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Sacred Creative Artistry Competition – World Cup Edition Final Results!!

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Welcome welcome one and all.  We’re so excited, we’ve had some wonderful entries into this month’s Creative Artistry Competition and we’re pleased to be able to announce the winners!!

Entries were asked to create a look based upon the Flags of any of the countries who participated in this years World Cup.  All they had to do was incorporate the colours of the flags into their looks.

The voting took place in two parts.  50% is decided by the public.  We know that each entrant would have encouraged their friends and family to vote, which we truly appreciate, so for those of you who aren’t related to anyone in this competition we appreciate if you took the time out to vote for your favourite look.

The remaining 50% will be down to the Sacred Judging Panel.  Professional Makeup Artists will look at the way the concept was interpreted as well as the actual quality of the work produced. The top 5 looks will receive percentages as follows 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 points  from the public votes and also from the judges votes.

So it’s a combined vote from both the Public and Judges votes that counts.

Public voting ended this morning and all the final scores were locked in and announced to the individual entrants on our Instagram Page.  The results of the Public Votes were as follows:


50 pts  – Le_Boudoir

40 pts – Chloe’s Makeover

30 pts – Anny Adams

20 pts – Mary Olan

10 pts – Topal Touch


The results of the Judges votes were as follows


50 pts – Mary Olan

40 pts – Chloe’s Makeover

30 pts – Topal Touch

20 pts – Sophistik8makeovers

10 pts – Makemeeova


Which means the final score board is!!!!  Drumroll

World Cup Competition Chart


Chloe’s Makeover with 80 points


Second Place

Mary Olan with 70 points


Third Place

Le Boudoir with 50 points


Fourth Place

Topal Touch with 40 points


Fifth Place

Anny Adams with 30 points


Thank you to everyone that entered and congratulations to everyone who came in the top 5!

Our winner walks away with the amazing goodie bag but we also have a special gift of a choice of any of our Red Cherry Lashes in stock to The Winners of the Public and The Judges Voting (Le Boudoir & Mary Olan)  Please contact us directly on info@mysacredbeauty to arrange delivery of your prizes!!

We take our competitions very seriously as a platform to showcase and to challenge makeup artists to explore their creative sides.  Our Judging panel was made up of 5 independent professional makeup artists.  We also asked them to provide constructive feedback on the looks submitted.  We’ve highlighted some of their comments below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments as well.  Join in the conversation!!




Chloe’s Makeover


“Her work was beautiful. The mix and blend of colours were combined to create a look that If I was from Ecuador I would be proud of!”


“She used all the colours of the flag.  The makeup was blended very well and her creative concept was thought out very well.  How she combined the colours on the eyes was creative without being too Loud.”


“I loved the concept but I don’t think it was particularly very creative.   I liked the choice of colours but I would have liked her to push the boundaries more.   She’s a great beauty makeup artist the work was really nice, well blended colours and very well executed.  Good job!”


Mary Olan


“Her work was very artistic, the painting was flawless. The expression and background married into one and portrayed the concept very well.”


“Her work was very detailed, her blending was done very well and the concept was well executed.”


“The colours worked well together, the stone details were very well placed and a nice touch.”


Le Bodouir

” A very nice base, but I didn’t feel like she really stretch herself.  It was a lovely striking look good for a fashion shoot”


“Lovely vibrant colours.  It really popped out and grabbed your attention.”



“It was a little too simple and didn’t capture the feel of the World Cup from the look.  It would have been great for a fashion photoshoot as opposed to a creative competition.”


Topal Touch


“The way she re-created the brazillian flag was very well done, the colours were rich but I think the only thing that let her down was the lip colour. It didn’t work very well with the colours of the flag.  Either a nude lip so as not to distract from the eye detailing or a block colour on the lips in either a green or yellow or black would have complimented the finished look more. ”


“Her work was creative but the lips drew too much attention away from the eye detail.   The Brazilian flag contains Green, Yellow, Blue & White.  The circle on her eye would have worked better if she’d used the blue as seen in the real flag and perhaps used white on the lips.  Or if she’d used blue and white on her lips then she would have really represented the spirit of Brazil. ”




The colours of the flag were well blended and the flag was neatly done but the black and white liner around her eyes was a bit too thick.   It would have looked better if her eyebrows were a bit more defined and slightly thinner.  But a good job in terms of concept and I’d love to see more work from her.


“I did really like the concept of the flag but I think it could have been executed better.  It looked a bit strange stopping under the nose. The flag may have looked better on her upper face covering her eye with the star covering the lips.”


Kass Concepts


“The work was really unique and very creative.  The concept would have been wonder and would have won my first place vote but the colour on the eyes and the blending, with the use of the lashes just didn’t do it for me.  If she had used the colours of the flag to fill in the world cup then it would have been amazing. ”




“The multi-coloured stones really added a lovely touch.  The black lips were nicely done and the pink blush was nice.  The black liner on the eyebrow wasn’t very precise. Either make them a statement piece or block out the brows and conceal them totally.”


“The concept was good but she needs to pay attention to the neatness of her work.  The brow and eyeliner weren’t well defined.  The lipstick also let her down for me as it could have been finished with a very neat liner and more intense.”




“The base was done very well me I can interpret it was very simple but very well done.   It wasn’t over complicated it got straight to the point.  The ombre lips stood out nicely.  I think the football could have been larger and could have been placed/replicated in other areas as well.”




“I liked the concept, it was really creative.  But she tried to go with a “beauty” look on her eyes which didn’t work. There was no need for the highlighter to be so strong and the cut crease in dark brown as the green white green flag didn’t stand out enough.   Her lips were also very distracting, too much going on.   Sometimes simplicity is best.  The look was inspired by the image Lola Maja Okojevoh posted to launch the competition but wasn’t as detailed and would have probably been better if she had kept it a bit simpler.”




“We love MAC Girls.  We’ve seen other work she’s done on her Instagram page and she’s a great artist but this look didn’t really stand out. Great use of colours, very fashion forward but more suited to a beauty shoot.”

“It’s actually really wearable and I’d probably use it to go out sometime!  We think she went for the safe option.  Next time we’d love to see her really unleash her creative side.”



“I like the use of colours, she wasn’t afraid to try and be daring.  The lip choice is interesting and a very fashionable colour at the moment.”

“The flowers and the brows over  powered the whole look.  It would have been more interesting if she had gone with statement coloured brows in yellow or blue that would have really added to the whole feel of the Brazilian flag.”



“The paint work really stood out. However it was difficult to actually realize it was the outline of  Brazil”

“Lovely work.  She used all the colours of the flag in different parts of her look. If you really pay attention and look at the details she put a lot of work into it! It’s a real masterpiece but it was just a bit too busy for us to appreciate the fine details.”



“Welcome back!   We recognise your work from previous competitions and it’s always a pleasure to have you join in the fun.  The look was very fun and colourful. She used all the colours of the flag except the red is a bit out of place.”

“I thought it was a really fun look but it may have been better to have separated the colours into different blocks and have maybe one or two on the eye and one or two on the lips so that the entire look was more defined.   We’d love to see her next entry be a bit more focused”



  1. gbemi says

    Honestly I don’t think you judgGes did I great job, mary olan was creative but look at d application of the colors no pigmentation at all, d stones were not placed properly I think you guys were blinded by the photography.chloes was not creative at all..if I were to pick creativity here it would be d brazil girl and the other one with the africa map


    • Hi Gbemi

      Thanks for your feedback we appreciate it. We’ve tried to make the competition as fair as possible by splitting it 50% voting public and 50% Judges. We’ve also made the Judging process totally impartial. We notified the Judges that day to look at the pictures and sat them in different rooms. They all came back with varying top 5’s but all of them have Mary Olan as their number 1. It was very interesting as their number 2-4s were all mixed.

      Everyone has different opinions and sees different “good and bad” bits in peoples work. So it’s a really interesting process going through the panel and getting their feedback. And part of the rules of entry were that the contestants were meant to use the colours of any flag. Topal Touch (The brazil flag on her face did a great job and they gave her credit but the lip colour didn’t work for them with the full look and the pink isn’t featured in the Brazillian Flag. Anny Adams Map of Africa on her face was adapted from the look which we used as an example for the launch but they felt that it was too busy and not neat enough. So there are lots of different factors that they took into conideration.

      We hope that our new Judging system bring a more fair and balanced approach to the competitions as we’ve been running them for 3 years now trying out different methods.

      We’d love to see you join in either as an entrant or as a Guest Judge sometime if you’re a Makeup Artist yourself?

      Stay Beautiful!!


  2. desola. says

    Good Job Lola Maja, well, I think Evolve Makeup Nigeria did a good job in this aspect. No body is perfect, Please try and focus or encourage upcoming MUAS in the industry.


    • Oh most definately. Evolve did a great job and the judges thought so too. The whole point of these competitions is to really support makeup artists in Nigeria and to showcase the amazing talent that we have. Really push people to take on new themes and interpret them in a creative way. We’re 100% about supporting the upcoming artists. And even the established ones too! xxx


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