Author: Juliette Okoli

That Thin Colourful Line.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are two ladies I love when it comes to colourful bold eyeshadows. I love bold eyeshadows….when done properly it adds life and interest to a simple makeup look and speaks volumes without you actually speaking. But then someone who refuses to be caught with vibrant shadow but still wants that colour and vibrancy will ask….“how do I take part in the fun without going all the way? “ The answer is simple; Colour eyeliners. A colourful eyeliner ranging from blue to violet can give a very neutral look an edge without committing to a full eyelid of colour. Everyone from Kelly Rowland to Leona Lewis have been rocking this trend and you too can be a part of it. Achieving this look is very easy, using any coloured eyeliner pencil, apply to the upper and lower lash line or waterline and smudge slightly with a smudge brush for more drama.

Walk on the Black side….If you dare.

So winter is upon us, well harmattan in Nigeria but its all winter as we have shorter days and longer nights. Speaking of Nights I have always wanted to try one of those black vampire type smokey eyes. I am not afraid of crazy colours but that is theone look that scares me. I recently worked on a client who wanted the look and I remembered also working on a model for a shoot that required the same look (picture below) and it inspired me to try it on myself. Hey, if she clould pull it off so well so can I. (its only make up right?)

Its raining Leaves….Thanksgiving/Autumn Inspired Look.

Today (24th of November) is thanksgiving day in America. Even though I am nigerian and in Nigeria I choose to celebrate thaksgiving because Americans take this day to honor God and thank Him for his blessing and grace and that is worth celebrating everyday. I have a lot to be thankful for so in my classic Juliette way of celebrating I decided to do a thanksgiving inspired look. The colours are similar to that of fall/autumn (one of my favourite seasons) oranges,reds,plums, and deeper shades of yellow and these colours compliment most skin and eye colours.

Be Natural…Try the Kitchen.

I woke up this morning and thanks to the mirror in front of my bed (yes I’m vain like that :p) I looked at my face…..and I let out a huge smile. okay okay, I’mnot smiling out of admiration or sheer vanity, I’m smiling because my acne scars are gradually fading and the new acne or pimples trying to start a war were literally gone. I never suffered from acne as a teenager till I had my first warm oil facial in beauty school. I have combination skin and everyone that knows me knows I hate oil on my face. My mum once told me “apply olive oil on your face child…..its amazing” and I rolled my eyes the whole day…(random story)…..anyway back to my warm oil facial and the marks it left on my face….  

Brighten up…..

Hello sacred gods and goddesses, its been like ages…..well almost. So for those of you who stay in nigeria you should have heard of the famous “lagos flooding”. I know its supposed to be rainy season but really I can’t remeber the last time I saw the sun….. I woke up this morning and it was raining (Again!!!*roll eyes*)….so I pulled out my laptop and logged onto youtube where I was so inspired by a look by lilpumpkinpie05… and being that I’m a bright eye colour Junkie, I decided to recreate the look since the sun has refused to shine……:D

Makeup Tutorial: Smoking For Days.. All Day Every Day

by Juliette Okoli The rain had just stopped and I was getting ready to go catch up with an old friend when I found a picture of kim kardashian ( yes I’m obseesed with her) with the most amazing bronze smokey eyes. Now as much as I love playing with colour (being a makeup artist) I’m not exactly bold with colours on my own face, I know, I know,but hey I am a sucker for bold lips, I wear them all day everyday. (Amen for bold lips) Seeing her picture got me thinking, I’ll wear a subtle bronze smokey eyes today and just cause I love you all.. I’ll show you step by step in pictures how I achieved this look.

Tips & Ticks – Smoking Like A Pro by Nancy N

It’s been a crazy weekend, the life of a make-up artist!! Being called in for a job with little or no notice, then …those tiny annoyances at 11pm …just hours before a job…”ooohhh ,I want strip lashes now, no more singles!”….and you have to place a smile on your face when you wish you could wring her neck…but you love it and wouldn’t change the craziness for anything….From the lady who changes the colour of her gele (head-gear) 3 times while you patiently smile and re-tie to the woman who wants a foundation shade as light as Michael Jackson though she’s a beautiful Halle Berry ….You smile because you’ll gladly go through it all again for the love of MAKE-UP AND ITS ART. That said….today we’re looking at the perfect smokey eyes. Yaaaay! Ooook not everyone’s saying yaay too…But with a few quick tips you’ll be shading the Smokey eye like a pro!

Latest Collections: MAC wants to turn you into a WONDER WOMAN

MAC has teamed up with every girl’s favourite (and some boy’s) super heroine, wonderwoman to create a knockout line of limited edition supersized collection for spring 2011. Wonder wonder… wonder wonder womaaaaan (You know you love her really!) The collection which was scheduled to be released on 10th of Feburary in the US/canada and March internationally includes: mineralize skinfinishes, nail laquer, mascaras, eyeshadow quads and in true Wonder Woman’s love of astonishing accessories, brushes, mirrors and bags.. sorry no gold cuffs or lassos on sale.. but you may want to go buy some just for old times sake!

The Ultimate Pout – Tips and Tricks for Irresistable Lips

The season of love is here. You can smell it all around you. The hair is done, the body exfoliated and pampered to perfection and you think, “What look I’m I going to go for this year?” Are you going to be the Romantic Date or the Seductive Heartbreaker this year? Even if you don’t have that special someone, you should still look fabulous on V-Day! Ideally, you want to look confident and alluring without looking too overdone. Valentine’s Day makeup should be sensuous, soft, sexy, and most of all,  look effortless. There’s always been a debate about the true colour for Valentine’s Day, whether its a soft girlie Pink or a Sensual Red; Well to us.. Red symbolizes love and passion so take this day to ignite some passion and fiery love by wearing the red lip. Yes the red lip!