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Fashion Police: First Ladies of Style – Part 1 (The Middle East)

I’ve always admired First Ladies across different continents. They stand strongly besides their husbands, they’re role models for their nations and are constantly put under media scrutiny, they are A-list celebrities and whether rightly or wrongly, they have a lot to live up to. There’s a certain elegance you expect from them and every outfit they wear is analyses.

Right now I’m in a political state of mind. The world is watching as Nigeria votes for it’s next President. But aside from that, the results will also decide which First Lady we’ll have for the next four years!

So we’ve gone on a hunt for the most glamorous, elegant and beautiful Political Beauties around the world. Past and present.. And we start by sharing four of the beautiful First Ladies of the Middle East.

Queen Rania

First on my list but in no particular order, is Queen Rania of Jordan. To think that this intelligent and pretty mother of four is 44 totally blows our minds. Over the years, Queen Rania has represented the Middle Eastern fashion in the best possible way, by being an Arab style icon. Her sense of style is what I will call modern, classy, elegant and fit for a queen. She also has a blog that writes all about her fashion(uhmmm, says a lot right?), so if you interested in looking like her just visit It is not a surprise that she tops best dressed list every year.



Sheikha Mozha

Sheikha Mozha is an absolute must on this list. She’s as glamorous as you can get and totally unapologetic in her choice of fashion. Even though she stopped being a first lady in 2013, she is an alumna of vanity fair’s famous best dressed list. Her style is not understated or simple as Queen Rania, it’s rather very outspoken. We’ve seen her in rainbow of colours which are always classy not garish. She always wears a turban giving us only a sneak peek of what we know can be nothing less than beautiful hair. She also has a fan page dedicated to her style –  –   although her official website is actually





Sheika Mozah Fashion

Asma al-Assad

With all the bad news coming out from Syria, I had to mention the First Lady Asma al-Assad. Her fashion is more English than Syrian as she grew up in the United Kingdom. It’s been rumored that she spends extravagantly on fashion (we’re not getting political here and discussing anything to do with the Syrian War or Asma al Assad herself just her style). And to say we didn’t notice her love for fashion will be a lie which is why she’s on this list.



Princess Haya

This 40 year old mother of two and the youngest wife of the Prime Minister of Dubai, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein is a beauty. Whenever she steps out with her husband she always looks the part.  Her physical features and statuesque figure are borne out of the fact that she was an Olympian.

Princess Haya


These Fabulous First Ladies are simply a few of those we found from the ‘middle east, stay tuned for more on First Ladies that have become trend setters in the fashion world!


  1. Adesola Aladesawe says

    This is a beautiful piece! Done with style and class…looking forward to the style icon that will be represented in Nigeria’s incoming first lady! Staying glued:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kingbeat says

    Nice peace rendered with style and poise. Looking forward to what Mrs Buhari style and signature would be.

    Liked by 1 person

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