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Hey everyone, It’s Friday again, a day for product reviews……:) So I saw this video by WAYNE GOSS, and he titled the video “FAIL! WORST HIGH END FOUNDATIONS!” loooooool!!!! This guy is just hilarious!!!!! He’s so blunt in his reviews, sometimes I feel for the makers of the product. He would analyze it so well you would completely loose interest in even giving it a try lmao….. I guess that’s why I love his videos. I won’t have to go through the process of buying a not so good product and getting upset later.Lol Here’s the video guys, see for yourself and let me know what you think…..:)


Hey guys, I watched this youtube video a while back by Kandee Johnson, It’s about a temporary eyeliner tattoo. Has anyone heard about it or used this before? Michelle phan also has a video on it……. It’s a fun way of expressing yourself and also for those who have difficulties in getting their liners right, it’s an easy way out for you. Basically all you need to do is cut it out, stick it on and you’re ready to go. And guess what? They’re totally affordable *grin*. You can get pack of 16 stickers for $2 or $3. It lasts up to 16 hours, and they come in different styles and colors. There’s a lip tattoo as well, I would be doing a post on it soon, so watch out for it…….:) But until then, here’s a video on how to use the eyeliner tattoo……. What do you think guys? Would you love it, or loathe it?


Hey everyone, It’s DIY Wednesday again, whoo hoo……… “Lipstick pallete a space saver”. Who relates with me on this? Many a time I get tired of carrying so many different lipsticks or lip gloss in one purse. It gets so tiring, apart from the fact that most times the purse gets heavy due to the different products meant for different purposes in the purse. That’s one, two Imagine (makeup artists would relate more with this) having a bag full of high end lipsticks or that favorite lip color you love and then you loose the bag or some of your products…..It is really painful trust. Makeup artists suffer this a lot especially when they have to work in a crowded place it gets all crazy and if you are not careful or observant, your products get missing. Palletes come in very handy anyday, anytime. Sometimes your favorite lipgloss falls and breaks obviously it’s already useless but don’t toss the content with the bottle just yet, you can empty it into a storage can. There are …


Hey everyone, Monday is here again!!!! Special shout out to all Lagosians. I know most of you do not look forward to Mondays, with the traffic and the hustles, but look on the bright side, take a deep breathe, put your hand on your chest, a gentle smile on your face, and and say to yourself…. “ALLIZ WELL”……:) Now on a lighter note, lol y’all remember “CUTEPOLISH”? I posted a DIY video on how to a marble nail some weeks back. Well today I decided to feature her as our artist of the week. Cutepolish as her name is on youtube, has about 1,371,953 subscribers and 168 videos on youtube. she obviously is a nail specialist and does incredible things with her nails. She also does a lot of tutorials on DIY nail art. This particular one I love so much, because I am a huge fan of candy crush. My husband and I would compete on who opens up and finishes a new level first *covering face* lol What makes her videos fun to …


Hello everyone? Whoever said you get the best and most beautiful products from “high end brands” huh? Well today I’m here to say to you, that there are lots of drugstore products that is as good and some times even better than the high end products. I mean no one wants to spend tons of money when there are cheaper options out there. There are so many products, and so many options to choose from its all about knowing to buy. Now I do realize some people might have some difficulties in watching the video so I got pictures of some if not all of the products talked about in the video. And what are we here for if not to help? It’s all about “YOU” our beautiful gods and goddesses……:) (I do apologize for the mix up on Friday. This post is actually meant to be posted on Friday, and the Friday post (makeup tutorial) was meant for today.) So here goes…. best drugstore products of all time by MAKEUPGEEK For face For eyes …


Hey everyone, The weekend’s here again… TGIF right? lol… it’s Friday and I try to do some makeup tutorials every friday. (forgive me if some of my posts come in late I’m 8 hours behind CAT. Most times I have to stay up till midnight so I can do an early post in Nigerian time and with pregnancy, it’s just difficult trying to keep the eyes open when it’s been programed to be shut looool.) So today’s tutorial shows how to apply eyeshadows on different eye shapes. Now my question to you today is: “Do you know the different eye shapes?” How many of us know that not all eye shadow application suits all eye shapes? There’s the almond eyes which almost everything goes well with it. Hooded eye shape you want to be careful how and what you apply on it, the deep set eyes, the prominent eyes, the round eyes, close set eyes…..*phew* understanding eye shapes is just a topic on it’s on entirely. But it is very important to know the different …


Hellooooo my beautiful gods and goddesses…..:) It’s Wednesday and it’s a day for DIY *grin* I loooooove me some DIY. So the fun thing about makeup is that when you do not have a particular color you need for something say a lip color or an eye shadow color, you can always improvise *grin*. Don’t you just love it? The fact that you cant be stuck or limited to what you want to do just because a color is not available. You can improvise with anything as long as it's NON TOXIC. Eye shadows, crayons, lipgloss, anything at all depending on what you are trying to achieve. Of course most of us if not everyone knows about the presence of lead in some of these products, you want to be careful what you put on your lip. If you’re not sure what products to buy, you can simply do some research on it or better still stick to DIY hehehehehe! So today, I am sharing with you a DIY video by MS TOI on how …


Hey everyone, It’s Monday again……:) Today, our featured makeup artiste is michelle phan. Michelle Phan who I'm sure some of you already know, is a Vietnamese-American 25 year old makeup artist whose a notable youtube makeup celebrity. She's a self-styled Internet celebrity, filming herself doing her own makeup, giving beauty and fashion tips. With about 266 videos and 230,000 people subscribed to her YouTube channel including me *grin*. About 40,343,062 people have clicked on a single video where she demonstrates the eye makeup of pop star Lady Gaga. She has a sweet lullaby voice that is so attractive, you watch one video, and you want to click on the next. She does all kinds of tutorial videos from beauty makeup Creative makeup Fashion tips and tutorials In the video below, she teaches how to accessorize with scarfs DIY facials and how to take care of your skin And of course she also tells the best food for both a healthy you and a healthy skin The beauty is also the first video makeup artist for …


Hello my beautiful gods and goddesses, It’s Sunday again, another beautiful day for a makeup tutorial….:) Today’s tutorial by michelle phan is all about doing a grey smokey eye. I’m sure most of us are used to the black smokey eyes which is the most popular color used. But smokey eyes can be done with different colors, it’s fun and sexy to wear. Has anyone ever rocked a red smokey eye? oh my that’s one of my favorites. I would post a tutorial video on that for those who need to learn to do it. The grey smokey eye is also a fun way to rock a smokey eye… it’s beautiful and sexy, you should try it on. Here’s a video on how to do a grey smokey eye try it out and let me know if you would totally rock it……:) TILL MY NEXT POST, STAY BEAUTIFUL…….muah


Hey everyone, It’s my first official product review today*drum roll……..* lol So today, I am doing a review on the “MODEL IN THE BOTTLE EYEBROW SEALER” I was watching a youtube video about 2 weeks ago……. I can’t even remember who’s video it was or what it was about *sigh* pardon me ….I do a lot of youtube looool. Anyway, the person whom I was watching lol, used this product and talked about the product. Knowing how scanty my brows are, coupled with the fact that I touch my face a lot, (even though I know I’m not supposed to, I’m just addicted to it. But I always have my hand sanitizer with me *GRIN*) basically, in less than 2 hours my brows are messed up. Even the use of mascara does not really help ME. So while in the process of watching her, (still can’t remember her name….. lol) she mentioned it and immediately I went on to find out more about the product (yea I am like that…..:) ) I decided to order …


Hey beautiful people….. Who has tried doing a DIY NAIL ART? Some people just love and prefer doing their manicure and pedicure themselves especially in a country like ours (NAIJA) where even the unqualified claim to be a manicure and pedicure specialist….. So I thought why not post a DIY video for those of you who love nail art like my humble self…..:) on how to do some outstanding beautiful nail art yourself? After all this page is all about YOU beautiful gods and goddesses. To all DIY lovers…..:) you may want to log on this page on Wednesdays as I would be posting anything DIY! *grin* From nails, to facials, to makeup, basically anything DIY. It’s gonna to be fun *grin* In the mean time here’s a DIY video on how to do marble nails by a popular youtube nail lover CUTEPOLISH STAY BEAUTIFUL……..


Hello everyone, Today it’s all about the fabulous one, our very own celebrity makeup artist LOLA MAJA-OKOJEVOH yaaaaay. (clears throat) Ok, she has absolutely no idea I’m doing this which is good, I can get my lashings later looool. Of course most of us if not everyone knows about lola…. But for benefit of those who don’t know her, or know so much about her, she is the creative director of SACRED CREATIVE ARTISTRY, she’s been in the beauty world for OVER 20YEARS *phew* she is a qualified makeup artist and holistic therapist, amongst OTHERS……. Apart from makeup and beauty which specializes in, she’s also qualified in hair dressing, nail art, photography, LASHES (she loooooves lashes) and the list goes on (the woman does almost everything *sigh*). Anyone who doubts me, try visiting the office at maryland, and take a look at the wall, you would notice some certificates just read through all of them lmao….. (lola you know I have nothing but love for you loooool) Back to my gist peeps lol, On the …

Featured Makeup Artist – Talking About The “Queen Of Blending”

Hello everyone? How are y’all doing? I’ve chosen to talk about a really interesting personality today, it’s all about “THE QUEEN OF BLENDING” “GRIN” Well..She’s very very interesting to me lol……. Some of us might know about her, but for those who don’t know or have never heard of her, she’s a cult classic, who found fame just like the Pixie Woo sisters on you tube and facebook. She’s most known for her beautiful use of colours, and of course blending technique.

Product Of The Week: L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick

Hey guys! So I saw this new l’oreal lipstick ad, and YES!!!!!! Beyonce’ (my obsession *fluttering eyelashes*) is the face of the product hehehehehehe (Lemme be honest, that was the real reason I was watching the advert in the first place lol). Anyway, L’Oreal’s Infallible Lip Color is my first foray into longwear lipsticK. I was going to get a MAC Prolongwear when it first came out but it was out of stock at the time and my interest kind of died at that point.

Makeup Tutorial Video – Disney: Snow White vs. The Evil Queen

Hey everyone? How was your weekend? So I finally sorted out my internet issues *phew* and I AM BACK yaaaaaaay!!!!! No more delays and set backs lol…I know you’ve missed me! Anyway, I’ve been thinking……why don’t I post some makeup tutorial videos for you my beautiful friends, so we can learn together as one big happy family? It could be a natural makeup tutorial, smokey eyes, creative makeup… Until we decide on that, let’s do something fun today *grin*. My post for today is for all you creative makeup lovers out there *whoop whoop*…those who love to do thingzzzzz with colorzzzzzz……… 🙂

Beyonce All Glittered Up on the Cover of Flaunt Magazine

HELLOOOOOOOO I’m super excited writing this post today, because its all about “BEYONCE” Yaaaaay!!!! I  Beyonce so much…I’m actually obsessed with her, I can’t help it lol *covering face*… Anyway, back to the matter at hand looooooool she did a cover for FLAUNT magazine, and the pictures are AMAaaaaaaaaZING. “AS THEY SAY, IF YOU’VE GOT IT, FLAUNT IT.” The singer reportedly had the photo shoot done in 2011 by TONY DURAN for her album 4 campaign but it has now emerged as the cover of flaunt magazine. More images from the shoot below.. I personally think they’re totally awesome..

In Tribute to Talia: My Favourite Tutorial Videos!!!

Hello everyone, In continuation on my tribute to the little angel known as Talia, I decided to share some of my favourite videos from her….. I should have done all this last week but there were some issues with my wifi and haven’t been able to have access to the internet for almost two weeks now…….:) But as they say, better late than never……. So here we go my favorite videos of “Covergirl” Talia

A Tribute to Talia Castellano – An Inspiration to Makeup Artists of All Ages

Hey Guys! As most of you know, Talia Castellano popularly known as “Covergirl” finally lost her battle to cancer last week Wednesday *sad face*. To tell the truth I was heart broken. I cried and could barely go to bed that night. She was such an inspiring young girl even on her hospital bed she was always smiling. I remember the first time I came across her videos on YouTube I was still training as a makeup artist and I was having trouble meeting up with the standard of my boss looool. It was harder work than I expected, but then again I guess it’s because I started off with the mindset that’s it’s just makeup.. right? But I sure got more than I bargained for looool. (I love n appreciate you Lola.. thanks for the training.. cough cough).