Author: KristalAsimonyeUgboma

Product Review: New Maybelline “The Falsies – Big Eyes Mascara”!

Hey everyone, it’s me again Kristabel how y’all doing? I would like to share some reviews on the new maybelline mascara. It’s called “MAYBELLINE FALSIES BIG EYES MASCARA” it comes in black and they have it in waterproof and washable. I’m currently in America and the advert is all over the television.. to say the truth, I’m tempted to buy….. But then I love to do my research first before I spend my money on any product..just so I don’t go regretting it later and I would advise every one of you to do the same I mean, its just a wise thing to do lol.


Hey everyone it’s me Kristabel again!!!!! So the IMATS (international makeup artist trade show) event just ended some few days ago, and one of my favourite makeup artists “wayne goss” did a review on some of the products he got at the event. I love his reviews because I find him to be quite honest with his opinions, basically I just feel he says it as it is irrespective of the brand. So for those who missed the event like me (Lola got to go but I’m in the wrong town.. oh the pain of it), here’s the video by gossmakeupartist watch it and let me know what you think! We’ll be posting our own review next week, stay tuned!

What is beauty…Who is she anyway? – A Modern View on an Age Old Debate

In my own opinion, beauty is a reflection of your inner self. ¬†However, being beautiful on the inside and neglecting your exterior is not a total definition of the word beauty. Just as you groom and value the inside, the exterior needs to be taken care of as well. According to Nancy Etcoff “Beauty draws us in. We can’t stop looking or listening or touching. It takes us outside ourselves and it motivates us. It’s essential to life and to happiness.”