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Event: The Holistic Beautyprenure Ibadan -Review

Hello Gods & Goddesses!

It’s one more day to TGIF! Yay! I hope the week has been productive for you!

Yesterday, I got the chance to listen to Lola share her 22 years worth of experience and knowledge with very passionate makeup and beauty lovers, at the Holistic Beautyprenuer Event which took place in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State.

Now, something pretty interesting happened on our way there, perhaps you heard about it already, but I’m itching to share it with you, lol! I received quite a number of calls informing me and of a BBM broadcast message which had gone viral. Supposedly, boko haram was attacking on Lagos-Ibadan express road. It was a hoax! In fact, we experienced the most hitch-free road trip to Ibadan and (wait for it…) coming into Lagos! Yes! No traffic coming into Lagos! It was awesome. Thank God *gratitude*!

I digress! Back to my post!

At the Holistic event, we arrived as Love Olaleye (winner of the Makeup Show Chicago 2013) was teaching and demonstrating on how to achieve a subtle bridal look. She spilled out so many of her makeup secrets, including her blending techniques! It was a delight to just watch her do her thing with such confidence, as she transformed her model into a beautiful model-bride. It sure is important to understand your craft and carve a niche for yourself.

Love olaleye in a practical session

Love Olaleye in a practical session

Next up on the platform was Teniola of Beauty by Nature. Teni has pretty much dedicated her life to understanding the business of beauty and she is in the business of sharing the knowledge she has acquired so far. Speaking about the Makeup and Beauty industry, she elucidated the rules of success in the industry. She is constantly adding value to what she does and you can easily tell that she loves her career especially when you hear her ‘preach it’! Dare I say, this is the passion that drives her, and the passion that has earned her my respect. Like I always say “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Teni on her grind

Teni on her grind

“makeup is the first protection we have against the environment”

When it was Lola’s turn to speak, she pulled out the big chair (yeah it’s for sale) and got very comfortable (if you’ve never heard Lola speak in public you may not realize she can’t stay serious for very long). I had fun with the subject of lashes application and skin care because, you can never under estimate the importance of clean skin. She took us through the different stages of skin care- Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing as well as Exfoliating. These stages are however particular to your skin type- (Dry, Oily, Combination, Normal).

To understand your skin type, you need to understand your physical body, and when you do, be sure to get and use the right skin products. When purchasing your products, look out for key words/ingredients like Balancing (for combination oily skin), Soothing (for dry sensitive skin) or Purifying (for oily skin).

My model- Tayo Nsoleke. Demonstrating how to apply strip lashes. Remember not every strip lash is suitable for all eye types

Lola working on Tayo Nsoleke. Demonstrating how to apply strip lashes. Remember not every strip lash is suitable for all eye types

“makeup is only as beautiful as the skin underneath”

I am a die-hard advocate for natural skin products, (cause after all, we are natural people) so products with natural ingredients is always a good way to go for me.

Before I run off, one tip she gave us was, water. And more water. Did I mention, water?! Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and make sure you are using clean water to wash your face.  And of course your Foreo Luna! Lol


Cross section of the class

Cross section of the class

Till next time, stay fresh and stay healthy!

Please be reminded of the Makeup in Nigeria Conference on Wednesday the 30th (yo! 6 days from now!). Lola will be taking a masterclass on:
1. Working Behind the Silver Screen and the Future of Film/TV Makeup in Nigeria
2. Characterization, Reading and Translating Scripts
3. Introduction to Special Effects and Creative Makeup

I’m really looking forward to seeing you there and sharing with you some exciting makeup tips. See you there!

“you can never under estimate the value of clean skin”


  1. fidelia says

    Wow.The wealth of information.Thank God for a successful event .


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