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Haircare: My Natural Hair Routine by Lola Maja for We Love Style Network

Shout out to all the Naturals in the House!!

Whether it’s a fashion trend or a life choice for you, the natural hair community in Nigeria is growing rapidly and thankfully, it’s become alot easier to maintain your hair using the right products thanks to dedicated vendors like The Kinky Apothecary who not only sell products but also arrange shows. Bringing top stylists and hair experts from around the world to our little part of paradise to help us understand and really love our hair.

I don’t know about you but when I was young I HATED my hair. I had a total disrespect for it, I treated it with contempt and didn’t care if it all fell out because who cared, i’d just wear a wig on top if it did… *fast forward to a few years ago* I then realized that my hair wasn’t the problem. It was my lack of knowledge of how to properly take care of it. And as you get older the more you realize how hard it is to grow back your hair if anything ever really did happen to it.  I figured my hair was invincible after all the things i’d done to it, it was still standing, like a ninja mutant super hero it never seemed to suffer. But then.. it did. And I started to panic! What have I been doing to my hair all these years?!

natura hair

It started when I was pregnant with my first baba. The doctors advised I stay away from chemically treating my hair. Because of the very slim chance that it would enter into my blood system through the scalp. The majority of my friends who’d had babies already had never heard any advice like that. They’d relaxed and coloured their hair throughout without any issue, but I knew that sod’s law if anyone was going to have an issue it would probably be me. So I stopped. I put my hair into a weave and left it untouched until after I had Tega.  My hair GREW! I was like woah.. everyone told me that my hair would grow with pregnancy so i was really excited, but you know.. I went ahead and coloured it and it all fell out and broke. hahahah but I didn’t relax it ever again. I fell in love with my natural hair again and figured if I could manage without relaxing it for 10 months then why risk relaxing it again especially since I got pregnant again quite quickly. After I had Tallulah, I just stayed natural.  I tried to put my hair into a weave again but it irritated me, I preferred the flexibility of wigs.   My hair didn’t grow as much during that pregnancy which taught me the whole idea and importance of “protective styling” which is why i’ve been rocking braids for the last 7 months!  Long hair here we come!!!


I still colour my hair now.. although i’m trying to slow down on that a bit, i’m trying to figure out if the colourants have changed my natural texture or not.. because to be honest, I can’t remember my hair being so manageable when I was young. It certainly wasn’t as soft or curly or fun.  I used to break combs in my hair.  That certainly might have had something to do with the fact that my mum used the same products on all 5 kids. So i’m also trying to learn from her mistakes and not treat my two kids’ hair in the same way. They’re both individuals with different hair types, just because they came out of me dosen’t mean that their hair is even the same as mine! lol.. It’s hard .. i’ve tried several different products just in the last few months for Tallulah. Tega’s hair is easier, i’ve figured out what works for him.. hers.. well.. it’ll just take a bit more time. But that burden is something i’m happy to bear. I don’t want her to grow up hating her hair. It’s important for me to make sure she’s proud of her afro. People keep asking me “Aunty why haven’t you fixed her hair?” and i’m like.. excussse me.. hair hair is beautiful whether it’s out in a bit fro or in twists or in puff balls.. I take alot of time and care over her hair.. it’s healthy and she’s happy.. so what’s your own?  She’s two years old!!!!



Anyway.. back to the matter.. Natural Hair or Relaxed Hair.. it’s your choice to make, but either way, it has to be healthy hair. So figure out what works for you. Try out different products as what might work for me may not work for you. Just love your hair and take care of it because it’s harder to grow it back than to look after it in the first place.

I did a little video (ok it’s a rather long video so I apologise in advance hehe)… this is my current hair routine, it changes regularly depending on what I feel my hair needs at the time.  Hope it might help someone else out there! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment on the video or mail me directly on

Have a great day guys.. hugs and kisses…



You can view the original article posted on Jumia We Love Style

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