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The Pregnancy Survival Kit: A Modern Day Woman’s Guide to Staying Fabulous

There are certain things that you take for granted in life.  The sun comes up in the morning, the moon comes out at night.  Christmas is in December and Pregnancy is a 9 month celebration of a woman’s femininity. A passage from being a simple female into a mother. It’s a declaration to the world that you have achieved what you’ve been place on this earth to do. You’ve created and given birth to a new life. But they lied.

Hmmm it’s been a bit quiet around here…

Hey Gods & Goddesses We really apologise for the little quiet spell we’ve had around here.  Thank you for not forgetting about us though.  We can see from the hits per day that people are still regularly coming along and actively browsing the site.  Thank you for all your emails as well.  Business has been so busy that it’s been difficult for us to regularly update the site but never fear, we haven’t gone anywhere, we were just doing a little behind the scenes shuffle around and we’re now back to stay. Right so without further ado.. we continue on our quest for the very best in beauty articles, hair care tips and makeup techniques. Make sure you check in this weekend, voting starts on our first ever creative artistry competition. This month’s theme was of course.. “Goddess”. Much love, as always.. The Sacred Team

Welcome to Another Wonderful Week

Greetings  Gorgeous Sacred Gods & Goddesses.. Firstly i’d just like to say thank you. To all of you who have visited our little blog.  To those who have retweeted, re-posted the links on facebook or shared the articles via email with their friends.  Thank you to those who comment on the posts whether it’s here on our site or whether it’s on the links posted elsewhere.   Your support is always and will continue to always be truly appreciated. We have alot of exciting things planned for our site.  The celebrity interview section will soon be launched and we’ll get to the bottom of all their beauty / grooming secrets. We really do hope you enjoy reading our articles as much as we enjoy posting them.  For us really we’re trying to provide relevant articles based on facts not fiction.  Part of the main aim is to highlight the fact that there are so many myths out there about African Beauty both in the way we treat our skin, our hair and the makeup we …

Welcome to our World

Hello Sacred Gods & Goddesses Welcome to our little part of the blog universe.  We hope you enjoy our ramblings. Our team is dedicated to trying to help you get to the heart of all those beauty secrets as well as exploring the wonderful world of creative makeup artistry. We’re your one stop shop for advice, feel free to mail us any questions directly on: Right, let’s start having fun!