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Event- My Makeup in Nigeria Conference Adventure

The morning of MINC began for me as an adventure. This was the first ever unique Pro-Makeup artist Conference in Nigeria -250 Years of Combined Experience & Expertise! 11 International Renowned Makeup Experts! 500 Fast Rising makeup artists! 1 Event! I couldn’t wait to experience it!

Makeup artistry is certainly a field that has blossomed in Nigeria over the years, and on the 30th of April 2014, over 700 makeup entrepreneurs and beauty influencers were present under one roof at the Oriental Hotel to be part of the Makeup in Nigeria Conference.

I got to the venue a little over 9am and I walked into a hall bubbling with activity. It was going to be a good day, and I could feel it already.

I snagged myself a ticket and hurried through the attractive exhibition stands and into the hall which was already filled to capacity, wow. Apparently, some people woke up that morning feeling the need to be present at the event and came to make late registrations. (Well done! Lol!)

Thankfully, the hall was large enough to accommodate squatters (lol), and what you couldn’t see for the disadvantage of getting a back seat, was compensated by the massive screen that was set up for viewers at the back.


Cross section of audience

Each and every master class was informative and exciting, you could tell by the short interlude of laughs that came up every now and again. The “beauty titans” spun their words in spirals of hues (colors and shades) as they showed tips and tricks of their particular skills.

Learning couldn’t have been made more fun! At Lola Maja’s Masterclass session, she taught on- Working Behind the Silver Screen – Camera, Lights & Action, The Future of Film & TV Makeup in Nigeria, Characterization, Reading & Translating Scripts and Intro to SFX (special effects) and Creative Artistry. That was some class! You know when you watch some movies and the young woman suddenly looks old? or the man is made to look like a woman? and you can’t tell the difference? Yep! That’s Lola Maja’s forte! Somebody just saw this particular picture below and said,”That’s a scary woman! She looks so stressed!” I had to quickly scroll down and show the real picture of Lola!

Lola Maja  looking gaunt and aged! Many people didn't recognize her! She came out in this look interpreting what she knows how to do best (Characterization, Reading & Translating Scripts)

Lola Maja looking gaunt and aged! Many people didn’t recognize her! She came out in this look interpreting what she knows how to do best (Characterization, Reading & Translating Scripts)

“Some were shocked.. Some were worried.. Alot were confused, when I came out to take my masterclass at #minc. Film and TV Makeup is about interpreting a character. Sometimes it’s not pretty. Its our job to help the actor/actress ‘look’ the part so that they can realistically ‘play’ the part on screen. It’s not about how many products you have. It’s about knowing how to use the most simple items properly. All I used was a lighter foundation, 3 shades of eyeshadow and clear lipgloss. Creating an impact without going overboard”.
~ Lola Maja-Okojevoh on her look for her masterclass


MelysBeauty (1)

MelysBeauty (3)

Activity at the Exhibition Stands

A good number of beauty and makeup brands were represented at the exhibition stands. To mention just a few, House of Tara, Maybelline New York, Lise and yours truly, Sacred Beauty.

What I enjoyed most about that event was the opportunity to be a part of the Sacred team attending to buyers at the MINC event. I don’t know about other stands, but the influx of people at the Sacred stand was awesome! A large range of beauty and makeup products were up for sale; from special effects products to your day to day makeup needs, and of course, the Luna range of FOREO. So whatever your need, you were covered! For every buyer, the price always seemed to be right, because without complain, they brought out their wallets, swiped their cards, and walked away with precious merchandise from Sacred Beauty.

Sacred Beauty Exhibition Stand and Crew~pix credit onlinefashiontv

Sacred Beauty Exhibition Stand and Crew ( Lola 2nd to the left [Yes! That’s Lola!] and me with my tinted teeny ‘fro!!!)~pix credit onlinefashiontv

Lola Maja-Okojevoh,

The real Lola Maja-Okojevoh!

Dammy of Melys Makeover with Lola

Dammy of Melys Makeover with Lola

Dammy of Melys Beauty kindly let me use some of her pictures!  My camera decided to act funny on that day, maybe it’s time I throw it over the 3rd Mainland Bridge??!! Thank you Dammy! That’s one of the rare qualities you find among makeup artists in Nigeria- Collaboration! 

For some funny reason right, I feel most fulfilled when I feel pain in my back that can be traced to a very productive day. And that was the feeling of fulfilment I got as I carried my bag and drove out of the big gate.

One word to describe what went down at the Oriental Hotel on the 30th of April 2014, “Success”!

Thank you to the MINC organizers, and for the first-hand experience, thank you Lola-Maja Okojevoh!

Rema Ezeka, PR Strategist, Jagabeauty

picture credits~ Online Fashion TV, Melys Beauty Makeover


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