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Chronicles of a Nigerian Beauty Addict : The Truth about Micro Needling & My Dermaroller Experience in Lagos

My sister once told me that she has no intention of getting old gracefully, she has every intention of going down kicking and screaming.

This ethos I must admit has rubbed off on me and when it comes to using all the arsenal one can afford I am all for it.  I don’t judge.

Whatever a girl needs to do, as long as it is not going to endanger your health (benefits must always ALWAYS out weight the risks) I encourage whole heartedly.

When it comes to beauty treatments, I do all my daily home treatments as I should but some clogged pores and pollution fighting needs the help of a good spa in your life….some treatments my darlings need a health professional in your life.

Dr Akhere Aire graduated as a Dentist from the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) in Pretoria, South Africa.  He had a practise in South Africa and spent several years practising in England.  Over the years he found his interests moving towards cosmetic dentistry, Skin Aesthetics and injectables (training from Allergan, USA).  He is currently a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

Luckily for us, he decided to move home, opening his practise which offers an array of treatments in the cosmetic dentistry field, tooth whitening, Dental crowns and veneers. He also brings his much needed expertise and learning in the cosmetic and anti-aging field in treatments that research has shown to be more suitable for ethnic/darker skin tones.

It includes an assortment of skin peels to even skin tones and fight acne scaring as well as Botox, Juvederm dermal fillers and micro needling to help the fight against those pesky wrinkles and maintain younger looking skin.

My discussion with Dr Aire was most enlightening.  I discovered that as a young (ahem!) black woman I should have started Botox injections in my early 30s as a preventative measure, always better than cure as we know.

I was introduced to a procedure called micro needling which works by activating the body’s own production of collagen by mechanically stimulating the deeper layers of skin.  The results? Softened fine lines, thickening of living skin layers, tightening of the under eye area, reduction in acne scars and improvement in appearance of stretch marks.

I went home with the at home Dermaroller device (they carry ‘the original Dermaroller’ by Dr Horst Liebl which is the only USA FDA, CE approved brand).  It will increase the penetration of all my face cream and serums.  Studies have shown that as little as 0.3 per cent of your cream actually penetrates to work on the deeper layers of skin.

I have been at it a few months and I must admit I have probably not been as religious as I have should have been but so far I have noticed I don’t break out as much.  I have cunningly been able to reduce my use of foundation because my skin is on the whole looking more even toned and smoother AND I keep getting asked what I use on my skin by perfect strangers…..


Micro Needling Session 1 (Before)



Microneedling session 1 before



Micro Needling Session 1 (After)

microneedling session 1.2

Microneedling session 1

Micro Needling Session 1 (2 days later)

microneedling session 2

The big scar on my forehead has started fading!

Micro Needling Session 2 (before)

microneedling session 2 before 2

Micro Needling Session 2 (During)

microneedling session 2 during 2

microneedling session 2 during

Don’t panic, slight bleeding happened but not much. The pain wasn’t THAT bad but just on the boney parts of the face.

Micro Needling Session 2 (2 days later)

microneedling session 2 two days later

A bit puffy but I can definitely see a difference, alot of the scars have faded and my skin although a bit sore looked smoother


So because I love you guys and I know science never sleeps I had a little update chat with Dr Aire (also I know it’s to know how much I need to budget when embarking on these projects).

Next generation Dermaroller has come in the form of the Derma stamp.  The practitioner will use this on small areas of skin and has to manually manipulate the device.

Synergy created the E Derma stamp which has an electrical motor.  This allows for a more efficient application due to the faster movements AND less painful that its predecessors.

They are still awaiting FDA approval however so the USA has a registered brand the Eclipse Micropen which Dr Aire has available for treatments.  The heads is fully disposable and this has the added advantage of bringing the price down…

The Eclipse Micropen can be used to optimise all sorts of treatments like Platelet rich plasma or Hyaluronic acid.


Environ – each client will have treatment tailored specifically for them but this is the ball park.

N50, 000 per treatment.

A client will on average need about 3 treatments 6 – 8 weeks apart.

Maintenance treatment after that is about 3 to 4 times a year.

Recovery post treatment is within 24-48 hours

I’d thoroughly recommend giving it a try, i’ve booked a course of treatments.. but shhhsh.. don’t tell anyone.  As far as anyone needs to know, I woke up like this.. FLAWLESS!

You can find Med-Aestheticaire at:

Shop 6, B’tzalel lifestyle Mall, Lekki Phase I

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