so I don’t go regretting it later and I would advise every one of you to do the same I mean, its just a wise thing to do lol.


Hey everyone it’s me Kristabel again!!!!! So the IMATS (international makeup artist trade show) event just ended some few days ago, and one of my favourite makeup artists “wayne goss” did a review on some of the products he got at the event. I love his reviews because I find him to be quite honest with his opinions, basically I just feel he says it as it is irrespective of the brand. So for those who missed the event like me (Lola got to go but I’m in the wrong town.. oh the pain of it), here’s the video by gossmakeupartist watch it and let me know what you think! We’ll be posting our own review next week, stay tuned!

Beauty Haul – Valentines/Birthday Grand Moodlift Giveaway!!

Hellooo my lovlies!! It’s been forever, yes I know.. so sorry to have kept you waiting. We just wanted our first 2013 Moodlift Giveaway to be the most spectacular one ever. ¬†Once you see what we have in store for you, you’ll forgive us.. ūüėÄ Right. So. Let’s see. Where do I start? It was my birthday not too long ago!! Woo Hooo.. yippee for me. ¬†I turned a grand old ripe age of *cough* 35 *cough* and Sacred Lashes turned 3.. (we share the same birthday).. ¬†It was great.. I did absolutely nothing at all. ¬†Just spent time with the family and opened up our new treatment room at Blush Beauty. REWIND.. Oops.. did I say nothing? ¬†I meant to say.. Guess what!! ¬†Sacred Beauty now has two fabulous locations for you to drop into for all your primping and preening needs. Our Head Office in Maryland and also as we mentioned, at Blush Beauty in VI. ¬† Our specialist Lash it, Wax it, Steam it, Treat it.. that’s our motto and we aim …

12.12.12 Mood Lift – Angel Minaro Giveaway

Hello my darlings, We’re back with a special 12.12.12 edition of our Moodlift. ¬†*Leaping.. Dancing.. Singing* The wonderful folks over at Angel Minaro have been very very generous and sent over some of their beautiful products for us to review and of course.. to share with you! *Now is the time for you get excited* If you’ve never heard of Angel Minaro, let me take this time to introduce you to possibly one of your next favourite beauty products. ¬†I know you’ll fall in love with them the same way we did. I can’t even explain how excited I was when I received their package.. it was brimming full of the most luscious products you can imagine. I felt like Christmas had come early! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our reviews in our famous “Love it or Loathe it” section.. and we’ll also give away some more products in our Christmas Bonanza.. but for now.. get ready to be treated! ¬†

Monday (well ok…. Wednesday) Mood Lift – R & R Luxury Giveaway

Hellooo my¬†lovelies! We’re back again with our¬†“Monday Moodlift” … (yes yes we know we’re a bit late but I was so excited I couldn’t wait till next week.. hehe) Soo what do we have for in store for you.. ¬†*drumroll* Thanks to our good friends at R&R Luxury (you rock yes you do!) we have not just one but TWO of their gorgeous oils to give away to lucky readers…  

Love it Or Loath it: Product Review – Dove Silky Nourishment Body Lotion, Shimmer Effect

I love soft skin and anything that promises silky softness will capture my interest. I had been seeing a Dove advert about their beauty bar which asks the women to ‘Dare to bare’ which means go without makeup. It promises skin that is moisturized from deep within to reveal that natural glow while leaving your skin soft as silk (Ok…Ok… I added the ‘soft as silk part’ I think they just said softer skin). Usually I’m skeptic about such promises from a soap, a lotion- I can buy but a soap?! When my sister went on to buy half a dozen of the Dove Beauty Soap with a radiant glow promise and decided that she didn’t like it, I ended up with the lot. I thought, no harm done; I needed soap anyways. The first thing that struck me when I used it for the first time is the sweet floral scent that stays on several hours after you’ve had a bath; I would wake up in the middle of the night mesmerized by my …

Love it or Loath it: Product Review – Gillette Venus vs Venus Breeze

By Odun Ogunbiyi Hellooooooo my lovelies. It’s me again.. and yes.. I’m still off on sunny shores enjoying my extended break (I prefer to call it a beauty fact finding mission although it could technically be classed as a Holiday). I’ve¬†diligently¬†been keeping my eyes peeled on behalf of our Sacred Angels and yet again, I’m taking one for the team and reporting on some new products on the market.  

Monday Moodlift Giveaway: The Kinky Apothecary Giveaway

Hellooo my¬†lovelies! We’re back again with our¬†“Monday Moodlift” and we’re ready to carry on spreading the love. This week’s giveaway will stimulate your senses and offer some very much needed TLC to your crowing mane of glory. Your hair that is.. ūüėÄ The Kinky Apothecary is the First one stop shop dedicated to natural hair care. It’s surprising how little alot people actually know about taking care of unprocessed hair. Even trained hairdressers can sometimes fall short in this area because so many people opt to straighten their hair in order to make it more managable. Even those wearing weaves & braids relax their hair before putting it back (on the same day) into their every day styles to protect it from damage (btw.. this school of thought makes no sense, only those bits which are being left out should be relaxed in order to blend, if you so choose). The Kinky Apothecary is on a mission to educate and provide support for those who wish to truly look after their natural hair regardless of …

Love it or Loath it: Trend Review – Reverse French Manicure

By Odun Ogunbiyi Ok my lovelies, I’m so excited.. I’ve been set free out of HQ and let loose upon foreign shores! But as promised to the girls back home, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled on behalf of our Sacred Angels and reporting on any trends that may crop up. While scrolling through the August 2012 edition of my InStyle Magazine I kept bumping into articles about the reverse French Manicure.¬†Being a huge fan of expressing myself through my fingertips I was very keen to try this look out.

Monday Mood Lift – Venus Glam Skincare Giveaway

Woo hooo.. It’s Monday again so you know what that means.. We’re BACK with our¬†“Monday Moodlift”!! Our lucky winners over the last month have all be so excited to receive their jam packed goodie bags and who can blame them. ¬†We’ve been tempted to keep all the prezzies for ourselves.. but that wouldn’t be half as much fun as meeting our prize winners every week. So let’s get the ball rolling and let’s see what we have in store for you this time around… drumroll…. Well…… what can we say.. it keeps getting better! ¬†This week we have an AMAZING gift set courtsey of Venus Beauty and their new range of ¬†Products. ¬†*hold your breath*

Beauty Buyers Guide – Love it or Loath it: Bomb Cosmetics Review

Every day around the world.. millions of women are buying products and either squealing in delight or screaming in frustration at yet another item¬†condemned¬†to the back of the draw or better yet.. the bottom of the bin! We at Sacred would love to help you out where we can with those niggling questions.. such as “Should I spend my money on this” ?? We’d love your own personal reviews on products you either Love or Loathe! ¬†Video reviews or written form, send them in and we’ll load them up. It’s all about real people giving us their own real opinions. So without further ado.. let’s start the reviews!

Video: “Ask an Expert” launches on the FAB Magazine Blog

Hey guys, we’re super excited to announce that we’re partnering up with FAB Magazine to create a section especially for all our readers entitled “Ask an Expert”. We’re always getting emails and responding to people individually and we get quite alot of the same concerns and queries so we figured that hey, if one person’s asking perhaps there were alot of others out there that could benefit from the same answer but were just too shy to ask or didn’t know where to look for help. ¬†So we’re here to do just that.