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The Beauty Prefect: The 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

In early Christian times, the Catholic Church classified sins into venial sins and mortal sins. The venial sins were relatively minor but the mortal sins were deadly and believed to destroy the life and grace of the sinner. What on earth does this have to do with make-up? Well thank you for asking, have a seat and allow me to explain.

Once upon an innocent time, our make-up was limited to thick cake foundation in unsuitable shades (thank you Mr. Max Factor!), loose powder (shout out to Corn Silk!), lashings of eye liner (preferably kajal for our Northern sisters), a swipe of blush and some lippy in varying shades of red.

Today? It’s amazing, everywhere you look is a fabulous make up brand with a gazillion products, shades and colours – aah, how we love you MAC, Inglot, BlackUp, Maybelline, Tara, Zaron et al.. But where there is good, we sometimes find bad.. no.. scratch that.. EVIL!! … and unfortunately with the arrival of all these great products, some of us make up lovers have crossed over to the dark side and are committing deadly sins every single day. This… Has… To… Stop!!!

Otherwise, just like those wise Catholics preach; people, we will destroy our grace. So, these are the seven deadly sins of make-up. Read them, understand them, read them again, stop committing them, and find your way to Beauty Heaven.

1. Greed

“Cake Face”

I get it, really I do. We all want to look like we have perfect airbrushed skin. But we don’t (unless your name is Liya Kebede), and piling on the layers of foundation like you just can’t get enough will not create it. You are not fooling anybody; you just look like you are wearing six layers of foundation. Greedy!

If it can happen to Katy Perry it can happen to you!

If it can happen to Katy Perry, it can happen to you!

2. Envy

“I want to be Beyoncé/Rhianna/Kim Kardashian”

Look, wearing the same make up that they wear for live performances and magazine editorial shoots to lunch with friends, or worse to the office, is just not on. Yes, you with the 3 sets of dramatic false eyelashes in your Monday morning meeting and you with the heavy smoky eyes covered in glitter at lunch on a Thursday. Believe me, you’re still just in the office and not on stage, still just having lunch with friends and not on a yacht with friends. Sorry.

Do you really want to look like Lil Kim on or off stage!

Do you really want to look like Lil Kim on or off stage?!

Christina Aquilara Too Much Makeup

Christina Aguilera .. I simply have no words for this look..

3. Anger

“Sins against your eyebrows and lips”

I mean it must be anger that pushes you to draw in exaggerated burgundy/wine eyebrows when your hair is black or brown, right? And no, it’s not okay because you’ve dyed your hair blond. And don’t even let me start on the madness that’s going on with over half the population’s eyebrows. I mean seriously.. some people don’t seem to be happy unless their eyebrows have been drawn in and defined to the point that they can be located by Google Maps! The same goes for mis-matched lip liner. Lip liner is to define your lips and stop your lipstick bleeding. It is not to draw on a new set of lips in a darker shade than your lipstick. Except of course, if you are angry with your face…

Naija Brows


What we affectionately call “Naija Brows”


Come on Amber Rose unless you’ve accepted the fact that you’re a Modern Day Geisha there’s no excuse for this look right hurr..

4. Gluttony

“Matchy Matchy”

I’m not quite sure what possesses us to obsess about matching our make up shades (and nail polish too!) to your outfit colours from head to toe. And for some reason this is worse when we are in traditional attire. What is it about blue aso-ebi and silver gele that makes you think you need blue and silver eye shadow, blue lipstick AND blue nail polish??? Come on guys!!! It’s too much. Complimentary shades, a nod to the colour scheme, that’s the way to do it, okay?


Someone should have told Selena Gomez that sometimes “less is more”!


But sometimes more.. is just simply.. more! A little powder would go a long way!

5. Sloth

“Going to sleep without taking off your make up”

Short of coming down with a sudden acute illness (and that only includes death), there is NO EXCUSE for not taking off your make up at night. And that means pro-per-ly. None of this quick rub of a face wipe business. You spent good time painting that face on, you can spend 5 minutes taking it off. Use a good make-up remover first, and then wash your face. Please.


Even Barbie has to take her makeup off at night.. So why would you want to stay Plastic Fantastic all the time?

6. Lust

“I want, I want, I want”

Whether it’s a sculpted face with the highest cheek bones or a straighter nose and angled jaw line, the contouring craze has driven most of us mad. Just because you want a different face does not mean that you should draw on your face like you are a 5 year old painting by numbers. Leave the contouring to the professional MUAs.. but be warned, sometimes even they get it wrong!

Highlight and Contouring gone wrong

Lilly Ghalichi, Nikky Minaj & Lindsey Lohan have all suffered bad Highlight & Contouring.. Go ahead and try it for yourself.. if you’re brave!


And she was once named the “Sexiest Woman Alive” ..

7. Pride

“Missing a vital step because you think you don’t need it”

You know who you are.. the one’s that say – “I don’t need a primer because I have good skin” “Everyone always tells me I have nice eyelashes so I don’t need mascara” Blah, blah, blah. Look no one is forcing you to wear make up in the first place but if you are going to wear it then please do it properly instead of going out with a half done face looking like a child experimenting with makeup.



So please, do me a favour.. do yourself a favour.. if you’re guilty of committing any of these sins, please stop!  Share, pass on and avoid being relegated to Makeup Hell!!!

*Evil Laugh*



  1. theisokogirl says

    hahahahahaha….I really enjoyed this post….Fantastic


  2. Some of those celebrity horror pics made the show American Horror Story look tame. Great post to scare me before Halloween.


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