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Video: “Cheekbones of Life” – Easy Steps to Sculpting your Face with Lola Maja on We Love Style!

The art of Highlighting and Contouring has been a major buzz for a while, its not totally new in Nigeria but most people are still just getting on board. Some say it takes a lot of time, some say it doesn’t…I say I need a TUTOR!!!

And if you’re like me needing an expert to really explain what this craze is about and how you can make your cheeks tell stories, don’t worry!!  You’re not alone.  And another fantastic thing is that this art instantly slims down your face in less than 2 minutes! Yippee!!!

Our Creative Director; Lola Maja has done another informative video on the ”We Love Style” Network on Youtube for Jumia Fashion, check out the previous videos here

For this week’s video on Highlighting and Contouring click here  and let us know what you think!  Tag us on Instagram @mysacredbeauty in your pics so we can see your new cheeks!

Don’t forget you can always pick up all the essential items you need to create your perfect looks from our beauty store

To browse the range of brushes shown in the video click here

To pick up some bronzers head on over to this section here

And to get your cacao on click here

Stay tuned for more fabulous tutorials…..


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