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Natural Hair Care & Maintenance: 7 Reason why your Natural Hair has Stopped Growing by Kiianah M. Johnson

Have you ever felt like your hair wasn’t growing? I have… For a whole year I didn’t think my hair was growing. Thankfully, I found 10 Ways To Retain Length.

Sometimes it only seems like your natural hair has completely stopped growing. But the truth is kinky, coily and Afro-textured hair is the most fragile hair type of all, which also makes it the most easily susceptible to damage and breakage. Although individual hair strands are constantly continually in a growth cycle, there are some reasons why it may appear that your hair growth has been stunted or has completely ceased from growing, period.


Poor Hair Habits

When your hair is damaged, your hair becomes weak and fragile. There are several poor hair care habits that can lead to breakage of the hair such as excessive heat styling, over-manipulation from styling, chemical hair coloring, and bleaching. These types of practices can add a lot of stress to hair that is already fragile, weaken your hair’s elasticity and can lead to breakage, thinning of the hair and severe hair damage.


Shorter Hair Growth Cycle

We all have a unique hair growth cycle contributed solely to genetics. The hair growth cycle is constantly in rotation, and all of your hair never in the same phase of the cycle simultaneously. There is a phase of the hair growth cycle when the hair will become dormant until the cycle repeats. This phase can usually last for a few weeks but for some, this resting phase of the hair growth cycle can last much longer for some. Dr. James C. Marotta, plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist says that, “The growth phase is largely determined by genetics and typically lasts between two and six years.” There is absolutely nothing you can do to change or lengthen the hair growth cycle.  But this is not to say its impossible to retain the length grown in your growth phase.


Dry & Brittle Hair that Lacks Moisture

Dry, brittle hair can only result in one thing if neglected, and that’s breakage. It’s possible for your natural hair to break off just as quickly as it grows, appearing as if your hair is no longer growing. It’s important to keep natural hair moisturized because of its inability to produce natural oils that cover the entire hair shaft. Co-washing the hair, hot oil treatments, using sulfate-free shampoos and adopting healthy hair regimens such as the LOC method can help your natural hair maintain moisture and prevent it from breaking.

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Using the Wrong Hair Care Tools

Aside from the obvious damage that can result from excessive blow-drying, flat ironing and pressing the hair, using poor hair tools such as smaller toothed combs, the wrong types of brushes and even fractured bobby pins and hair combs can also result in damage to your natural hair.  Hair accessories that are damaged can snag the hair and cause breakage. The same applies for using combs with smaller teeth that can tangle the hair and cause split ends.  Invest in a seamless comb or a Denman Brush for detangling and styling natural hair.

split ends

It May be Time for a Trim

Severely damaged hair, split ends and heat damage are the types of damage that cannot be reversed. No matter what products that claim to “repair split ends” and “reverse severely damaged hair”. Once the damage has been done, there is no turning back. The only option is to remove the damaged hair and do the rest of your hair justice by adopting healthier natural hair care habits.

Underlying Health Issues

The body has a way of telling us when something isn’t right, and a sudden increase in hair breakage or serious hair loss could be cause for medical attention. Hormone deficiency or overproduction  can easily result in hair loss. Dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis of the scalp and even allergies are other issues that could affect the scalp and cause stunted hair growth. These issues often affect the scalp and sometimes cause scarring, immflamation or sores to the scalp, inhibiting hair growth.

Poor Diet & Lack of Exercise

They say you are what you eat, and if you’re filling up on a lot of junk, fried and greasy foods, your hair could really suffer. Your hair also needs proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients in order to thrive and eating foods that are high in nutritional value such as fish, nuts, and green leafy vegetables will help your hair grow healthier and fuller. It could also be beneficial to add a multivitamin to our diet that promotes hair, skin, and nail growth.  Many multivitamins contain supplements and supporting nutrients that promote healthy hair and follicles. For example, Nature Made Multi For Her  contains the recommended daily dosage of biotin in addition to B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin A, and Zinc which functions are strengthen hair, nourish hair follicle cells in order to prevent hair loss, promote healthy scalp and minimize shedding, respectively.


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