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New Section Alert: Homeopathy – Natural Remedies for Everyday Problems

Hello everyone, My name is Liome. I am a Homeopathic Practitioner specialising in treating Women… *silence*.. I can almost you scratching your head wondering.. What IS Homeopathy? Many people have heard of the name but are unsure of what it exactly entails. Well.. Homeopathy is an alternative medical practice in which extremely dilute amounts of certain natural substances are used to treat various ailments. Women face unique health challenges. Their bodies are regulated by rhythmical monthly cycles, which occur with computerised regularity — naturally. It’s, however, not uncommon for subtle deviations of hormones, stress, environmental and dietary factors to upset this rhythmical balance. This is where natural homeopathic remedies help restore balance, safely and gently.

Monday Moodlift Giveaway – Maybelline New York Nigeria

It’s back again! Yaaay.. whoop whoop.. and ok.. I know it’s Tuesday.. but who cares.. it’s still called the Monday Moodlift, so get over it and get on with it! Heheh So.. as you may know, Maybelline New York has now launched in Nigeria and we’re super excited! And it’s for lots of reasons. Firstly, it means that we’ll now see a lot of their product brands available at different stores (they aren’t opening a “stand alone” store themselves).. Secondly, they’ve named the one and only, Bimpe Onakoya as their Creative Director. WE LOVE BIMPE.. So you can officially count us as Team Maybelline! We’ve been huge fans of the brand for years. I grew up singing “Maybe she’s born with it.. Maybe it’s Maybelline”. It’s a great mid market druegstore brand that has a wide selection of colours and products which can be used by ALL skintones.

Natural Hair Workshop This Weekend: The Kinky Apothecary Presents Felicia Leatherwood – Natural Hair Care Expert & Celebrity Stylist For The First Time Ever In Lagos

THE KINKY APOTHECARY LAUNCHES NATURAL HAIR MONTH Kicking off on October 11th in Lagos, The Kinky Apothecary, Nigeria’s first one-stop natural hair shop, presents Natural Hair Month; a series of events designed to celebrate the essence of African women in their natural beauty. The Kinky Apothecary was established in May 2010, with the aim of fostering knowledge about natural hair care in Nigeria. In just a short timeframe of 3 years, The Kinky Apothecary has helped thousands of Nigerian women embrace their natural selves. Their customer base also includes a growing number of relaxed ladies who are beginning to realize the benefit of following a natural hair regime. Natural Hair Month kicks off on Saturday October 12th at The Wheatbaker, with a workshop by Felicia Leatherwood, Hollywood-based hair expert and stylist to Jill Scott, Viola Davis, Will Smith and a number of others.

Events This Weekend: IMATS London & Lagos Makeup Fair

Hey Gods & Goddesses It’s seems that this weekend is THE makeup weekend of the year!  So whether you’re in Lagos or London be sure you satisfy your craving for all things beautiful and get yourself down to one of these events.   I’ll be at the IMATS show on Sunday 23rd filming so if you see me make sure to come over and say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !! IMATS LONDON – 22 / 23 June 2013 Check out their Speakers Schedule below. Looks like it’s going to be amazing!!  But even if you don’t attend any of the talks, you can be sure to find all of the biggest and best professional makeup brands for Film, Beauty, Special Effects & Fashion Makeup all under one roof.

It’s Been A Bit Quiet Around Here.. (Well on the website that is.. NOT at my

Hey Guys First of all.. I’m soo soo sorrrrrrrry!!!  I know we’ve neglected you for ages.. but it’s for a good reason.. i’m sure alot of you know but for those who don’t, where have you been?!  I had a baby.. hehehe.. WE had a baby.. yes all of you had a baby with me.  Our newest Sacred Goddess is lil miss Tallulah. It’s been crazy. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been mailing me and showing so much love and support on my FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest accounts.  I mean, seriously, you’ve been so amazing. Really appreciate it.

Getting Fit the Fun way in Nigeria – Fuzion Fitness where Zumba meets Booiaka & Afro Dance

I’m sure there’s alot of people out there who like me have dreams of becoming super fit. Sexy toned arms and legs to die for.. but well.. it’s still kind of in the dream stage. The reality of actually going out to the gym seems to always some how not quite fit into my daily life. Something always comes up which means I can’t go.. or don’t want to go.  I then decided to build a gym at home.. which was a fantastic idea.  I now have machines to hang my clothes on while waiting to be ironed.  And don’t let me start on all those dvds I bought.. waiting for those moments when the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, CSI, Law & Order or even the 10pm news aren’t on.   I mean.. with all my best intentions. It just never happens! So thank God my sister and her husband (or should I say my brother and his wife .. sorry bro.. you know I love you but she’s my gurl!).. where was I.. ok …

Hair & Beauty Job in Lagos: Social Networking & Marketing Officer Required

Are you passionate about  writing?  Have an interest in the Hair & Beauty industry?  If you answered yes are plugged into the online world then this could be the perfect job for you. Our Client is a rapidly expanding hair and beauty company in Nigeria who are seeking a Social Media & Marketing Officer to manage the blog, help develop the website, and generally expand its online presence. This is a serious job offer and will require a fully dedicated individual who is self motivated and highly articulate. Tasks will include, but are not limited to: – Handling the social media: A big part of the business is the Facebook page which currently has over 5,000 followers, and through which we are able to reach a relatively wide audience. The most popular aspect of the page are the pictures posted and general discussions generated daily. The candidate would be responsible for sourcing images to be posted daily.

Beauty Haul – Valentines/Birthday Grand Moodlift Giveaway!!

Hellooo my lovlies!! It’s been forever, yes I know.. so sorry to have kept you waiting. We just wanted our first 2013 Moodlift Giveaway to be the most spectacular one ever.  Once you see what we have in store for you, you’ll forgive us.. 😀 Right. So. Let’s see. Where do I start? It was my birthday not too long ago!! Woo Hooo.. yippee for me.  I turned a grand old ripe age of *cough* 35 *cough* and Sacred Lashes turned 3.. (we share the same birthday)..  It was great.. I did absolutely nothing at all.  Just spent time with the family and opened up our new treatment room at Blush Beauty. REWIND.. Oops.. did I say nothing?  I meant to say.. Guess what!!  Sacred Beauty now has two fabulous locations for you to drop into for all your primping and preening needs. Our Head Office in Maryland and also as we mentioned, at Blush Beauty in VI.   Our specialist Lash it, Wax it, Steam it, Treat it.. that’s our motto and we aim …

Reflections & Celebrations 2012 – New Online Store Launch

I can’t believe it’s here already.. the end of 2012. It just seems like the other day that it arrived and now it’s ended.  But not that i’m sad to see it go. It’s been an absolutey amazing year for me and for Sacred as a whole.  When I look at the blessings we’ve received this year I just have to say a great big THANK YOU at the top of my voice. Let me sing it from the top of the mountains or well.. on the internet.. that’s as loud as I can possibly get. Lol. For many of you.. you may not have known but 2012 was my 20th year working as a Makeup Artist. Hard to believe but it’s true.  I started when I was 14 and now … well.. you do the maths.. *wink* 2012 saw the launch of my studio in Maryland, the opening of our Makeup & Beauty Academy, the release of our own brand of professional makeup artistry products, the launch of our lash, brow and waxing bar …

Turning Point – New Movie Release 12.12.12

Ok so I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this movie to be released.  I’m really proud to have been the Head of Hair & Makeup on set for this Hollywood meets Nollywood extravaganza! 😀 It was alot of hard work shooting between the US and Nigeria, but we had so much fun! It was amazing working with veteran actors such as Ernie Hudson, Joe Estevez, Todd Bridges, Cynda Williams and new talents like KD Aubert and Juan Carlos, combined with our very own Jackie Appiah, Oge Okoye, Igoni Archibong & Patience Ozokwor.  The official launch is today at the Indigo O2 and the film will be on general nationwide release as of the 20th December.

12.12.12 Mood Lift – Angel Minaro Giveaway

Hello my darlings, We’re back with a special 12.12.12 edition of our Moodlift.  *Leaping.. Dancing.. Singing* The wonderful folks over at Angel Minaro have been very very generous and sent over some of their beautiful products for us to review and of course.. to share with you! *Now is the time for you get excited* If you’ve never heard of Angel Minaro, let me take this time to introduce you to possibly one of your next favourite beauty products.  I know you’ll fall in love with them the same way we did. I can’t even explain how excited I was when I received their package.. it was brimming full of the most luscious products you can imagine. I felt like Christmas had come early! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our reviews in our famous “Love it or Loathe it” section.. and we’ll also give away some more products in our Christmas Bonanza.. but for now.. get ready to be treated!  

Monday (well ok…. Wednesday) Mood Lift – R & R Luxury Giveaway

Hellooo my lovelies! We’re back again with our “Monday Moodlift” … (yes yes we know we’re a bit late but I was so excited I couldn’t wait till next week.. hehe) Soo what do we have for in store for you..  *drumroll* Thanks to our good friends at R&R Luxury (you rock yes you do!) we have not just one but TWO of their gorgeous oils to give away to lucky readers…  

Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – Halloween Edition

  We’re back.. whoop whoop and we’re here to have some fun!!  It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeen.. so who’s going to trick or treat us this time around.  Last year we had some amazing entries and our reigning champion Omegie Nsofor blew us away with her “Corpse Bride”. Theme As usual, the rules are very simple. Each month we’ll set a different theme. All you have to do is interpret the theme however you like. It’s a creative competition so have fun with it! You can use adornments and costumes (if you’re brave).. heheh.. and of course.. Lashes! Show us what you’ve got. Bring out the most ghoulish  scariest, craziest or even cutest looks you’ve got. Whether you’re a devilish imp or a fairy princess, make it as fabulous as possible. Our 2011 Halloween winner!

Event: Lagos Makeup Fair 8th September 2012

If you’re in Lagos this weekend you can’t miss out on this event.  The Sacred Team will be there in full effect and we’ll have  some real goodies on special offer for all of our followers. Just mention our website and you’ll automatically be registered onto our Professional Artistry Discount (proof of qualification usually required).  So make sure to come on over and have catch up with us one on one!   There will also be several Sacred Artistry products up for grabs as part of their free Giveaways. Along with our new range of makeup artistry products and accessories, we’ll also be carrying a whole host of other brands including Blush Beauty, Zaron, Liz Yemoja Glam Lashes, Blinx Lashes and others!! Check out the full information on the next page.

Love it or Loath it: Product Review – Gillette Venus vs Venus Breeze

By Odun Ogunbiyi Hellooooooo my lovelies. It’s me again.. and yes.. I’m still off on sunny shores enjoying my extended break (I prefer to call it a beauty fact finding mission although it could technically be classed as a Holiday). I’ve diligently been keeping my eyes peeled on behalf of our Sacred Angels and yet again, I’m taking one for the team and reporting on some new products on the market.  

Beauty Trend Alert : Olympics 2012 Nail Art

By Odun Ogunbiyi What a visual feast the Olympics have been thus far.  I have been in raptures over all the uniforms and fancy sports gear (neon trainers anyone) and eagerly anticipating the trend influences the great games are going to have on the coming season. With sensible hard working hair and no nonsense makeup one would assume it would be hard for any beauty trends to emerge.

Hair Care Tips: Kinky Hair 101 – How to Look After Natural Hair

By Nibi Lawson The impression most people have about going natural is that it is a lot of work, and that you constantly have to play around with your hair. On the contrary it’s actually very simple. The trick is just to get out of the mindset of dealing with your hair when it was relaxed, and work with your kinks in a way that won’t make them rebel. You cannot treat natural hair the same way as you treated relaxed hair. I can’t stress this enough. But once you figure out the basic rules, you’ll have come up with a routine that works for you in no time and will actually start really looking forward to wash day so you can play with your hair (or maybe I just need to get a life).Of course, everything has to be tweaked to each individual, and what works for one person will not necessarily work in the exact same way for the next. You have to experiment. But if you are at a loss about where …

Monday Moodlift Giveaway: The Kinky Apothecary Giveaway

Hellooo my lovelies! We’re back again with our “Monday Moodlift” and we’re ready to carry on spreading the love. This week’s giveaway will stimulate your senses and offer some very much needed TLC to your crowing mane of glory. Your hair that is.. 😀 The Kinky Apothecary is the First one stop shop dedicated to natural hair care. It’s surprising how little alot people actually know about taking care of unprocessed hair. Even trained hairdressers can sometimes fall short in this area because so many people opt to straighten their hair in order to make it more managable. Even those wearing weaves & braids relax their hair before putting it back (on the same day) into their every day styles to protect it from damage (btw.. this school of thought makes no sense, only those bits which are being left out should be relaxed in order to blend, if you so choose). The Kinky Apothecary is on a mission to educate and provide support for those who wish to truly look after their natural hair regardless of …