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Celebrity Runway Spotlight: Kendall Jenner in Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2015

Each fashion season, Karl Lagerfeld hand-picks a ‘bride’ to close his couture show; someone he deems to be the star of his runway.

kendall full image

Calling on the 19-year-old to open and close his spectacular, Kendall wore a modern reinterpretation of the classic Chanel suit complete with a train to close proceedings.


kendall close upKendall Jenner channeled a porcelain doll at the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris, France on July She wore bright pink cheeks, a bold red lip and a black, blunt bob on the runway representing the strong and independent  look modern woman.

Kendall’s brows were defined with a nearly black brow filler without an arch, which took away some of the softness of her face. Her eyes were free of mascara and eyeliner aside from a white pencil used on her bottom lid to create a wide-eye appearance.

To add even more intensity to her look, Kendall’s hair was styled bone straight in a middle part, leaving all of the focus on her beautiful skin.

More Pictures of the beautiful look from Paris Haute Couture Week 2015…..

kendall 3


And she stepped out of the Fashion show wearing this

kendall after show

Kendall Jenner is becoming a Trend setter and a strong force in the fashion industry, we love love love her……..

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