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Purchase Your Favourite Sacred Beauty Products Online: Visit Our Webstore on Jumia & Stand a Chance to Win!

If you didn’t know.. now you know.. But then how would you know.. We just launched!!   So yup that’s right.. you can shop from a selection of some of our best selling items on Jumia!!!   (Well it’s been about 2 weeks and we’ve been selling really fast but we forgot to put the post up sooner.. didn’t realize it would be so popular!! looool)  – More Products to be loaded up in the next week woo hoo!!

We have a fabulous selection of products including Red Cherry Lashes, Duo Glue, Sacred HD Translucent Powder and of course… our babies.. Sacred Lashes!!

We’d love to celebrate this awesomeness with you.. so it’s really simple.. we’ll offer the first 5 customers a Special Goodie Bag!!

  • Order any products you like from
  • Tag us in your picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • We’ll send you a gift of the same value as you spent!!!

Don’t say that we don’t love you my darlings.

Happy Shopping!!

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