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Product of The Week: Makeup Academy (MUA) Matte Lipsticks

Hey Guys, I know we are all so crazy about Matte Lipsticks now and I’m cool with it, I actually love them. Every Makeup Store I’ve been to has at least 4 forms of Matte lip colours, we have the Lip Stains, the Lipsticks, the Liptars and so on (so much to choose from, cant stop buying).

Am always excited when I find good products that are also affordable, thats when you hear me say that product is marvelous……lol. I get the perfect combo; quality and affordability oooooops dancing begins around my apartment. ok ok ok!!! now I introduce my product of the week, Its the Makeup Academy Matte Lipsticks, they are aaaaaaaamazing!!! I will share my favourite colours….

I start with the FAWN FANCY

fawn fancy

If you are looking for a sheer nude colour, this is perfect for you and if you like it opaque like me, you need at least 3 wipes to have that smooth opaque effect. If you are a fan of MAC Velvet Teddy, then  this is a cheaper substitute.

Next on my list is FLAMINGO


The Flamingo is a rich light pink, compared to the Fawn Fancy it is opaque and one swipe is enough to give you a smooth opaque effect.

persian rose

This is a darker pink to the Flamingo but it is not as matte. The Persian rose is a beautiful pink which is gloss based.




The Lilac belle is a sheer lipstick just like the Fawn Fancy, it also reminds me of the MAC Snob Lipstick. To get that opaque effect, you will need to do at least 4 swipes.

And we have SCARLET



This red Lipstick is rich and smooth on the lips, a mixture of this and the Wild Berry Lipstick will give you the MAC Rubywoo effect.

Uhmmmm!!! WILD BERRY (my favourite)


The Wildberry just reminds me of The MAC Diva Lipstick, a more affordable version

Then the last on my list is RAVEN


The Raven Lipstick from Makeup Academy is very rich and opaque, just a swipe will go around the whole lip.


These Lipsticks go for just N900.00 , to order for yours please visit The Sacred Beauty at No 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland or call 014539193, 08076767676.


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