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Events This Weekend: IMATS London & Lagos Makeup Fair

Hey Gods & Goddesses It’s seems that this weekend is THE makeup weekend of the year!  So whether you’re in Lagos or London be sure you satisfy your craving for all things beautiful and get yourself down to one of these events.   I’ll be at the IMATS show on Sunday 23rd filming so if you see me make sure to come over and say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !! IMATS LONDON – 22 / 23 June 2013 Check out their Speakers Schedule below. Looks like it’s going to be amazing!!  But even if you don’t attend any of the talks, you can be sure to find all of the biggest and best professional makeup brands for Film, Beauty, Special Effects & Fashion Makeup all under one roof.

Summer 2013 looks for women of color

The designers and their makeup artists have made summer 2013 an artistic, colorful and playful affair featuring vibrant eye shadow colors as well as shimmering washes, bright lip colors, graphic liners, sequins, doll lashes, flawless contoured faces and taken the tweezers off our hands with bold yet groomed brows. Check out the trends at SoFeminine But what does the cosmetic industry envision for women of color during the summer season? They want to see a glowing woman with a perfect balance of warmth and coolness and one who knows how to keep class and drama in perfect balance. Here are campaigns of MAC, Revlon, Bobbi Brown and Iman for 2013.

Reflection: Why wear makeup?

By Raspberry_Blush In the last few days I was busy promoting our makeup studio, REN Ladies Center, in an annual event dedicated to everything bridal; Harusi Trade Fair (Tanzania’s First & Premiere Wedding Fair). What struck me during the fair was that most of the women who visited our stall said that they didn’t like wearing makeup- for a makeup artist such a statement was a challenge that needed to be addressed immediately. So for every person who said that they didn’t like makeup, we offered a free demo; then we heard statements like, I didn’t know I could look this pretty with makeup on, I didn’t know I could use eyeliner like this and many more. The general understanding in regards to makeup was: vibrant eyeshadow, dramatic lashes and colored lips; some compared it to looking like a peacock or drag queen :-O I’m not surprised since poorly applied makeup is all over town, on local television and even in weddings. It is without doubt that we are the epitome of perfection and keeping …

Event: Lagos Makeup Fair 8th September 2012

If you’re in Lagos this weekend you can’t miss out on this event.  The Sacred Team will be there in full effect and we’ll have  some real goodies on special offer for all of our followers. Just mention our website and you’ll automatically be registered onto our Professional Artistry Discount (proof of qualification usually required).  So make sure to come on over and have catch up with us one on one!   There will also be several Sacred Artistry products up for grabs as part of their free Giveaways. Along with our new range of makeup artistry products and accessories, we’ll also be carrying a whole host of other brands including Blush Beauty, Zaron, Liz Yemoja Glam Lashes, Blinx Lashes and others!! Check out the full information on the next page.

Sacred Beauty Police: Olympics 2012 Makeup Wrapped Up

By Raspberry Blush We saw lots of colors and glitters on the ladies of the Olympic games. We are talking about the makeup trends, some were artistic to compliment the drama of the routine, some were classic with a touch of sparkle and some just left us breathless. Let’s wrap up the Olympics with a look at the makeup trends that made us want to take out our makeup set and brushes to duplicate through an image gallery. The official makeup was dabbed ‘Sports chic’, created by award-winning make-up artist and Max Factor UK ambassador Caroline Barnes, the ‘Sports Chic’ make-up look will be worn by all female volunteers, medal bearers and escorts to the athlete and presenters during the 805 victory ceremonies at the 2012 Games, where athletes are presented with their medals.

Beauty Trend Alert : Olympics 2012 Nail Art

By Odun Ogunbiyi What a visual feast the Olympics have been thus far.  I have been in raptures over all the uniforms and fancy sports gear (neon trainers anyone) and eagerly anticipating the trend influences the great games are going to have on the coming season. With sensible hard working hair and no nonsense makeup one would assume it would be hard for any beauty trends to emerge.

Beauty Police: Olympics 2012 Edition – Gaby Douglas

By Raspberry Blush There has been a buzz around Gaby’s hair, some have commented that she’s letting “the side” down because it’s not perfectly groomed at all times, but to be honest, I don’t care how her hair looks, she is a double A star and is an inspiration to all the girls who dare to dream and work hard to achieve those dreams. Being the first African-American to take home the gold, she is heading in the right direction. Saying that, i’m probably a bit biased and defensive exactly for all the above reasons.  Especially in her field, grooming will always be noted and commented upon, no matter which country she’s representing or what her ethnic background is. However the backlash and bitching about her hair has been very disheartening that people are more concerned about how her hair appears as opposed to the amazing feat that she has accomplished at such a young age.  We at Sacred commend her for choosing to wear her own hair during such intensive work outs. Heat and …

Beauty Police: Olympics Edition 2012: The Williams Sisters

By Raspberry Blush This Olympic season, I’m drawing my makeup inspiration from the gorgeous women who inspire us through their competitive spirit, dedication and courage to achieve their sporting dreams. To start off, here are the William sisters. I have been cheering them on since the 2000 Olympics, they sparked my interest in tennis and my short lived attempt on the sport. They have come a long way together and they still make a powerful team. Even though they share the court in the Olympics women’s double, each makes a  unique fashion statement.

The Perfect Pout – A Guide to Applying Red Lipstick

By Odun Ogunbiyi When it comes to make-up I can’t think of anything more glamorous, sophisticated and timeless than luscious sexy red lips. There really is a shade out there for everyone and the real way to find it is by trial and error.  You can either buy 100 lipsticks and glosses or get yourself to a makeup store and try them out until you find the shade that works for you and ask a professional to help. Red lipstick works equally well from day to night.  At the moment I’m really loving my Mac Ruby Woo (yes it’s Nigeria’s favourite Lipshade and I think it actually suits EVERY skin tone on the planet, even though Lola has tried to explain to me that it dosen’t! What does she know anyway..) and also my Mary Kay Red.

While we’ve been away.. Africa Magic Ad Campaign

Gosh so many things to update you all on. So, have you seen the new Africa Magic Campaign to celebrate the launch of their new channels? We’ll in case you’ve missed the television commericals and huge posters around Nigeria (or any where else you may be located).. we’ve added a few images from the amazing shoot we worked on with an immensely talented crew of actors/actresses/singers and personalities. Hair was provided by the amazing Ola for all artists except for Tiwa & Eku who were looked after by the fantastic Deborah Falana Styling can only have been Bolaji Animashaun Photography .. well.. who else by Kelechi Amadi-Obi Make-up.. yeah.. you know this part.. The Sacred Team! (except for Tiwa) Thank you to Monisola & Phunke for assisting on this huge project. You girls were amazing as always.

Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – May 2012 – Seasons of The Year (Now Closed)

Hello all my Gorgeous Artistes out there Yes we’re BACK!  We know it’s been such a long time. We had a little break after our end of year edition, so many things to work on but I promise we have so much in store for you.  We’ll be posting all the juicy gossip, interviews and much more over the next couple of weeks, so without further delay, let’s launch the 1st instalment of our Monthly Make-up Artistry Competition for 2012!!! The theme as you can see is “Seasons of The Year” – Now you may be scratching your head and thinking.. most of us are in Nigeria, it’s either hot sun or rain, but makeup isn’t about boundaries, it’s not restricted to your location.  The theme was inspired by the recent shoot appearing in this month’s TW Magazine. Our 2011 end of year reigning champion (Omegie Nsofor) along with our Creative Director worked together to create some avante garde beauty pages which has never been done before at TW.

That Thin Colourful Line.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are two ladies I love when it comes to colourful bold eyeshadows. I love bold eyeshadows….when done properly it adds life and interest to a simple makeup look and speaks volumes without you actually speaking. But then someone who refuses to be caught with vibrant shadow but still wants that colour and vibrancy will ask….“how do I take part in the fun without going all the way? “ The answer is simple; Colour eyeliners. A colourful eyeliner ranging from blue to violet can give a very neutral look an edge without committing to a full eyelid of colour. Everyone from Kelly Rowland to Leona Lewis have been rocking this trend and you too can be a part of it. Achieving this look is very easy, using any coloured eyeliner pencil, apply to the upper and lower lash line or waterline and smudge slightly with a smudge brush for more drama.

Video: The Importance of Colour

Ever since I was a child I’ve had a deep love of colours. I always loved painting and Art was one of my favourite subjects at school. I can honestly say that for me, the transition between working on canvas to painting beautiful makeup on a face was just the most logical natural step to take.  But understanding the relationships between colours is something that anyone can learn and is one of the most fundamental basics that any makeup artist should know. Colour Theroy is a must in all aspects of our lives not just makeup. It can be applied to our clothes and home decor as well. May interior design and fashion courses start with education about colour. It’s all around us. Colour is everywhere and once you harness their power, you can transform your world!! You can pick up wheels from any good beauty retailer or an arts and crafts store. But don’t worry if you’re in Lagos and can’t find any, Colour Wheels will be on sale at the Sacred Artistry Academy …

Walk on the Black side….If you dare.

So winter is upon us, well harmattan in Nigeria but its all winter as we have shorter days and longer nights. Speaking of Nights I have always wanted to try one of those black vampire type smokey eyes. I am not afraid of crazy colours but that is theone look that scares me. I recently worked on a client who wanted the look and I remembered also working on a model for a shoot that required the same look (picture below) and it inspired me to try it on myself. Hey, if she clould pull it off so well so can I. (its only make up right?)

Here comes the Bride – The many faces of Beauty around the world

Someone asked me the funniest question the other day… “Do you do weddings?” Urm..well.. let me see.. YES!!  Of course I do?!?  As much as I love all things creative I also love all things beauty.  I believe in being a balanced all rounder. So even though one day i’m on set playing with blood effects the next I could be pampering and preening a beautiful bride. That’s one of the things that makes this job and this life I lead so interesting. Every day’s different. I can never get tired of “the same old same old” because no two days are actually the same.

Living & Loving Make-up – General Musings of an Abuja Make-up Artist by Omegie Nsofor

Hi everyone, Well as it states, I’m a makeup artist based in Abuja but more importantly.. I’m the reigning champion of the Sacred Artistry Competition *big grin* – I was asked if I’d like to write an article for the site about what it’s like being a make-up artist in Nigeria. How could I say no? So, just this week I was moaning about relocating. I was thinking maybe Lagos, and then I thought Benin City because I lived there for the most part of my life. What to do? I know if I have to stay in Lagos just the traffic alone would leave my head spinning but yet the hustle and bustle is so infectious. What to do? I decide to think of the things I love about Abuja and why I always felt connected to this town.

Its raining Leaves….Thanksgiving/Autumn Inspired Look.

Today (24th of November) is thanksgiving day in America. Even though I am nigerian and in Nigeria I choose to celebrate thaksgiving because Americans take this day to honor God and thank Him for his blessing and grace and that is worth celebrating everyday. I have a lot to be thankful for so in my classic Juliette way of celebrating I decided to do a thanksgiving inspired look. The colours are similar to that of fall/autumn (one of my favourite seasons) oranges,reds,plums, and deeper shades of yellow and these colours compliment most skin and eye colours.