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Summer 2013 looks for women of color

The designers and their makeup artists have made summer 2013 an artistic, colorful and playful affair featuring vibrant eye shadow colors as well as shimmering washes, bright lip colors, graphic liners, sequins, doll lashes, flawless contoured faces and taken the tweezers off our hands with bold yet groomed brows. Check out the trends at SoFeminine But what does the cosmetic industry envision for women of color during the summer season? They want to see a glowing woman with a perfect balance of warmth and coolness and one who knows how to keep class and drama in perfect balance. Here are campaigns of MAC, Revlon, Bobbi Brown and Iman for 2013.

Reflection: Why wear makeup?

By Raspberry_Blush In the last few days I was busy promoting our makeup studio, REN Ladies Center, in an annual event dedicated to everything bridal; Harusi Trade Fair (Tanzania’s First & Premiere Wedding Fair). What struck me during the fair was that most of the women who visited our stall said that they didn’t like wearing makeup- for a makeup artist such a statement was a challenge that needed to be addressed immediately. So for every person who said that they didn’t like makeup, we offered a free demo; then we heard statements like, I didn’t know I could look this pretty with makeup on, I didn’t know I could use eyeliner like this and many more. The general understanding in regards to makeup was: vibrant eyeshadow, dramatic lashes and colored lips; some compared it to looking like a peacock or drag queen :-O I’m not surprised since poorly applied makeup is all over town, on local television and even in weddings. It is without doubt that we are the epitome of perfection and keeping …

Henna/Mehendi Tips for Weddings & Other Celebrations

In the last few days we’ve been obsessing on henna at REN ladies center, creating different designs for various occasions  Which reminded me of my life in the Middle-east; we wore henna for every celebration and especially weddings and engagement parties but sometimes when girls got together we had henna done as part of entertainment. The designs varied from simple lines, letters, flowers to intricate elegant floral patterns and abstracts. Always envied the girls whose henna got really deep reddish-brown and color obsession was a trend which lead to different henna mixes; chemicals were included to make it darker or even black. Which also enticed manufacturers to come up with different brands, worse of which is the black henna which often contains harmful parabens that can result to severe allergic reaction. Luckily, I have seen many concoctions of henna from Arabic, Afghani, Somali, Sudanese to Pakistani and Indian, some of them resulted to beautiful shades but itchy skin and some of them turned out beautifully, naturally. We’ve been growing henna in our backyard for generations; for …

Love it Or Loath it: Product Review – Dove Silky Nourishment Body Lotion, Shimmer Effect

I love soft skin and anything that promises silky softness will capture my interest. I had been seeing a Dove advert about their beauty bar which asks the women to ‘Dare to bare’ which means go without makeup. It promises skin that is moisturized from deep within to reveal that natural glow while leaving your skin soft as silk (Ok…Ok… I added the ‘soft as silk part’ I think they just said softer skin). Usually I’m skeptic about such promises from a soap, a lotion- I can buy but a soap?! When my sister went on to buy half a dozen of the Dove Beauty Soap with a radiant glow promise and decided that she didn’t like it, I ended up with the lot. I thought, no harm done; I needed soap anyways. The first thing that struck me when I used it for the first time is the sweet floral scent that stays on several hours after you’ve had a bath; I would wake up in the middle of the night mesmerized by my …

Trend Alert: Waist bands and belts at the 2012 Emmys

Several dresses took my breath away in yesterday’s Emmy awards but some made me go, OUCH; particularly, Kelly Osbourne’s one shouldered lavender dress; I expected more from a Fashion Police icon! We had solid colored satins, chiffon; metallic dresses; bizarre floral prints and a mix of this and that. With the variety of outfits in various colors, designs and textures  it  takes  keen eyes to spot a trend, we got them; for some reason there were several waist belts and bands.:-) In my opinion: Rancic in her chic high slit black dress; Falco in a metallic gold belt on top of an hour glass illusion dress;  and Paulso in a black on top of a beautifully flower embroidered ballroom dress wore it best. What do you think? Have the designers been inspired by the ancient Greek?

Sacred Beauty Police – Ladies in Venice

When an event is held in one of the fashion power house of the world, I expect every one to dress up for the occasion. Here is a pick of my favorite looks at the Venice International Film Festival. The trends were classic smokey eyes in shimmery earth tones, bronze, copper, pinks; perfect long voluminous lashes; just blushed contoured cheeks and nude, pink and red lips. If I had to choose a phrase for the trending makeup looks I would call it – sophisticated socialite. Even though most celebrities had their game right through out the festive, particularly impressive were  Vanessa Hudgens’ flawless just tanned face, Freida Pinto’s shimmery brown classic smokey eyes, Maika Monroe’s long separated lashes, Keira Knightley’s just pinch of blush cheeks and the tangy-red lips of Miranda Kerr.

Sacred Beauty Police: Olympics 2012 Makeup Wrapped Up

By Raspberry Blush We saw lots of colors and glitters on the ladies of the Olympic games. We are talking about the makeup trends, some were artistic to compliment the drama of the routine, some were classic with a touch of sparkle and some just left us breathless. Let’s wrap up the Olympics with a look at the makeup trends that made us want to take out our makeup set and brushes to duplicate through an image gallery. The official makeup was dabbed ‘Sports chic’, created by award-winning make-up artist and Max Factor UK ambassador Caroline Barnes, the ‘Sports Chic’ make-up look will be worn by all female volunteers, medal bearers and escorts to the athlete and presenters during the 805 victory ceremonies at the 2012 Games, where athletes are presented with their medals.

Sacred Beauty Police: 5 Hair Trends We Loved In Olympics 2012

The 2012 Olympic athletes inspired us through their  physical fitness and glamour, we had a visual feast, our fellow women looking spot on gorgeous both on the field and in the pool. As we wrap up the Olympic trends that inspired us we take a short-breather from the makeup into the hair trends that you can adapt into easy, wearable and very feminine styles. Who says athletes can’t be ladies!

Beauty Police: Olympics 2012 Edition – Gaby Douglas

By Raspberry Blush There has been a buzz around Gaby’s hair, some have commented that she’s letting “the side” down because it’s not perfectly groomed at all times, but to be honest, I don’t care how her hair looks, she is a double A star and is an inspiration to all the girls who dare to dream and work hard to achieve those dreams. Being the first African-American to take home the gold, she is heading in the right direction. Saying that, i’m probably a bit biased and defensive exactly for all the above reasons.  Especially in her field, grooming will always be noted and commented upon, no matter which country she’s representing or what her ethnic background is. However the backlash and bitching about her hair has been very disheartening that people are more concerned about how her hair appears as opposed to the amazing feat that she has accomplished at such a young age.  We at Sacred commend her for choosing to wear her own hair during such intensive work outs. Heat and …

Beauty Police: Olympics Edition 2012: The Williams Sisters

By Raspberry Blush This Olympic season, I’m drawing my makeup inspiration from the gorgeous women who inspire us through their competitive spirit, dedication and courage to achieve their sporting dreams. To start off, here are the William sisters. I have been cheering them on since the 2000 Olympics, they sparked my interest in tennis and my short lived attempt on the sport. They have come a long way together and they still make a powerful team. Even though they share the court in the Olympics women’s double, each makes a  unique fashion statement.