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Beauty Advice: 3 Skin Care Tips For Hot Lagos Weather!

Hi Gods & Goddesses!

This Lagos weather- Hot, Hazy and Humid- makes your skin feel sticky and blah!

The sweat just hangs around on your skin, instead of evaporating into the air! Not to add insult to injury, this sweat then mixes with your body’s natural oils and bacteria, forming a layer of slippery biofilm! Urgh!  According to experts, all that extra moisture on the surface can act like a magnifying glass, attracting the harsh sun and amplifying the damaging effects it has on your skin. Not pretty at all!

My Sacred Beauty to the rescue! With tips that will guide you to take care of your skin, to avoid all that blah!

1. Exfoliate

Look for formulas with fruit enzymes and smooth microbeads for a dual-action exfoliation. The hot season can bring on increased breakouts and can leave the skin with some residual dead skin cell build-up. There is increased oil flow as the temperature heats up more, which can get trapped underneath cellular build-up, resulting in clogged pores. The solution is to increase your exfoliation.

2. Detox

Focus on detoxing, both inside and out. It is recommended to use detox facial products that have grapefruit, honey and oxygen as their ingredient. And for internal cleansing cut down on caffeine and sugar and make a plan to juice even if it is for five days. Sit down and plan it out. This will help the skin and also clean out your digestive system—you’ll have fewer breakouts.

3. Moisturize

This is also a good time to transition to a lighter moisturizer. While oil nourishes skin and absorbs into it, you may also want to layer a lighter lotion on top. We recommend using facial oils that have retinol and vitamin C along with argan, borage seed and marula oil-which will leave the skin glowing and soft.

Hope this helps! We would like to hear from you on products you use to take care of your skin in our hot Lagos weather!

Till our next post, remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!



  1. Reblogged this on changingpostcodes and commented:
    I cannot begin to imagine the heat in Nigeria! i will be in Buari, Abuja. and from “hear say” i heard the place is a minute from hell! this article has given me a little hope on how i can cope!


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